Monday, February 13, 2012

The Pope Channel

For some reason we have a channel that's all church, all the time. I have no idea what it's really called but Mac and I have taken to calling it The Pope Channel.

There's a guy who looked like a Pope, or at least he's wearing a Pope looking hat, conducting Mass. All the time. Every single time I turn this channel on, this Pope looking guy is giving mass. It doesn't matter what day or time, there was Mass. Same guy, same hat, same church. I want to say I'm not Catholic, as we all know. I have nothing against Catholics and in reality I'm kinda fascinated with the whole religion. I was raised Methodist and went to church often as a kid.

Then we had a change because one day Mac and I were changing the channels and there was a nun, talking to the screen, just chatting away. Okay... she was an old nun, too. And she had on the full habit, the entire nun headgear and the long cloak thingy. And then it segued from her to a cartoon. A Catholic Cartoon. A poorly drawn Catholic cartoon. These little kids were sitting around the table telling their parents how great Sunday school was and how much they loved believing in God. Mac and I were struck kinda dumb. A whole cartoon for Catholic kids? We were stuck in car wreck mode- can't look away but knowing we should... And we laughed lots. Mac couldn't believe any real, human child would actually watch that when they could watch say... Jimmy Neutron... on a different channel.

It's become such a joke around our house that I can be in the living room and Mac can be in the kitchen and we can decide that "nothing is on TV" and he'll holler to check "The Pope Channel" just in case. Just in case there's a special report just in that Armageddon is upon us? Another cartoon? A new Pope that's not a Nazi?

Since we discovered the nun and the cartoon, we also occasionally see a guy who looks like Grizzly Adams but dressed like a Monk. He gives religious talks to the camera. No audience; he just sits on a chair in front of a stained glass window, talking about church-y stuff.

I have to admit Mac and I usually don't listen to what is being said; we're more gabby about if it's the nun, the monk, the cartoons, or the Pope. Which led us astray to a discussion about Catholic clergy fashion trends- or the lack thereof. (I guess you could say we have a tendency to be a bit smarmy...)

And we only found the cartoon once- on a day when we were both home, just chilling. Maybe we were both having the same hallucination? Did I mention my amazing discovery? The Pope Channel has an hour long program... that's like HOME Shopping for the Good Catholic. I just can't even begin to describe that...


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