Monday, February 6, 2012

Relive my Superbowl Tweets

Last night I was watching the Superbowl and I used my Twitter account and Tweeted about almost every single commercial that was debuted! No, I have no life. Yes, I was bored.

Information about Twitter for those of you who don't Tweet. Each Tweet is only able to be 160 characters each unless the tweeter (me, in this case) wants it to run into more than 1 Tweet. I like mine to fit into one tweet so pardon all the grammar and spelling errors. With only 160 characters I have to commit grammar sins.

The # sign indicates a hashtag which means that other people use this phrase on Twitter. If you put a # sign before a word and then search Twitter for that phrase, it will show ALL the people who used the same phrase in their tweets. It also automatically hyperlinks my hashtag so the search is easier. I don't know if the hyperlinks in Twitter will work through blogger. If not, who cares?

Because I just cut and pasted my Tweets then are the last ones I did first so scroll all the way to the bottom of this post and read upwards if you want them in order the order in which I posted them. I numbered them to make it easier to follow the order in which I Tweeted.

So, here's my view of last night's Superbowl...

25) This concludes my coverage of 2012 . I didn't manage to break Twitter&I watched the whole game. My next twit spree: the !

1) Score one for the 1st . Loved the 'employees singing the theme from ' ad! Smart, creative, and fun!

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Curley said...

Thanks for the rundown. Didn't watch the game but was interested in know what the ads were so that I can watch for them over the next few weeks.