Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random! Random? Random.

I still haven't been called to sub tomorrow and I think, since it's 11pm, I'm going to make the executive decision to NOT sub. I think I just want to chill at home tomorrow. I might read, I might make cards (Archiver's has some cool idea for using glitter!!) or I might watch TV and nap. Choices, choices...

My fingers are crooked, and lately I think my hands look old.

Remember the girl I who threw the book at me and told me to suck it? Well, she didn't hold a grudge. I told her she had a pretty scarf, and she said she knit it herself. Then the next day she brought me the directions so I could learn to make it. She hand wrote these herself and it was 4 pages worth! I thought that was really sweet of her! Go figure!

Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest shows on TV- ever!

Friend of mine is hunting for a new apartment in our state's capital and he thinks he found the perfect one in a historic district. I'm so jealous because it's around the corner from a Starbucks and across the street from a library and next to a vintage clothing store, in an old brick building. It's in a 'neighborhood'; like people say I live in Beacon Hill or Tribeca or SoHo or Georgetown or Belltown.... you get my drift. It's a BIG DEAL area in the city. Oh man, I hope he gets it so I can visit!!!!!

I'm either freezing or sweating all the time. Weather? Flu? Menopause?

We have a teacher at school who is "bullying" kids. There will be an upcoming post. I'm so pissed and upset I can barely see straight over it.

I'll be tweeting the Oscars on Sunday. I'm just warning you so if you're one of my 8 followers you can be prepare for me to blow Twitter up!

I love my yoga pants waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Yes, I got a pair. very simple: just plain black. I haven't left the house in them yet, not even to go to a yoga class, but I could see myself having many pairs. Just to lay around the house, of course!!!!!


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