Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

I should've done something awesome today, something that would involve me taking a leap of faith. I like the Irish tradition/ custom/ lore that women and propose marriage to men on this day so if I were in a position to do that, I would.

I wish I would've had my tax return by now because I would've probably done something totally frivolous and just blew it all on a plane ticket to Ireland and stayed as long as I could afford to. I would totally leap before I looked and just go.

I miss Ireland.

I was there once, for 4 weeks, and it was this time of year when I was there. I think if I were able, this time I'd like to go to Northern Ireland to the sea, and maybe into Ireland, to County Cork.

Maybe I should go somewhere more exotic but I can't afford England and I only want to go to Venice with someone special (I knew a guy once and he and I always said we wanted to go to Venice together so I always think about him and that city together and wonder if I'll ever go if I can't go with him.)

But alas, it's just a regular Wednesday and I'm just at work and nothing special is happening and I'm not going anywhere, except to get more coffee...

No leaping,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cookin' with new stuff!

We've been eagerly awaiting the new range that I wrote about here a few weeks ago. We've been cooking with everything under the sun: a George Foreman grill, a toaster over, a mini microwave, an electric grill, and electric skillet, a waffle maker and a sandwich machine thingy. I am SO happy for the new range and microwave to be here and it's so awesome- like a space age cooking experience. I realize we weren't pioneers cooking over an open flame but after not having stove burners, an oven or a decent microwave, it sure felt like I was living Little House on the Prairie!

Well, that's my 2 cents; I was going to write a more detailed post about this but Daddy-O did such a good job, I can just link it here!

YAY OVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Not feeling the work love

I'm so irritated by work today. Actually, more than just today- it's been a building thing and I am so frustrated. I'm going to have a chat with my boss tomorrow because something has got to give.

Last week I proctored a series of tests. I didn't mind doing it. I really didn't But I closed the library for 2.5 days to the kids. It wasn't the end of the world but some other teachers were shitty with me about it.

Also, the printer in a few of the classrooms has died. The building's central printer is located in an ante room right off the library so now I have a couple teachers who call me 3-10 times per CLASS PERIOD to see if they send a student down to get copies, will that be okay? I'm so fed up with that. We have a teacher who is a HUGE abuser of this and I'm fed up with it. It's not like a regular school where it doesn't matter but I have to note the time she calls and then if the student hasn't shown up in 1 minute I have to call her because we aren't supposed to have kids in the hallways. I have to check the copies to make sure the kids take only their stuff and not someone else's, AND that they don't sent personal letters. It's a huge pain in the ass.

So today I had to catch up 2 students on testing. I babysat a class while the regular teacher went to an IEP meeting. I had PE locker room supervision because the PE teacher's are men. I also got copies from the copier about 20 times today. I watched a class while the 'real" classroom teacher had to leave for 15 minutes for personal business. I had a meeting where I was asked if I could have a student in my library 1 period a day for a few weeks due to a scheduling conflict. And my work study student had her hours changing which involved a meeting and some paperwork. Oh and I had to give up my lunch hour for a staff meeting that was pointless- every thing in that meeting had nothing to do with me, the library or my duties.

Oh the library- that's right. I was hired to be the school's librarian. Ummm, I think I checked out some books to kids today. Uh, yeah.

I'm going to have a meeting with my principal tomorrow to talk about my duties. I just can't do all this crap and still get my OWN JOB done! Does anyone thinks I have a right to complain or am I just in a really bad mood?

I'm really tired tonight. And apparently grumpy.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

When Madeline Was Young

When Madeline was Young by Jane Hamilton was my first Nook book. It had nothing to do with the Nook but I didn't care for the book. It was one of those that had HUGE potential to be amazing, but it fell short. I wanted to like it- obviously if I was willing to actually pay good money at full price for a book- I really wanted to like it.

The concept: Madeline is beautiful and she married the quiet, nerdy academic Aaron and them tragedy strikes during their first year of marriage. Madeline is in an accident and she is left with the mental abilities of a 5 or 6 year old. Instead of divorcing her, Aaron arranges for her care and then Aaron falls in love with the nurse. He divorces Madeline and marries the nurse and he and his second wife then care for Madeline like one of their own children. awesome idea, right?

Well, in my review reading I don't know where I missed the part that the story is historical fiction. It takes place in the 1950s and then into the 1960s. This is significant only in the medical technology that is not available to Madeline at the time of the accident as well as people's response to such a famile makeup. Also, politics of the era are a huge part of one of the many subplots intersecting this story.

Also, I must have glossed over the fact that the story isn't told by Aaron nor his second wife or even the childlike Madeline, but by Arron and his second wife's son, Mac. And the focus isn't really even on Madeline. Oh yeah, she's an integral part of the story obviously, but from the synopsis and reviews I read, I thought, for some reason, it would be Madeline's story and it was really Mac's story, his reflection on his life and how his strange family shaped who he became as an adult: a nice guy, a nice dad, a nice doctor, a nice son, a nice nephew, just a plain old... nice guy.

The story jumps around all over the place from Mac's early childhood, to his present day life, to his early adult years, telling his story, Madeline's story, his mother's story, his aunt's story, his sister's story... It bops around and is often hard to follow because we have a flashback within a flashback.

I love my Nook but this is a book that had I had a paper book with pages, I would've flipped back and forth to refresh my memory of the characters and who was doing what with whom because of the jumping around story telling style.

I expected something completely differently obviously. Instead I got a sort of coming of age story rather than a tale of a woman child's survival. I've read better and much worse but I'm not really sure I would recommend this to anyone else. I would recommend a Nook, though!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Happy Huntress

I was on a different GeoCache but on the same day as the last one, that I wrote about here. It wasn't as fun as the first one. I think the first one in the cemetery was more exciting because it was in "nature" rather than in a historic downtown. But I wanted a chance to do a nature sort of one and a town one to see how creative people can be in stashing the stash. So after getting some sustenance and making the drive from one location to the other, we were ready.

(Sustenance= Snickers)

When the longitude and latitude were put in the GPS it gave an actual address of a business. So that was easy enough.

But when we arrived and started finding the actual, specific L and L, we were stumped. We reset the devise and tried again but still found the same results:

I was not going to dig up a sidewalk. I figured that might get us in a spot of trouble. And if other people found it, then obviously then didn't dig up the sidewalk. We walked it over and over again and still, this was the X that marked the spot.

We were in front of a business so we looked in the flower pot by its door and around the parking meter and a stop sign that were near. Then we saw this:

It looks like a mailbox, right? Well, I've done some maybe not entirely legal stuff in my life but I can say screwing around with someone's mail or mailbox is not one of them! So I never thought to look in that box. Well, Mr. Man I was with is taller than me and just peeked inside and lo and behold, that was the stash!

It was found in this canister. It was soaking wet and smeared and just plain yucky. We couldn't sign it! I was having none of that because it only counts if you sign the forms. We rummaged through the car to find a small piece of paper and signed it, and a couple of small plastic bags (yes, we had bags from the tool box in the trunk) and fixed it all up and put it back.

It was still fun and I plan on going on more hunts. I've learned though, that I want to bring ziploc bags, paper, prizes to leave and have paper with me. I also want to make sure I have a camera for pictures. And one BIG plus of GeoCaching is "cache in, trash out" meaning, if you take a prize that's left, leave one for the next hunter, and gather up the trash to help keep the world clean. I like that.

If the weather cooperates, this weekend might take me on a hunt, either alone or with someone I can manage to get to agree to go along!

happy hunter,

Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm a huge fan and lover of the original Footloose movie. It came out when I was in high school and it a significant part my teen years. Even as an adult I own a copy of it on DVD. I was a naysayer when the remake came out last year because I felt no one could ever do such a classic justice.

Mac begged me to watch it with him and I was just dragging my feet. I had no desire to see something my my childhood ruined. Then I figured out that Mac had never seen the original but he saw the remake! So I made a deal with the Devil and if Mac watched the Classic I'd watch the Remake.

Now, I still think the Classic is the best and still will beat the old one in any dance off. No one can touch the excellence that is Kevin Bacon- not even close. But, I will say the remake didn't do anything other than just pay homage to the great Classic.

What follows are spoilers. You've been warned! SPOILER ALERT!

There are some things I did like better in the new version. I know that's hard to believe but it's true. The list is small, but there's a list.

In the old version, we only know about Bobby and his friends dying when Kevin and Company are coming home from the out of town dance club and Ariel reveals all as they cross the bridge. In the old version, as the intro credits roll, we see dancing feet in different shoes while the song "Footloose" plays in the background. Now, in the new version, Bobby and his friends are partying while the intro credits roll and we get to see lots of dancing feet shots while it cuts to the party and the drive home and the crash on the bridge. All while the song "Footloose" plays in the background. I thought this made a bigger impact of why the town went nuts in passing all the crazy laws.

I like that in the new version there was no book burning scene.

In the old version, Ariel gets beaten up by Chuck when she breaks up with him and when Ren comes to save her, she gives him a music box. Then late in the film, Ren is getting ready to face the town council to beg them to change the dancing law and Ariel gives him a Bible with verses about dancing marked. I always, always, ALWAYS wondered why she didn't give him the Bible instead of a music box. Well, someone somewhere felt the same way I did and actually did that. I was stunned. (It's cool when i see my ideas on screen.)

The last thing I liked better in the Remake than the Classic is that Ren's uncle was nice and kind and understanding; he was supportive and on Ren's side.

There are some things I liked just as well: I thought Willard in both movies was great, as well as Rusty. I liked that some of the same dialogue was used. I think they used the same VW Bug in both movies, which cracked me up. I thought it was cool to give Ren a hand in fixing up the car. The prom dances were both fun, too.

There are things that didn't even come close to being any good in the Remake, compared to the Classic. In the Classic Kevin Bacon is the best Ren, no question. The music in the old is much better- much, much better!!!! Dennis Quad sucked as the Reverend- and he looked so weird, like he was shot through a fisheye lens. Andi MacDowell is no Dianne Wiest, who was the best Mrs. Minister. The dancing was better because in the Remake is full of dirty dancing. The Kevin Bacon's angry dancing scene is a millions times better than the new, as is the tractor chicken game, and Ariel's big act of defiance when playing car/ semi chicken in the old is much better than her slutiness in the new. Willard learning to dance was cute in the new one but I still thought it was much better in the Classic.

I'm glad I watched both and it was certainly a tribute, more than anything else. But I still say that Kevin Bacon and the original cast and music still stands as the best.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random! Random? Random.

I still haven't been called to sub tomorrow and I think, since it's 11pm, I'm going to make the executive decision to NOT sub. I think I just want to chill at home tomorrow. I might read, I might make cards (Archiver's has some cool idea for using glitter!!) or I might watch TV and nap. Choices, choices...

My fingers are crooked, and lately I think my hands look old.

Remember the girl I who threw the book at me and told me to suck it? Well, she didn't hold a grudge. I told her she had a pretty scarf, and she said she knit it herself. Then the next day she brought me the directions so I could learn to make it. She hand wrote these herself and it was 4 pages worth! I thought that was really sweet of her! Go figure!

Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest shows on TV- ever!

Friend of mine is hunting for a new apartment in our state's capital and he thinks he found the perfect one in a historic district. I'm so jealous because it's around the corner from a Starbucks and across the street from a library and next to a vintage clothing store, in an old brick building. It's in a 'neighborhood'; like people say I live in Beacon Hill or Tribeca or SoHo or Georgetown or Belltown.... you get my drift. It's a BIG DEAL area in the city. Oh man, I hope he gets it so I can visit!!!!!

I'm either freezing or sweating all the time. Weather? Flu? Menopause?

We have a teacher at school who is "bullying" kids. There will be an upcoming post. I'm so pissed and upset I can barely see straight over it.

I'll be tweeting the Oscars on Sunday. I'm just warning you so if you're one of my 8 followers you can be prepare for me to blow Twitter up!

I love my yoga pants waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Yes, I got a pair. very simple: just plain black. I haven't left the house in them yet, not even to go to a yoga class, but I could see myself having many pairs. Just to lay around the house, of course!!!!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No wonder I'm tired

Lately I wonder what's the point. I work 5 jobs and I don't make enough to pay my own rent and I don't have health insurance.

I'm single... basically.

Mac's a mess, mostly.

I'm not getting any interviews even though I apply for a job a day, if not more.

I'm so frustrated. Mac wonders how I can go on daily since I'm not accomplishing anything. And while that sounds harsh, there's some reality in that. I hate it when I agree with him on stuff like this.

I'm so tired. I was thinking about my week. I color coded my calender in Microsoft Office. I colored anything that was NOT related to my library job but that I still did during the course of my work day. I never should've done that. 80% of my week was NOT library. I rushed around doing all sorts of stuff: supervision of locker room, subbing, covering classes for IEP meetings, doing standardized reading testing, going to other meetings, art club stuff... the list seems to go on and on. No wonder I'm so tired when I get home at night, at the end of a week.

And I might still get called to sub on Friday. And I work my receptionist job Friday night, to fill in for someone else. And I'm photographing a dance Saturday night.

I'm 40, broke and really tired.

Maybe I just have PMS...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nookie Choices

How in the world do I choose what to get for my Nook? This is a fun yet plaguing question since I've been given this handy and fun little sucker.

Buying books is something that always plagues me, actually. If I can get a book I never read but want to, and I can't get it through my public library AND I DESPERATELY want to read it, I'll buy it used. It's a rare thing for me to buy a new book. Used Used used or library library library for me! And when I do buy new books it's usually because it's a book I read through the library and completely fell in love with it. The Nook challenges my buying habits.

One the plus side--- buying a new book via the Nook is about what I pay for lots of my used books I buy so cost-wise I'm breaking even. And I can have them instantly and don't have to wait months for a used copy to hit the shelves at Half Priced Books.

There are so many to choose from and I'm not sure what to get. it helped that I could go to B and N and read things on my wishlist for an hour each which gave me a good taste- did I like it well enough to buy it or not. I had a couple gift cards from Barnes and Noble and I finally broke down and bought a few: My Reading Life by Pat Conroy; Stash by David Klein, When Madeline was Young by Jane Hamilton and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. It was hard because I have about 250 books on my wishlist, and it's growing everyday.

I'm also still learning to use it and no, I'm too lazy to sit down and watch the tutorials on usage. I can't figure out how to get my wishlist that's on my devise to show up on my wishlist on my account when I use my laptop. I'm sure there's something not right I'm not clicking. But I can get to it via the Nook and that's what's most important!

I like reading with my Nook! I like reading for free in B and N. I like that I can carry it in one of my suitcase purses that i always carry and I have 8 books with me at once so I'm never stranded.

Sad that my only struggles are that I don't have enough money to buy all the books I want, the unlimited time to read them all, and that I can't seem to choose WHAT to buy!


Monday, February 20, 2012

My own version of being a treasure hunter

Today I went on my first every GEOCaching hunt and it was totally cool and fun!! I think everyone should do this at least once!

I'm certainly no expert at all but here's what GEOCaching is: people hide treasure and post the longitude and latitude online (and sometimes some clues) and other people can go find it. There are web sites dedicated to this. If you find the "treasure" you usually write your name down on the paper provided and if they left loot, you can take it. BUT if you take something, you should leave something! And don't destroy the cache site and return it to the exact spot so others can find it. And here's the official web site if you want to hear it from the experts!

There are a bunch of other suggestions, rules, and "how to's" to follow to go about this, but those are the basics. A sorta new guy in my life and I headed out this afternoon to see if we could find 1 or 2 treasures. Here it is in picture...

I first started out with sustenance- breakfast and coffee at a diner! (and the edge of the plate that you can't see is full of biscuits and gravy! No way did I eat all that!)

So we followed the coordinates and we arrived at a historic landmark, a cemetery! Oh cool. (Yes, I blanked the name because I don't want to ruin it for you if you happen to decide to find it yourself!)

We had to figure out how to make the longitude and latitude part of the GPS work so we walked around for a bit. We had used the driving directions aspect to get us there so now we had to get to the specific spot to find the cache. We started wondering around, back and forth.

It wasn't here, but this was a clue... or I thought it was because this same stone was on the web site. We found the same stone but no cache.

The cache wasn't here but I thought this was a unique headstone... sad and haunting.

We headed one way and down a fence line and I slipped in the mud.

I think I walked passed this view about 3 times. Hey, I said we were LEARNING how to do the longitude and latitude thing. We had a nice walk and a cool view. And still had treasure to find!

See the wind turbine? I really, really was hoping we figured out the readings before we walked all the way over there!!!

Nope, not here either!!!!

Where the heck is it????

But wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But wait yet again!!! The reading worked! We figured it out!!! And look! In that tree! Can it be?!?

WE FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This cache was placed by a group who only places at historical sites. And while there was no treasure for us to take, we did sign this list and date it.

Then we sealed it all up in the plastic and put it back; I made the guy do it because I already crawled all through that thorny stuff. And we left a treasure for the next finders- we put a spinning top in the bag that came with my McDonald's happy meal (that I ate the day before!!)! I hope the next hunters like it!

Here is the view of the cemetery from the from the cache site.

Well, we figured it out and had a good time. And since we had so much fun, we decided to do one more! The next one was in a historic downtown place! This was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again (Lilith, we are so doing this after your test!!!). I hate that we didn't get a cool treasure but I'm glad we tried it. And I can't wait until I do one with a treasure.

My friend Gulo loves to do these so I bet she'll be shocked I actually went out into the caching world. And now I know why she loves it!!!

Maggie the Huntress

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm such a tease

I had this amazing post for tonight but several things happened:
  1. I had Mac drama to deal with. Don't ask.
  2. I have a bunch of pictures to go in the post that are requiring more editing that I can get done before I have to go to bed since I have school tomorrow
  3. my computer is overheating as I type this and is going to shut itself off and then I'll be screwed.

Just so you know, tomorrow's post is gonna be kick-butt!!!!!!! And it's off the 40-40 list! How's that for a teaser!?



Saturday, February 18, 2012

I actually had to work at my job today

Working my part time job in the morning and early afternoon as the day shift is really weird. I'm used to 2nd shift, the dinner hour and then an evening to 10pm night hours. That's when it's really quiet or it's utter and TOTAL CHAOS. At nights we have the sublime to the ridiculous happening. MOST of the time, thankfully, it's pretty quiet. I do my basic paperwork in about 15 minutes and then I field occasional phone calls and then I can read or surf the web or whatever. Unless all Hell is breaking loose with our kids here, I have it easy on 2nd shift.

Not so with the day time! Yikes!

The phones are ringing off the hook and we have visiting time from mid morning to mid afternoon, which is over by the time I get here. So I have to check in all the visitors and do the paperwork for that. We have lots of other guests who are on campus for other reasons and we have different dorm staff who decide to take our kids on outings at the last minute so there's lot of paperwork to do to sign out a vehicle.

Our staff also call me, the operator, for everything: who's working in the Health Department (same person who always works on Saturday), has the mail been put away yet (no), can they reserve the pool (I don't know), is the Internet working (mine is but it runs like dial up these days) and various assorted questions. And other than the 'Net question, these are all things they should be able to do themselves because we have an tentative computer system that let's them- and it doesn't matter if the 'Net is working or not for this intracampus program. I think people are just lazy. Or the regular receptionist is extra helpful. I don't think I'm considered extra helpful...

Our on campus store/ snack bar is open during these hours so kids who earn that privileged are in and out doing shopping so we have lots of foot traffic. Then we have all the delivery people- uniforms, laundry, rugs, Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, and occasionally a food or medication delivery.

This place is really hopping during a day on a Saturday!

I had a gift certificate for Nook Books and I loaded 3 before I left for work this morning because I'm used the the peace and quiet. I haven't open my Nook at all, let alone look at my new books!!

But I must say that it is nice to be busy and employed so these are not complaints- merely a comparison!


Friday, February 17, 2012

History Lesson

I don't understand they way states Department of Educations want history taught. I have students who can regurgitate the details of Plymouth Rock but they've never heard of the Cuban Missile Crisis. WTF?!?

Kids get taught, starting in first grade, about the history of the United States, started with Pilgrims. It's basic, I know, but they get Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock, Squanto and Maze. They learn about Ben Franklin and George Washington. They learn about the Civil War and slavery and Abe Lincoln.

Then each year, they start all over with the same basic information. Obviously the themes, principles and thinking increases but it's the same historic events over and over again. Teachers usually only get as far as the civil war or maybe the Depression before the end of the school year. In my state, at grade 6, the focus changes to World History so they learn about the ancient civilizations, and the Bering Strait and Mesopotamia. They get geography in grade 7 here (Do you know how many countries end in 'stan'?) Then in 8th grade it's back to US history, all the way back to the beginning and again, ending around the Depression, or if the teacher doesn't show any movies they might actually get a very brief overview of WWI. I find that Depressing. And it doesn't get much better in high school history classes, either. There the students think they have a reference of the 1960s because they've heard music from that era and because of marijuana references. They sort of know MLKJ is a black dude who did something that gave them a day off in January. When I hear this crap, I want to cry.

Our kids don't know anything about the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam Conflict, JFK, the Berlin wall going up, the Berlin Wall going down, Hitler, Nazis, MLKJ, RFK... the list goes on and on. I flip through the history book and it actually goes all the way up to Obama's inauguration. Then why the hell can't we cut back on the "old" history the kids have heard annually and skip to things that happened in 1900 forward? I have students who don't know who JFK even is, let alone that he was assassinated or the youngest president to be elected (at that time) or the idea of Camelot or that he was the first Catholic or the famous picture of John-John under his desk... I realize all that might not be IMPORTANT history, but it's still history.

We are raising a generation of kids who have no idea what happened in this country after the Civil War. Some kids think the Civil Rights movement happened in the Civil War, not having a clue that there was racism in the 1960s. Gee... Hell, most of my students don't really "remember" 9/11. I'm sickened and appalled. I don't understand. Why don't we want to continue to make sure students know ALL the history of this country, not just how it was founded? I think that it's important but let me tell ya... I think there's a few important things that happened in the 20th century that might bear teaching. Maybe. Just one or 2...

Other than the fact that we are raising a generation of stupid kids, I firmly agree with George Santayana who said: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." How can they remember what they've never been taught?

Maybe I should be a history teacher instead...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spoke too soon- 4 mornings in a row!

Yesterday I lamented the whack-o mornings I've had and boy did I speak too soon. Today is messed up morning number 4.

I went to be early last night because I was exhausted, and frankly I'm fighting a cold. I sat in the rocking chair, all wrapped up in an afghan and reading and I feel asleep sitting up. I kept nodding off to the point my head hit the book in my hand. I re-read the same page about 9 times and still couldn't tell you what it said. I yawned a million times. I finally went to bed. And of course, as soon as I laid down, I was wide awake. I read and then fell asleep.

And I woke up at 1238am. Dunno why.

Woke up again at 2:11am. Dunno why.

Woke up again at 4:17am. Dunno why.

Got a phone call at 6:04am that we had a 1 hour fog delay. So I turned on my 1 hour delay alarm clock and then rolled over, thinking it would be nice to sleep for another hour since I was up so much in the night but then all I could focus on was my sore throat and runny nose. And that my neck and back hurt. And why was there a wad of blankets under me. And why was I only wearing one sock. And was it snowing or raining outside? And did I pack my lunch?

When my alarm went off an hour later I felt like I had run a marathon but laying in bed hurt all over too. Gee, I love getting a good cold. Normally, I love a delay but today it wasn't the greatest.

Maybe I should be waiting and not writing about these mornings until I have a good/ normal one. I certainly hope this doesn't become a new feature of this blog- Maggie's Messed Up Mornings. I said I was now sorta, kinda, nice in the mornings- I'd hate for the disposition to change...


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Morning routine outta whack 3 times in a row

Monday morning I overslept because I turned my alarm off in the middle of the night because I thought it was time to get up but it was really only 3:04am. I didn't turn it off on purpose but when I turned it off and realized the beeping continued I thought it was the smoke alarm and that the house was on fire. I woke up Mac and hit the stairs to wake Daddy-O only to discover it was the evil oven, beeping randomly, the broken electrical panel just going berserk for no apparent reason. After my heart rate was back to normal and I was momentarily thankful the house wasn't burning to the ground, I went back to bed. And forgot to turn my alarm back on. I proceeded to wake up at 7:40am. I have to be at school at 7:45am. The drive to work alone is about 11 minutes. So, I was officially really late on Monday morning. Thank goodness I operate the library and don't have to be there for students in a class.

Tuesday morning at 6:04am my phone rang to notify me of a 1 hour delay due to snow. The call came in only 15 minutes before my alarm usually goes off, so I set it ahead for 1 hour and slept fitfully for that last hour. I wasn't late but my routine was just messed up and our school morning schedule was obviously off. the kids are 'unsettled' on mornings like that. It's not really a big deal. If I hadn't slept so crummy the night before, I wouldn't just gotten up and read and drank coffee until time to go.

Then there was this morning. Remember I told you that I changed my clock yesterday, ahead 1 hour because of the delay??? Guess what dingbat DIDN'T reset it to the correct time for this morning???? Yes, that would be me. So at 7:26am, I happen to wake up and look at said clock. I couldn't process what I overslept. I'm seriously thinking: I didn't get called to sub today. Then I thought "wait, it's Saturday." Then my mind kicked into gear with "oh shit I am so late." And I HAD to be on time because, unlike Monday morning, I had agreed to cover junior high boys PE first period!!! Double "oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!" Thank the Lord that today was a good hair day and that I laid clothes out the night before and had packed my lunch last night and that I didn't have to scrap or shovel my car... I was dressed, face washed, teeth brushed and stuff grabbed and out the door in 8 minutes. Yeah. 8 minutes. A record. One I hope to never repeat because, of course, I feel outta sorts. I did manage to arrive at school at 8 am on the dot, 15 minutes before the beginning of first period.

I am so NOT a morning person. Now, I am better than I used to be. I can have a civil conversation if I must. I don't feel like maiming or clawing people's eyes out if they look at me any more in the mornings. I can smile and be pleasant when I stop and get coffee. My students aren't scared of me--- at least, I don't think so. (Funny thing: when I taught college students would take turns bringing coffee to school because they didn't like me without my morning caffeine. And in the Wild West: the kids would check at the local coffeehouse to see if I was in that morning and if not, someone would stop in and get me a latte because they didn't like having me periods 1-3 without it...! I'm ashamed, embarrassed, and sorta proud of this one all at once.)

I'm really hoping that tomorrow morning is normal. I'm double checking my clock tonight, and the oven has been shut off at the breaker box (thank you Daddy-O; though he did that out of self preservation because I said if it goes off in the early AM again I'm waking him up first!). The weather looks like rain so I hope Thursday morning is smooth. I don't think I can manage my freakin' sunny disposition if it's disrupted one more time.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random Valentine's Days thoughts and observations

  • Tons of my students wished me happy Valentine's Day.
  • One student gave me a card
  • Another student gave me brownies
  • Yet another student gave me an elaborate piece of costume jewelry, a large silver and faux diamond cross necklace because he said I could "pull of the Madonna-esque quality" of the piece. Madonna like in the Holy Mother???? Uh, no, like the pop star- she wore a similar one in her "Like a Prayer" video the student told me... I can't decide if being compared to Pop Culture icon Madonna is a compliment or not... should I rethink my wardrobe?
  • I loved the Google valentine today!
  • I received a bunch of Valentine texts from friends- and send many!
  • I got chocolates from a Secret Admirer
  • The people I follow on Twitter have been twitter-pated by Valentine's Day today and all the love and good cheer is nice!

And the day isn't over! So.................

Hugs& Pink Lipsticky Kisses,


Monday, February 13, 2012

The Pope Channel

For some reason we have a channel that's all church, all the time. I have no idea what it's really called but Mac and I have taken to calling it The Pope Channel.

There's a guy who looked like a Pope, or at least he's wearing a Pope looking hat, conducting Mass. All the time. Every single time I turn this channel on, this Pope looking guy is giving mass. It doesn't matter what day or time, there was Mass. Same guy, same hat, same church. I want to say I'm not Catholic, as we all know. I have nothing against Catholics and in reality I'm kinda fascinated with the whole religion. I was raised Methodist and went to church often as a kid.

Then we had a change because one day Mac and I were changing the channels and there was a nun, talking to the screen, just chatting away. Okay... she was an old nun, too. And she had on the full habit, the entire nun headgear and the long cloak thingy. And then it segued from her to a cartoon. A Catholic Cartoon. A poorly drawn Catholic cartoon. These little kids were sitting around the table telling their parents how great Sunday school was and how much they loved believing in God. Mac and I were struck kinda dumb. A whole cartoon for Catholic kids? We were stuck in car wreck mode- can't look away but knowing we should... And we laughed lots. Mac couldn't believe any real, human child would actually watch that when they could watch say... Jimmy Neutron... on a different channel.

It's become such a joke around our house that I can be in the living room and Mac can be in the kitchen and we can decide that "nothing is on TV" and he'll holler to check "The Pope Channel" just in case. Just in case there's a special report just in that Armageddon is upon us? Another cartoon? A new Pope that's not a Nazi?

Since we discovered the nun and the cartoon, we also occasionally see a guy who looks like Grizzly Adams but dressed like a Monk. He gives religious talks to the camera. No audience; he just sits on a chair in front of a stained glass window, talking about church-y stuff.

I have to admit Mac and I usually don't listen to what is being said; we're more gabby about if it's the nun, the monk, the cartoons, or the Pope. Which led us astray to a discussion about Catholic clergy fashion trends- or the lack thereof. (I guess you could say we have a tendency to be a bit smarmy...)

And we only found the cartoon once- on a day when we were both home, just chilling. Maybe we were both having the same hallucination? Did I mention my amazing discovery? The Pope Channel has an hour long program... that's like HOME Shopping for the Good Catholic. I just can't even begin to describe that...


Sunday, February 12, 2012

A big city: meant to be or not?

I have a couple of visions of how I see myself in life. If we cut through all the age stuff, I really would like to experience living in several walks of life. I've already lived the life of Wild West girl; it could've been more wild and cowgirl-like but it was enough for me. I also want to live life in a big city.

When I think big city, I always think of a HUGE city, I guess. More like Chicago or Boston or Seattle. I don't usually think of a Big City like my home state capital, though it is a BIG CITY with a population of almost a million folks, at 800,000. That's big considering I live in my hometown of 12,000 people, my county have 35,000 and my wild West town had 1500 people in the whole county with 300 in the town. And in Northern Civilization where I lived was just barely at 1/2 million people.

Leaving my hometown to live in a place with 1200 people is a big leap but was very easy, once I adjusted to the fact there were a million heads of cattle in my county and only 1200 people. That's okay. It was a weird change but I adapted quickly. There were lots of kind people and I got to know them in a short time. Moving to a big city, I think, won't be as easy so maybe starting with a small big city would be a better way to go. I will be pretty anonymous there which was the exact opposite of the Wild West where people knew me before I ever got in town.

I have a favorite section of the city, which is a little eclectic couple of blocks, a neighborhood with a real name like they have in the HUGE cities. It's quirky. Just in one block is a historic theater, a micro brewery, a vintage clothing shop, BBQ joint, a few galleries, a few ethnic hole in the wall cafes, a jazz club, and a store front public library branch, just to name a few. There's a city bus stop right there in the central part of the neighborhood. They have some cool apartments, nooks and cranny places to live wedged here and there, carriage houses and row homes. They're lots of a few story walk ups. It's like something out of a movie.

But I've always been able to picture myself in a place like this and it was like walking into my own dream. I can see myself working somewhere (I have no idea where- the library? the BBQ joint? the vintage clothing shop? somewhere up town?) and taking the bus too and from. I can see myself walking down those streets with a bulging brown bag of groceries. I can see myself walking my pet pig talking to people who are out and about, or sitting on the stoop reading. I can just SEE it and the thing is, I always have been able to see that picture. (Though sometimes I'm walking a dog, not always a pig). And I just found this neighborhood a few months ago. Something I've always been able to see in my mind's eye is suddenly a real place, right in front of me. A place I've never been nor heard of until just lately but have always thought about is suddenly a REAL PLACE! So is it a meant to be thing? Is it a sign?

It sure feels like it.

I've been hunting for a job in the CITY and stumbled on this neighborhood.

Dreams can come true.

Who said there aren't signs? Now if I could find that job....


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crummy movie scores

Okay while I'm throwing fits about crap this week, I want to complain about Rotten Tomatoes, a movie web site that is very popular and is sort of thought to be the "in the know" place to get movie reviews.

The thing I dislike the most is that they seem to hate everything that's popular. They gave low ratings to THE HELP- it wasn't a Rotten Tomato but the score was low. Seriously?!? If people like it then Rotten Tomatoes doesn't seem to favor it.

They seem very elitist. If it's an arty film, foreign, something no one's heard of, then gee Rotten Tomatoes will give it a GREAT review and recommendation. I hate that they just bash stuff that the every day, average Joe seems to like.

Mac has a friend who looks at Rotten Tomatoes before he goes to the movie theater. If a movie got a rotten tomato score then he refuses to see the movie. There have been times when Mac and a bunch of his friends head out to see something and end up seeing something different because of this kid. Arsehat.

I know how it works. I know it's a combo score of a bunch of critics, and there's also a people/ audience score but I hate that everyone seems to think this web site is the do all, be all, end all for movie ratings.

I'm to the point that if Rotten Tomatoes hates it, then I'm sure I'm going to love it.


Friday, February 10, 2012

All the villiage idiots were gathered at Wal Mart last night

I should love Wally World because they give me blog fodder but my feelings still haven't changed. I still hate Wal-Mart. I just can't help it. Well, I guess I could help it if I didn't go there anymore but we have no place in my hometown to shop otherwise.

Tonight all the people at Wally World- the other shoppers- were gross. Don't these people bathe? They had soap in their carts so why did they all stink? They had body soap and laundry soap so why the BO smell? And these weren't all people in the same family, either, but different people all over the store. They just stank of nasty!

And why are people coming to Wal-Mart in the pajama pants? What the hell is that? I still don't understand that. Was there a convention of pajama pants wearer? Do these people not care? I hate life right now but I haven't given up all sense of fashion and basic decorum.

Tonight there was a ton of shoppers, too. And of course there were only about 3 of the 40 check out lanes open and the lines were all backed up into the clothes. And do you know what I saw? Three managers (CSMs????????) all standing and chatting about the impending snow storm. They weren't running registers or calling for more cashiers or providing any sort of customer service.

Finally, the other thing that pissed me off is the parking lot stalker. I did not have a good parking space. I was not anywhere near a door. As a matter of fact, I was 11 spaces from the front of the store and I was in that weird part in between the pharmacy doors and the outside section doors. I was basically where no one wants to be in the winter. So why in the hell was someone sharking me? I swear a woman in an SUV followed me all the way and then waited for me to pull out so she could have my crappy space. She even honked at me!! (And no I didn't know who she was!) It was cold and the wind was blowing and I wasn't near anything. It was just stupid.



Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Nookie... does that make me a book slut?

Back in December, remember I bought a Nook but had to return it because of all the car repairs I had to make? I also had to return some Christmas gifts that were Nook accessories. I was sad.

But now I'm happy! Elated! Excited! Stunned! And completely wowed!

Mac got some money back from school and from his first paycheck. And in the mail I received.... yes, you guessed it... a Nook! Not just any Nook but...


Yes, Mac bought me a Nook color. I'm just stunned. I can't believe it. He used his money and bought it for me. Park of me thinks I should've made Mac return it but I didn't. Here's why:

He said he hasn't gotten me a good Christmas gift in his entire life. He said I had an important birthday last year and didn't get me anything. He also said I was the best mom ever and he thanked me for always be there for him and never giving up on him. He thanked me for being patient with him and always standing by him, no matter what. I was crying my eyes out by the time he was done and there's no way I could return it after all that. Thank you Mac for the Nook, even though I know you'll never see this post!

I was blown away. I couldn't believe he would give me such an awesome gift. And one that meant so much. He also told me that he felt so terrible that I had to return it and it was the least he could do. We've been having a great time playing with it! It's completely amazing. I don't know enough about it yet to share the details but it's phenomenal. I love it already!

And, I happen to tell a friend of mine what Mac did and he got me a gift:

So now I have this fabulous, brand new Color Nook and this totally fabulous pink, leather Nook cover, with a fabulously funny quote by one of my favorite Irish authors!!! (and the quote, in case you can't see it is, "Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood."~ Oscar Wilde)

I feel so special! And overwhelmed and just... wow. It's wonderful. I can't wait to start reading and playing with the Nook and downloading!

It's my second Nook in 3 months. Does that make me a Nook Book slut?

Mac's mom,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a phone. Not a toy... right?

I know I've written about my cell phone apps before but I keep changing my favorites and different things keep happening so this could actually be a never ending blog post topic. Well, that is, until there are no longer apps because they're considered passe or "old school."

My new favorite app is the one for the Goodreads website. I use my Goodreads account just about daily. This is a great place for me to keep track of books I'm reading, want to read, want to buy or books I've already read. I used to have to actually access the web page but now there's a handy little app- which was FREE!!!- and it's so much easier and quicker. I LOVE it. The greatest part of this app is the scanner. Oh yes, a scanner. I can pick up any book and scan the bar code with this feature and then mark it as something I want to read or have read! This is AWESOME!

I also like my Nook feature because I can do Nook stuff with it (even though I don't have a Nook of my own) and can create a list of ebooks I want to buy/ share if I ever get one again.

I've discovered the wonderful world of Uno and Gin as apps. And apparently I can play alone or I can play live, which is crazy. I haven't done that yet but I like knowing it's a possibility.

I use the weather app, the GPS, the alarm clock, and the calendar apps ALL THE TIME. I don't have a paper calendar anymore. It's all in my phone. That has me freaked out but I'm trying it.

The Post-it note app is amazing as well. It even can be shared so I can make a list of books or movies or groceries and send it to Daddy-O or Mac or anyone, really. I like that it lets me check things off, too. I love to tick things off a list (though I still use paper most of the time.)

IMDB is a fun app- I love to see movies times, summaries and it's shareable, too!

It really is a phone. I talk on it. And plays games, check my email and search the web. And listen to music. But it's a phone! I swear!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anger Management needed

I am so angry lately. I have no idea why. I just can't seem to find my inner peace and get in tough with my Zen.

I'm not usually an angry person. I'm usually generally a pretty happy one but lately I'm just so pissed off at the world about everything.

How do I find that inner peace again?

Yes, I've tried thinking of happy and positive things. I've tried doing some exercises. I've tried petting the puppies, which usually makes me happy. (I have to say that tonight I found FREE puppies at the pet store because they're technically mutts: Jack Russell, Dalmatian, and Husky mixes. These are so cute!) I've tried breathing and sleeping and listening to happy music. I just can't seem to find my "sunshine".

EVERYTHING is making me mad; it's the sublime to the ridiculous.

The up side is that I'm not taking it out on anyone. I'm a little bit short on patience with my students but I'm not downright crabby or mean to them.

But I'm so mad. About everything. And I've never been like this and it scares me.

Any suggestions on how to shake this?

Mad Maggie

Monday, February 6, 2012

Relive my Superbowl Tweets

Last night I was watching the Superbowl and I used my Twitter account and Tweeted about almost every single commercial that was debuted! No, I have no life. Yes, I was bored.

Information about Twitter for those of you who don't Tweet. Each Tweet is only able to be 160 characters each unless the tweeter (me, in this case) wants it to run into more than 1 Tweet. I like mine to fit into one tweet so pardon all the grammar and spelling errors. With only 160 characters I have to commit grammar sins.

The # sign indicates a hashtag which means that other people use this phrase on Twitter. If you put a # sign before a word and then search Twitter for that phrase, it will show ALL the people who used the same phrase in their tweets. It also automatically hyperlinks my hashtag so the search is easier. I don't know if the hyperlinks in Twitter will work through blogger. If not, who cares?

Because I just cut and pasted my Tweets then are the last ones I did first so scroll all the way to the bottom of this post and read upwards if you want them in order the order in which I posted them. I numbered them to make it easier to follow the order in which I Tweeted.

So, here's my view of last night's Superbowl...

25) This concludes my coverage of 2012 . I didn't manage to break Twitter&I watched the whole game. My next twit spree: the !

1) Score one for the 1st . Loved the 'employees singing the theme from ' ad! Smart, creative, and fun!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday random musings and thoughts

I love it when the bread store has a sale. It's a bread outlet store and it had a sale. I love that I got a loaf of whole grain Aunt Millie's for 89 cents!!!!!

When I'm alone in my car singing along with Adele on the radio, I totally sound just like NOT Adele.

I'm going to get a mini pot bellied pet pig and name her Princess. Don't judge. (And yes father, I'm gonna have her wear a tutu...)

I love aerials city shots in either still photography or movies/ TV.

I hate Olive Garden's new deal of a great 3 course meal because it's totally fake and false. They claim a great deal for $12.95: unlimited salad OR soup, an entree from a special list and a dessert. This isn't that great because ALL entrees come with unlimited soup or salad. All you get here is a dessert. Big whoop.

Has anyone seen The Artist? I just don't think I could sit through a silent movie. Does that mean I'm not as smart or classy or sophisticated as I think I am?

I want to lose 30 pounds before the end of May so I can wear flippy skirts and summer dresses without thigh burns.

Tonight is the Superbowl and I'm gonna watch, even if just for the commercials. And so I can make sure I hit the DVR button when SMASH starts, which I think looks like an interesting and fun show.

Mac said A&E is going to make a show all about me, called Magazine Hoarders.

My goal is to find a job in a city big enough that I can use public transportation instead of driving.

I wonder if I could get paid to sit and watch Criminal Minds?

Speaking of Criminal Minds, Shemar Moore is the best looking man on the face of the planet:

pink lipsticky kissies,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Home on the range... an oven's tale

Warning: this post contains lots of CAPITAL LETTERS, usually to represent my anger.

Our oven stopped working. It would act like it was going to heat and try to heat and then just not heat. This sucks. Of course this happens while Daddy-O is in Texas. I swear we weren't doing anything but trying to make frozen pizza!

I decided I was going to see if I could fix it before he got home because I didn't want to worry him if it was no big deal. I called the place where my parents bought the range (this is what we call the stove and oven unit as one big appliance) about 20 years ago. I was told that 1) it's probably dead because of the age and will have to get a whole new range; 2) I could try and throw the breakers and shut it down for 20 minutes so the electronic panel has a chance to reset; 3) they could see if they could order parts and not have to buy a whole new range. We shut down the breakers and that did not resurrect it. The range is dead. The burners work- sorta (I'll get to that) but the oven is dead.

So I thought I'd call and see how much parts were and if it could be replaced. I also told Daddy-O, who was not mad at us for killing the oven.

Oh, and the oven in question is an electric, ceramic, flattop Jenn Air.

So last Monday morning I called to see if THE STOVE COMPANY still had my parent's records and could order a part. Mr. Asshole who owns THE STOVE COMPANY told me they don't sell ranges any more and didn't have the records and the part would be so expensive a new range would be cheaper- he didn't even let me tell him WHAT PART I NEEDED!!!!!!!!!! I said I would at least like to know how much the part is going to cost and he said I would have to call Earl (he does outsourced range service work apparently) to make a house call to see what was wrong with it. I told him again what the error message was flashing on the electric panel and what it needed and he said I could be wrong and he didn't want to look for a part without Earl's say-so, and he said by the time Earl came to see what was wrong and the part was bought and then installed it, a new range was cheaper. He did NOT want to help me. And he was rude and snotty to me the entire time. I was so pissed.

After I hung up I decided I would figure this out myself. I went online to find out what the name of the part was and I found it. I also called Jenn Air customer service and they told me good news and bad news. The good news is that if that's the error message then 99.9% of the time, that is the part I need. The bad news is that because that range is so old, the don't have that part but for them to be accurate they needed a make and model number, and told me where on the range I could find it. Well, I hunted that thing over and couldn't find it. Stumped.

So, not to be a woman to be undone...

The next day I called another business in town that sells ranges. I got a salesman named Dave THE OTHER OVEN STORE and told him what Mr. Asshole at THE STOVE COMPANY said and Dave said if the part is available there is no way it's going to cost $1400 since to replace the range is about $1500!!! He said it won't be anywhere near that much for a part. He also said if the error message is matching the book and the web site online, then that's correct. Furthermore, Dave said since I can't find the number myself, he'll run up to the house and look really quickly and will NOT charge me a service call to find a model number! He said if he can get the part in, they will come and install it (a service call is $80) so it will be $80 plus the cost of the part. AND he was NICE! AND not rude!!!! And I told him the story of dealing with Mr. Asshole who was a jerk and rude and I would NEVER do business there again until he died. Maybe. Dave at THE OTHER OVEN STORE laughed a lot.

So Dave came to the house and found the number and then hunted for the parts because the error message says 2 different parts are in need of replacing and these 2 parts work in tandem but because the range is old, there are no parts at part stores, or wherever they look for parts (I called Jenn Air myself and they told me the same thing). He said if I wanted to find one somewhere on the Internet I can and he can give me the part number. Dave also said if I find one, they will put it in for me. The extra bad news is that while Dave said they could come put in the parts, they're usually non-returnable/ non-refundable so if they parts don't work I can't send them back so Daddy-O would be out the parts and labor money and still have the cost of the new range he'd would need to get since the parts didn't work. Dave wouldn't fathom a guess on whether or not the replacement parts would work because of the age of the range. He said he was sorry he didn't have better news and wishes he could help.

He was really helpful and nice and sorry!!!!! Mr. Asshole should take customer service lessons from Dave!!!!

So I tell all this to Daddy-O who decides he's going to see if he can buy a new range in Texas at a chain store we have hear. Ya'll might've hear of a little appliance place called Sears. He felt he should buy from Dave but Daddy-O isn't home for 10 more days and thought he could get one new and have it installed and stuff before he got home. Uhhhh, not! He bought a replacement and it won't be here until 2/27-- YIKES!

In the meantime, I have to cook using the George Foreman Party Time Grill, the toaster oven and the microwave. (With this nice weather I might lug out the gas grill and make up some burgers and dogs!!!). You might be wondering why I don't use the burners since, technically the stove works. Wellllllllllllll.... because......... it BEEPS!!!!!!!

For no reason at all, when we use the burner, the oven senors feels "heat" and it beeps. An beeps and beeps and beeps and beeps and will not stop for hours on end. I can stand there and press the button to make it stop and it will just start up again. Over and over and over again. For HOURS.

The other day the stove and oven had been off 3 days and I walked through the kitchen and it started beeping FOR NO REASON. I am so freaked out. I actually left the house for 2 hours because the beeping will not stop. Then suddenly Mac or I can hit the button and it stops. But it's random and worse than Chinese water torture. I think Daddy-O should sell the defective range to the CIA and they can use it to torture prisoners, if they did that sort of thing (yes, I snorted).

So from now until Feb. 27 we have no oven and for all intrinsic purposes, no stove top either. This is a good time to start my diet: yogurt, salad, microwaved chicken boobs, rice, oatmeal, cereal.

But the new range is gonna ROCK (these are good caps!)!!! I'm gonna bake and casserole my butt off when it gets here!

No longer looking for an excuse to not cook,