Monday, February 27, 2012

Not feeling the work love

I'm so irritated by work today. Actually, more than just today- it's been a building thing and I am so frustrated. I'm going to have a chat with my boss tomorrow because something has got to give.

Last week I proctored a series of tests. I didn't mind doing it. I really didn't But I closed the library for 2.5 days to the kids. It wasn't the end of the world but some other teachers were shitty with me about it.

Also, the printer in a few of the classrooms has died. The building's central printer is located in an ante room right off the library so now I have a couple teachers who call me 3-10 times per CLASS PERIOD to see if they send a student down to get copies, will that be okay? I'm so fed up with that. We have a teacher who is a HUGE abuser of this and I'm fed up with it. It's not like a regular school where it doesn't matter but I have to note the time she calls and then if the student hasn't shown up in 1 minute I have to call her because we aren't supposed to have kids in the hallways. I have to check the copies to make sure the kids take only their stuff and not someone else's, AND that they don't sent personal letters. It's a huge pain in the ass.

So today I had to catch up 2 students on testing. I babysat a class while the regular teacher went to an IEP meeting. I had PE locker room supervision because the PE teacher's are men. I also got copies from the copier about 20 times today. I watched a class while the 'real" classroom teacher had to leave for 15 minutes for personal business. I had a meeting where I was asked if I could have a student in my library 1 period a day for a few weeks due to a scheduling conflict. And my work study student had her hours changing which involved a meeting and some paperwork. Oh and I had to give up my lunch hour for a staff meeting that was pointless- every thing in that meeting had nothing to do with me, the library or my duties.

Oh the library- that's right. I was hired to be the school's librarian. Ummm, I think I checked out some books to kids today. Uh, yeah.

I'm going to have a meeting with my principal tomorrow to talk about my duties. I just can't do all this crap and still get my OWN JOB done! Does anyone thinks I have a right to complain or am I just in a really bad mood?

I'm really tired tonight. And apparently grumpy.

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