Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Voodoo isn't always a bad thing, right?

The above is my voodoo doll. Okay, I bought it for my folks when I was in The Big Easy about 10 years ago and after my post last week, Daddy-O dug it out.

But here's the news that's fit to print. Think I should or should NOT use the Ol' Black Magic?
  • Sperm Donor had emergency surgery and came out fine. He was in the hospital for 5 days and was in a lot of pain but is home now.
  • Grandma Shrew is in the hospital as well with some sort of flu. She was there for a whole day and never called anyone because she couldn't remember any numbers, even though I live at the same number my mother (her daughter) had for 40 years. I'm just too terrible of a human being to call apparently. (Actually it's a good thing she didn't call. I don't want that sort of responsibility to her.) She would rather sit in the hospital without her family knowing than call me. COOL!
  • Trooper has not told me to go away, though his gun shy-ness is shining through, but he's sweet about it. he's such a... trooper. *giggle* (Oh come on! That was a great pun!)
  • ItalianSam sent me an email about a job that he has connections to so I might actually get an interview, at least. It's in Wisconsin somewhere... And it was a nice olive branch from him.
  • The insurance office might have a full time opening and I might be considered- if I want to become an insurance sales person... That would involve commission and more schooling.
  • The ice cream owner has to have some medical stuff done and wants me to run the day to day operations while this happens.
  • I can't find a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue that I bought for AIISam last March at duty free. I've had it here in my room since the break up and was going to give it to Farrago as a birthday gift and now it's missing. And no I didn't drink it.
  • I can't find my tv remote, either.
  • When I told the bank about all the hoops I have to jump through for that stupid fucking Verizon Wireless to give me the overdraft fees back, they just credited my checking account and told me to not worry about it.
  • I almost have free Indianapolis Colts tickets and am taking Trooper there on a date, if they come through. Now, am I the coolest could be girlfriend in history? (I think he might consider drastic measures if I scored Packers tickets... HAHA!)
So, it's a mish- mash of all sorts of blessings and curses.

Witchy woman,


Curley said...

So much to comment about. As for grandma, alot of seniors can't remember phone #'s. But that doesn't explain the phone book she could have looked in. Face it, she either wanted everyone to feel guilty or she just didn't want anybody to know till after the fact. I say the whiskey ran away with the t.v. remote.

D-nice said...

I remember when you got that little guy. WOW sober for a moment in the New Orleans...for just a moment though. Maybe he will bring good things since it sounds as though good things have happened since he resurfaced.

Maggie said...

Curley: is the whiskey with the tv remote anything like the dish ran away with the spoon? :)

DNice- were we ever sober while we were there? And ya know, I had one of my own that I had tied CanadianSam's hair around and now I can't find that. Though it prolly wouldn't bring any sort of good luck to me....

Shan said...

Maggie! Put the Voo doo doll down and then send it to a dumpster far far away! I start crying if people get wee-gee boards out and commence to calling on demons for help. Just say no.

Maggie said...

Shan- I swear it's ok! Really! this is NOT a voodoo doll with any sort of really power, I would imagine because I bought it at a souvenir shop in the New Orleans air port and there's a little tag that says "Official New Orleans Toy". I didn't pick it up in some back ally store in the darkest part of the quarter or down in the bayous. I promise!

And I'm pretty skeptical of the real power of a voodoo doll or a Ouija board myself. And this has nothing to do with religion for me, I promise. I just think something made by Parker Brothers and sold in the toy section of a Wal-Mart cannot predict my future or answer my questions. I will not give Wal-Mart that much power! haha!