Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No wonder I'm tired

Lately I wonder what's the point. I work 5 jobs and I don't make enough to pay my own rent and I don't have health insurance.

I'm single... basically.

Mac's a mess, mostly.

I'm not getting any interviews even though I apply for a job a day, if not more.

I'm so frustrated. Mac wonders how I can go on daily since I'm not accomplishing anything. And while that sounds harsh, there's some reality in that. I hate it when I agree with him on stuff like this.

I'm so tired. I was thinking about my week. I color coded my calender in Microsoft Office. I colored anything that was NOT related to my library job but that I still did during the course of my work day. I never should've done that. 80% of my week was NOT library. I rushed around doing all sorts of stuff: supervision of locker room, subbing, covering classes for IEP meetings, doing standardized reading testing, going to other meetings, art club stuff... the list seems to go on and on. No wonder I'm so tired when I get home at night, at the end of a week.

And I might still get called to sub on Friday. And I work my receptionist job Friday night, to fill in for someone else. And I'm photographing a dance Saturday night.

I'm 40, broke and really tired.

Maybe I just have PMS...


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