Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Happy Huntress

I was on a different GeoCache but on the same day as the last one, that I wrote about here. It wasn't as fun as the first one. I think the first one in the cemetery was more exciting because it was in "nature" rather than in a historic downtown. But I wanted a chance to do a nature sort of one and a town one to see how creative people can be in stashing the stash. So after getting some sustenance and making the drive from one location to the other, we were ready.

(Sustenance= Snickers)

When the longitude and latitude were put in the GPS it gave an actual address of a business. So that was easy enough.

But when we arrived and started finding the actual, specific L and L, we were stumped. We reset the devise and tried again but still found the same results:

I was not going to dig up a sidewalk. I figured that might get us in a spot of trouble. And if other people found it, then obviously then didn't dig up the sidewalk. We walked it over and over again and still, this was the X that marked the spot.

We were in front of a business so we looked in the flower pot by its door and around the parking meter and a stop sign that were near. Then we saw this:

It looks like a mailbox, right? Well, I've done some maybe not entirely legal stuff in my life but I can say screwing around with someone's mail or mailbox is not one of them! So I never thought to look in that box. Well, Mr. Man I was with is taller than me and just peeked inside and lo and behold, that was the stash!

It was found in this canister. It was soaking wet and smeared and just plain yucky. We couldn't sign it! I was having none of that because it only counts if you sign the forms. We rummaged through the car to find a small piece of paper and signed it, and a couple of small plastic bags (yes, we had bags from the tool box in the trunk) and fixed it all up and put it back.

It was still fun and I plan on going on more hunts. I've learned though, that I want to bring ziploc bags, paper, prizes to leave and have paper with me. I also want to make sure I have a camera for pictures. And one BIG plus of GeoCaching is "cache in, trash out" meaning, if you take a prize that's left, leave one for the next hunter, and gather up the trash to help keep the world clean. I like that.

If the weather cooperates, this weekend might take me on a hunt, either alone or with someone I can manage to get to agree to go along!

happy hunter,


Curley said...

Me!Me!Me! Please?

Maggie said...

Okay- you're in Curly!!!!!

Wiley said...

Oh I love geocaching! It is far better with friend than alone, though. A single person snooping around for a cache just looks too suspicious!