Saturday, February 18, 2012

I actually had to work at my job today

Working my part time job in the morning and early afternoon as the day shift is really weird. I'm used to 2nd shift, the dinner hour and then an evening to 10pm night hours. That's when it's really quiet or it's utter and TOTAL CHAOS. At nights we have the sublime to the ridiculous happening. MOST of the time, thankfully, it's pretty quiet. I do my basic paperwork in about 15 minutes and then I field occasional phone calls and then I can read or surf the web or whatever. Unless all Hell is breaking loose with our kids here, I have it easy on 2nd shift.

Not so with the day time! Yikes!

The phones are ringing off the hook and we have visiting time from mid morning to mid afternoon, which is over by the time I get here. So I have to check in all the visitors and do the paperwork for that. We have lots of other guests who are on campus for other reasons and we have different dorm staff who decide to take our kids on outings at the last minute so there's lot of paperwork to do to sign out a vehicle.

Our staff also call me, the operator, for everything: who's working in the Health Department (same person who always works on Saturday), has the mail been put away yet (no), can they reserve the pool (I don't know), is the Internet working (mine is but it runs like dial up these days) and various assorted questions. And other than the 'Net question, these are all things they should be able to do themselves because we have an tentative computer system that let's them- and it doesn't matter if the 'Net is working or not for this intracampus program. I think people are just lazy. Or the regular receptionist is extra helpful. I don't think I'm considered extra helpful...

Our on campus store/ snack bar is open during these hours so kids who earn that privileged are in and out doing shopping so we have lots of foot traffic. Then we have all the delivery people- uniforms, laundry, rugs, Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, and occasionally a food or medication delivery.

This place is really hopping during a day on a Saturday!

I had a gift certificate for Nook Books and I loaded 3 before I left for work this morning because I'm used the the peace and quiet. I haven't open my Nook at all, let alone look at my new books!!

But I must say that it is nice to be busy and employed so these are not complaints- merely a comparison!


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