Monday, September 21, 2009

This year I'm watching TV

I've always been a fan of TV but sometimes in my life I just don't have time to watch. But this year, I am SOOOOO gonna watch tv. I'm even thinking of calling it "Maggie and TV- the year I watched." I even made a list of what I want to watch. My problem is that we don't have TiVo here so I'm gonna have to resort to using the VCR. First I'm gonna check online and see what I can watch there. We also have Comcast so I guess some of the shows are on there if I hit the menu button and go through a bunch of menus and stuff...

So, here are my viewing plans: (and the * denotes new to this season)

How I met Your Mother
Two and a Half men
Big Bang Theory
CSI Miami

The Good Wife*
The Forgotten*

Criminal Minds
Law and Order: SVU

Grey's Anatomy



Three Rivers*
Cold Case

For me, with new shows, I don't give them much of a chance to impress me. I'll try them once and if I don't like 'em then I won't come back to it. This is what happened to me and The Mentalist (though if Simon could speak with his accent I might have to rethink this show) and Samantha Who.

Also, because Thursdays are looking so sparse I can watch other stuff that I've taped (I feel like such an old geek who's completely un-hip to say I tape stuff) the rest of the week, or that I find online via a network or Hulu or wherever shows are.

I worry that Eastwick is just gonna be like Charmed and while I know it was HUGELY popular I just wasn't a fan. I'm hoping it's more like... the movie Practical Magic. Guess we'll see.

And I also want to watch Rescue Me because Mac got me all sorts of hooked on it. And I wanted to see the show on TNT called Hawthorne (that one with Jada Pinkett- Smith) but I can't find it listed. I supposed I should Google it and see if it was cancelled already or if it's a summer show or a mid season replacement. And I want to watch Mad Men. I watched the entire first season on the airplane when I flew back from Ireland- again, I need to see where this is listed on my cable network.

And what happened to Without a Trace? Did it get canceled? Again, I suppose I should be Googling this information.

The new show I am most excited about is The Good Wife. Julianne Margulies is a great actress and it's nice to see her back on television again after her stint on er. And Christ Noth is on it and we all know how much I just a-DORE Chris Noth (aka Mr. Big).

And anyone who is as much of a tv junkie as I am probably noticed the 30 minute gap on my Monday viewing schedule between Mother and Two and a Half Men... I think the new show Accidentally On Purpose looks stupid but I guess I will watch it once. And if it sucks, then that 30 minutes is when I can take a shower or blog or do laundry.

Gawd, is John Corbett on tv somewhere because if he were then it would only be a perfect season!

Okay so what are you're viewing plans for tv this season? Anyone??

I should be a Nielsen girl,


Bragger said...

I don't watch much television. If there IS something I want to watch, I typically have to record it because of the Remote Control Nazi who lives in my house. And then if he catches me watching it, he makes fun of me.

I will be watching all KINDS of junk this weekend when he goes out of town!

Curley said...

Hawthorne is a summer show and was on Thursday at 10 on USA. I checked and it wasn't listed for this week. Should be back in reruns in a few weeks and prolly new in Jan. or so.

Anonymous said...

Hey stranger,

I too am a TV person. I think John Corbett was/is on United States of Tara. My favorite network is getting to be USA. I LOVE Burn Notice and a lot of their shows. You can get your TV listings from

Much easier than shifting through a TV menu.

I like Cold Case, Law and Order SVU, Drop Dead Diva, Monk, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lie to Me, Leverage, The Mentalist, and lots others!! Getting tired of Grey's and Housewives though. I'll see how it gors this season. I'll tape the new shows and see what I like.

Did you check out that website?

Have a good week!


Maggie said...

Bragger- i didn't used to have time to watch...

and the remote control Nazi should be nice if he wants.... stuff from you. :)

have fun this weekend tho!

Curley- thanks!

Patti- i've been looking at the website and will email you my findings!

and thanks for the tv guide link!

sometimes i think tv is good to just be mindless, ya know?

Shan said...

I don't fit in too much tv before the munchins get in bed. But, DO NOT step in front of me when I'm watching one of my dancing reality shows. Dancing with the Stars started tonight so I firmly hit my post at 7:00!

I would be a negligent mother if these types of shows were always on I'm afraid.

I hope that show with Jenna Elfman(Dharma) is good. I've missed her.

My most fave show ever is "Lost" but sometimes we have to download it if we forget to watch it.

I guess I don't watch too many of the same shows as you. Embarrassingly enough, I do a lot of reality types of viewing these days. OH, like Project Runway! I definitely catch that one.

I do enjoy my veg to the tv time. Sometimes it is just what the Dr. ordered. :D

Maggie said...

Shan- while reality tv isn't my thing, there is certainly an audience for it and it seems like most folks I know watch "Dancing with the Stars".

I watched the new jenna Elfman show last night (and I missed her too- Dharma and Greg was one of my most fav shows EVER) and it wasn't too bad actually. I found myself giggling through it so who knows?

And I totally agree- sometimes tv is just what the doc ordered, at least for me!