Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Morning routine outta whack 3 times in a row

Monday morning I overslept because I turned my alarm off in the middle of the night because I thought it was time to get up but it was really only 3:04am. I didn't turn it off on purpose but when I turned it off and realized the beeping continued I thought it was the smoke alarm and that the house was on fire. I woke up Mac and hit the stairs to wake Daddy-O only to discover it was the evil oven, beeping randomly, the broken electrical panel just going berserk for no apparent reason. After my heart rate was back to normal and I was momentarily thankful the house wasn't burning to the ground, I went back to bed. And forgot to turn my alarm back on. I proceeded to wake up at 7:40am. I have to be at school at 7:45am. The drive to work alone is about 11 minutes. So, I was officially really late on Monday morning. Thank goodness I operate the library and don't have to be there for students in a class.

Tuesday morning at 6:04am my phone rang to notify me of a 1 hour delay due to snow. The call came in only 15 minutes before my alarm usually goes off, so I set it ahead for 1 hour and slept fitfully for that last hour. I wasn't late but my routine was just messed up and our school morning schedule was obviously off. the kids are 'unsettled' on mornings like that. It's not really a big deal. If I hadn't slept so crummy the night before, I wouldn't just gotten up and read and drank coffee until time to go.

Then there was this morning. Remember I told you that I changed my clock yesterday, ahead 1 hour because of the delay??? Guess what dingbat DIDN'T reset it to the correct time for this morning???? Yes, that would be me. So at 7:26am, I happen to wake up and look at said clock. I couldn't process what I overslept. I'm seriously thinking: I didn't get called to sub today. Then I thought "wait, it's Saturday." Then my mind kicked into gear with "oh shit I am so late." And I HAD to be on time because, unlike Monday morning, I had agreed to cover junior high boys PE first period!!! Double "oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!" Thank the Lord that today was a good hair day and that I laid clothes out the night before and had packed my lunch last night and that I didn't have to scrap or shovel my car... I was dressed, face washed, teeth brushed and stuff grabbed and out the door in 8 minutes. Yeah. 8 minutes. A record. One I hope to never repeat because, of course, I feel outta sorts. I did manage to arrive at school at 8 am on the dot, 15 minutes before the beginning of first period.

I am so NOT a morning person. Now, I am better than I used to be. I can have a civil conversation if I must. I don't feel like maiming or clawing people's eyes out if they look at me any more in the mornings. I can smile and be pleasant when I stop and get coffee. My students aren't scared of me--- at least, I don't think so. (Funny thing: when I taught college students would take turns bringing coffee to school because they didn't like me without my morning caffeine. And in the Wild West: the kids would check at the local coffeehouse to see if I was in that morning and if not, someone would stop in and get me a latte because they didn't like having me periods 1-3 without it...! I'm ashamed, embarrassed, and sorta proud of this one all at once.)

I'm really hoping that tomorrow morning is normal. I'm double checking my clock tonight, and the oven has been shut off at the breaker box (thank you Daddy-O; though he did that out of self preservation because I said if it goes off in the early AM again I'm waking him up first!). The weather looks like rain so I hope Thursday morning is smooth. I don't think I can manage my freakin' sunny disposition if it's disrupted one more time.


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Curley said...

You need a real alarm clock like mine. It has 2 settings. You set one for regular time and one for an hour later. That way you don't have to reset anything. Just flip the button when you get the call for delay.