Monday, September 7, 2009

Return from the Windy City

I took the train up to Chicago on Friday night and met two of the most delightful gay men who were from Northern Civilization. It was like talking to Will and Jack (from Will and Grace) for 3 hours so it made the time fly. We exchanged phone numbers and plan to get together in the next few weeks! Ah shucks, Maggie made new friends.

The train station put me out right downtown in the theater district where Farrago picked me up and we headed to his house. When got a great pizza and stayed up talking for 4 hours, just like good girlfriends do!

We got a late start on Saturday so he headed to Farrago's fav breakfast spot, where it has the best hash and eggs in the world. Okay, he claims it does. I don't like hash so I didn't order it nor eat it so we have to take his word for it. But it was cool to go there with him. The owners and cooks and waitresses at this diner know him by name. It was a Cheers feeling when we went with all yelling greetings at him- and the staff sang a rendition of "happy birthday" to him because they just remembered it was his special day- we hadn't even mentioned it!

(OH and he totally seemed to like the bottle of Johnny Walker Black I gave him since I still haven't found the lost Johnny Walker Blue!)

We headed to Farrago's home town for the tour. Any of you who read know (and any of you who don't read his blog should!) Farrago's blog know he writes about growing up and has some delightfully funny stories about his childhood. So we took the tour of his hometown and that was cool- it was neat to see the sights where all the stories took place. And there was a yummy bakery where I got some sort of pastry thing that was scrumptious- even though they have the best chocolate cinnamon rolls in the world-again I have to take his word for it because the bakery was OUT of rolls.

After the stroll memory lane, we went into the city and took a driving tour of the famous neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, Wrigglyvillie, Boys Town, and Old Town. We also drove the entire length of Lake Shore- it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive to stop to park so I got most of my water fix with the drive. We found a faux Irish pub and had some beers. And remember my love affair with Bulmer's Irish Cider? Well, I found the American equivalent: Magner's!

Finally we headed over to the karaoke party for dinner and singing, which was great fun. It was more of a crowd than when I went a few months ago so we sang a little less but we all had fun! And because it's my birthday month, as well as three others- including Farrago- there was cake and a serenaded rendition of the Beatles "Today is your birthday". And cake. I *love* cake! Nice people, good fun!

Sunday the train brought me home but it was lots less entertaining. No delightful gay men to engage my brain. Instead there were lots of screaming bratty kids so I slapped in my head phones and let the train carry me back to my world, leaving the city adventure behind and ready for me to return another time.


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