Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a phone. Not a toy... right?

I know I've written about my cell phone apps before but I keep changing my favorites and different things keep happening so this could actually be a never ending blog post topic. Well, that is, until there are no longer apps because they're considered passe or "old school."

My new favorite app is the one for the Goodreads website. I use my Goodreads account just about daily. This is a great place for me to keep track of books I'm reading, want to read, want to buy or books I've already read. I used to have to actually access the web page but now there's a handy little app- which was FREE!!!- and it's so much easier and quicker. I LOVE it. The greatest part of this app is the scanner. Oh yes, a scanner. I can pick up any book and scan the bar code with this feature and then mark it as something I want to read or have read! This is AWESOME!

I also like my Nook feature because I can do Nook stuff with it (even though I don't have a Nook of my own) and can create a list of ebooks I want to buy/ share if I ever get one again.

I've discovered the wonderful world of Uno and Gin as apps. And apparently I can play alone or I can play live, which is crazy. I haven't done that yet but I like knowing it's a possibility.

I use the weather app, the GPS, the alarm clock, and the calendar apps ALL THE TIME. I don't have a paper calendar anymore. It's all in my phone. That has me freaked out but I'm trying it.

The Post-it note app is amazing as well. It even can be shared so I can make a list of books or movies or groceries and send it to Daddy-O or Mac or anyone, really. I like that it lets me check things off, too. I love to tick things off a list (though I still use paper most of the time.)

IMDB is a fun app- I love to see movies times, summaries and it's shareable, too!

It really is a phone. I talk on it. And plays games, check my email and search the web. And listen to music. But it's a phone! I swear!


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