Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random Valentine's Days thoughts and observations

  • Tons of my students wished me happy Valentine's Day.
  • One student gave me a card
  • Another student gave me brownies
  • Yet another student gave me an elaborate piece of costume jewelry, a large silver and faux diamond cross necklace because he said I could "pull of the Madonna-esque quality" of the piece. Madonna like in the Holy Mother???? Uh, no, like the pop star- she wore a similar one in her "Like a Prayer" video the student told me... I can't decide if being compared to Pop Culture icon Madonna is a compliment or not... should I rethink my wardrobe?
  • I loved the Google valentine today!
  • I received a bunch of Valentine texts from friends- and send many!
  • I got chocolates from a Secret Admirer
  • The people I follow on Twitter have been twitter-pated by Valentine's Day today and all the love and good cheer is nice!

And the day isn't over! So.................

Hugs& Pink Lipsticky Kisses,



Curley said...

Happy Heart Day to you!

Gulo said...

Happy Heart Day!!

Evil Pixie said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Maggie said...

To Curly, Evil P and Gulo- and also to you!!! *smooches*