Sunday, February 12, 2012

A big city: meant to be or not?

I have a couple of visions of how I see myself in life. If we cut through all the age stuff, I really would like to experience living in several walks of life. I've already lived the life of Wild West girl; it could've been more wild and cowgirl-like but it was enough for me. I also want to live life in a big city.

When I think big city, I always think of a HUGE city, I guess. More like Chicago or Boston or Seattle. I don't usually think of a Big City like my home state capital, though it is a BIG CITY with a population of almost a million folks, at 800,000. That's big considering I live in my hometown of 12,000 people, my county have 35,000 and my wild West town had 1500 people in the whole county with 300 in the town. And in Northern Civilization where I lived was just barely at 1/2 million people.

Leaving my hometown to live in a place with 1200 people is a big leap but was very easy, once I adjusted to the fact there were a million heads of cattle in my county and only 1200 people. That's okay. It was a weird change but I adapted quickly. There were lots of kind people and I got to know them in a short time. Moving to a big city, I think, won't be as easy so maybe starting with a small big city would be a better way to go. I will be pretty anonymous there which was the exact opposite of the Wild West where people knew me before I ever got in town.

I have a favorite section of the city, which is a little eclectic couple of blocks, a neighborhood with a real name like they have in the HUGE cities. It's quirky. Just in one block is a historic theater, a micro brewery, a vintage clothing shop, BBQ joint, a few galleries, a few ethnic hole in the wall cafes, a jazz club, and a store front public library branch, just to name a few. There's a city bus stop right there in the central part of the neighborhood. They have some cool apartments, nooks and cranny places to live wedged here and there, carriage houses and row homes. They're lots of a few story walk ups. It's like something out of a movie.

But I've always been able to picture myself in a place like this and it was like walking into my own dream. I can see myself working somewhere (I have no idea where- the library? the BBQ joint? the vintage clothing shop? somewhere up town?) and taking the bus too and from. I can see myself walking down those streets with a bulging brown bag of groceries. I can see myself walking my pet pig talking to people who are out and about, or sitting on the stoop reading. I can just SEE it and the thing is, I always have been able to see that picture. (Though sometimes I'm walking a dog, not always a pig). And I just found this neighborhood a few months ago. Something I've always been able to see in my mind's eye is suddenly a real place, right in front of me. A place I've never been nor heard of until just lately but have always thought about is suddenly a REAL PLACE! So is it a meant to be thing? Is it a sign?

It sure feels like it.

I've been hunting for a job in the CITY and stumbled on this neighborhood.

Dreams can come true.

Who said there aren't signs? Now if I could find that job....


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