Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

I should've done something awesome today, something that would involve me taking a leap of faith. I like the Irish tradition/ custom/ lore that women and propose marriage to men on this day so if I were in a position to do that, I would.

I wish I would've had my tax return by now because I would've probably done something totally frivolous and just blew it all on a plane ticket to Ireland and stayed as long as I could afford to. I would totally leap before I looked and just go.

I miss Ireland.

I was there once, for 4 weeks, and it was this time of year when I was there. I think if I were able, this time I'd like to go to Northern Ireland to the sea, and maybe into Ireland, to County Cork.

Maybe I should go somewhere more exotic but I can't afford England and I only want to go to Venice with someone special (I knew a guy once and he and I always said we wanted to go to Venice together so I always think about him and that city together and wonder if I'll ever go if I can't go with him.)

But alas, it's just a regular Wednesday and I'm just at work and nothing special is happening and I'm not going anywhere, except to get more coffee...

No leaping,

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