Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday random musings and thoughts

I love it when the bread store has a sale. It's a bread outlet store and it had a sale. I love that I got a loaf of whole grain Aunt Millie's for 89 cents!!!!!

When I'm alone in my car singing along with Adele on the radio, I totally sound just like NOT Adele.

I'm going to get a mini pot bellied pet pig and name her Princess. Don't judge. (And yes father, I'm gonna have her wear a tutu...)

I love aerials city shots in either still photography or movies/ TV.

I hate Olive Garden's new deal of a great 3 course meal because it's totally fake and false. They claim a great deal for $12.95: unlimited salad OR soup, an entree from a special list and a dessert. This isn't that great because ALL entrees come with unlimited soup or salad. All you get here is a dessert. Big whoop.

Has anyone seen The Artist? I just don't think I could sit through a silent movie. Does that mean I'm not as smart or classy or sophisticated as I think I am?

I want to lose 30 pounds before the end of May so I can wear flippy skirts and summer dresses without thigh burns.

Tonight is the Superbowl and I'm gonna watch, even if just for the commercials. And so I can make sure I hit the DVR button when SMASH starts, which I think looks like an interesting and fun show.

Mac said A&E is going to make a show all about me, called Magazine Hoarders.

My goal is to find a job in a city big enough that I can use public transportation instead of driving.

I wonder if I could get paid to sit and watch Criminal Minds?

Speaking of Criminal Minds, Shemar Moore is the best looking man on the face of the planet:

pink lipsticky kissies,

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Evil Pixie said...

Shemar is definitely lovely.

Love the pig idea. I want a English bulldog, and I will name her Tulip. She'll have an orange dog collar and wear a bomber hat and goggles when riding in my truck.

My goal is to lose 30lbs by August because I'm traveling to Manhattan for a week, and I don't want to scare the New Yorkers.

If you get your own show on A&E, I want my own show on the travel channel - me traveling the country in an RV and photographing the heck out of everything.

When I'm alone in the car singing Adele, I too do NOT sound like Adele.

I haven't seen The Artist. I don't want to see The Artist. I do not like silent movies.