Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beatle- mania... yeah I got it! So what?

I love the Beatles. I do! If I had been around as a teenager in 1964, I would've taken my pony tailed, sweater set, poodle skirt clad self to the nearest 5 and Dime and bought one 45 record after another, practiced kissing on Paul pictures, and screamed myself into a stupor at their performance on the Ed Sullivan show or at one of their concerts. As it is, since I wasn't even thought of during the Beatles era, I do own a framed photo of the Fab Four, have the cutest pair of Lennon specs, several of their CDs, a coffee mug, a bumper sticker, and a t-shirt. I think that's a respectable amount of Beatles paraphernalia for a woman of my years. Fact: I LOVE the Beatles.

So today is a pretty big day in modern day Beatle history. Today marks the release of Rock Band Beatles- you can buy the video game alone or the video game with replicas of the Fab Four's instruments. And you can be your favorite Beatle at home while playing a video game. And I guess this is a kick ass game because Paul and Ringo, Harrison's kid and that bitch Yoko all worked together to give players as much authentic experiences as possible in the music's sound and the visual effects. It looks kick ass. I want to buy it for Mac and then force him to come over here and play it with me. And I want the whole set. Yeah, I know I don't have $300 for a video game, but still...!

And today marks further cool Beatles-ness because all the Beatles albums are re-released today. All studio recordings are being released again on CD (and some DVDs) so if you need to rush out and buy The White Album or Sargent Pepper, now is your chance. Go ahead- go. I'll wait.

What I think is completely cool about all of this is that the Beatles are now crossing over into yet another generation and creating even a larger fan base- if that's humanly possible. Bring their music through a video game? What better marketing could there be?

So 09/09/09 is another day that will live in infamy of the Fab Four. (And did you notice I even published this post at 9:09 am?). The Lads from Liverpool are still rocking out, just in a new and innovative ways!

Can't buy me love,


Curley said...

Then I guess I should tell you that there will be a program at work with a showing of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

Maggie said...

AAAAAAAAAAAACK! You MUST send me and email and tell me when, when,WHEN!

Bragger said...

I so want to justify buying Beatles Rock Band for myself. But I know Sweet Girl wants it too. Hmmmm...... Decisions, decisions....

Maggie said...

I say buy it for you and make her come visit to use it! LOL! Or buy two.... Merry Christmas!