Saturday, April 30, 2011

The last song

Last night was Mac's last choir concert of his high school career. It's also supposed to be the most fun concert of the year because it's full of special acts featuring seniors, and the most talented kids in the choir, but mostly a focus on the seniors. In the past, these have been amazing and so much fun!

And I am sorry to say it was the worst concert I'd ever been to, in all the years I've been going to these; it was not good. I was soooo bummed, especially since it was Mac's last performance.

The music was good- at least the concept was. It was "through the years" and sort of an evolution of music from the '50s to now.

But it was obvious to the audience that the kids were just not into it. There were few special acts and most of those weren't very good. It was just a very lackluster performance on the kids part.

Usually the kids are smiling and laughing and you can just feel the air pop from their energy. There was none of that. Many of the kids weren't even smiling. There was no energy to the dancing. They seemed depressed. Kids were lagging behind on their dance moves.

It was just sad.

I asked Mac about it, being nice and doing the mom thing rather than ask "what the hell was wrong with all of you at the concert?" He said the kids were just burned out and the choir director tried to "cram" rather than start practicing months ago like usual, she tried to do it in a few weeks. There are about 170 kids in the choir and they did excerpts from about 100 songs. It was not something to cram.

Mac said that the kids were tired, didn't want to do it, and there had been lots of fighting and "drama". And rather than the director stopping it, she sort of fanned the drama flames, which is sad. Lots of the kids also said that since the director's children had graduated and were no longer in choir she didn't care about making a good spring concert. Whether that's true or not, it seemed to be the perception of many of the students in choir and as we know, perception is everything.

Mac and the director had much angst between them this year for various reasons, both faults of BOTH people, not all just Mac. And the director had several personal things happen that would strain her abilities, I'm sure but it was just sad that it seemed.... depressing rather than a show case for all the talent in that choir.

I did go ahead and buy a copy of the DVD and will be posting, via youtube, two clips of Mac's solos. I'll keep you updated when that goes up. (Even he didn't have his normal performance face on!)

As for "Mac High School Milestones" all we have left if graduation and the open house. Then we're off to college! Oh thank God!

Mac's mom,

Friday, April 29, 2011

Random life crap outta my brain

The movie Fast Five came out. It has Dwayne Johnson AND Vin Diesel. This could help or hurt me. Doesn't make sense? Remember my confusion? If not, click here....

My friend Photographer has a very dear friend. Her very dear friend is beautiful and has money, an excellent job, and a PHd. She's sexy and silly and just what most men consider to be a "perfect catch." She met a guy who is as handsome, well moneyed, well connected, as she is. They met in Oct. '10, got engaged at Christmas and are getting married in May- as in next month. Everyone thinks it's wonderful and romantic. I think of doing that and people think it's crazy. Is it me, or is it connected to the rich and beautiful?

And, following the above thread, why can't I meet a guy who is rich and handsome and smart?

And also following that thought process, it could be when Photographer asked me how it was going with ITSam, my response was , "fine." Not in that snotty woman "fine" way, but her follow up questions led me to say "boring." Oh god. I called my boyfriend boring. Maybe I was just having a bad day? Because he's really nice and would do anything for me. And I'm at an age where I need to settle down and stop gallivanting all over the world on search of adventure. Right?

And speaking of Sam, the email server went crazy at work this week. All sorts of stuff was happening: people could send internally but not externally, people couldn't get their emails, some could see they had mail but couldn't read messages, some could receive but not send at all... just a variety of weird stuff. He's been working on it for days, and last night he didn't get home from work until 11pm. So while all this is going on, I had one person yell at ME over it. I don't think she'll ever get her email back again; Sam was pissed that someone would have the nerve to say anything to me, let alone yell at me about it. Also, I had a weird issue with mine. I could sent internally and externally. I could receive BUT I couldn't read my externally received emails. I could see them sitting in my in-box and who they were from but the content wasn't there. Furthermore, I could receive internal emails and some I could read and some I couldn't. He told me that since the entire campus was having issues, he didn't even want to hear from me. And he said my issue was the only one like it on campus. He called me his "little anomaly". Awwww, shucks. He's so sweet.

So, when Mac is an evil asshole, is that my fault since I did most of the raising of him?


Thursday, April 28, 2011

My "phone"

Since I've gotten my HTC Evo phone, I've been experimenting with it's features. I know there's a ton of stuff it can do that I haven't tapped but I'm learning... slowly!

One thing that I love is the GPS. First, I've named the GPS component Moneypenny. I use it every time I drive kids on transportation home. I used it when I took Daddy-O to the airport yesterday. Sometimes I just play with it around town to see what it will say. I love that I can turn in a different direction and she says, in a very rude voice, "Reconfiguring." Or my personal favorite is, "Make a legal U-turn." Or when she says, "Reconfiguring.... make a legal U-turn." The state I live in has no such thing as a "legal u-turn." I was irritated at Moneypenny the other day when I ran into road construction and rather than "reconfiguring" all she could say was "make a legal u-turn" which is very unhelpful when I was lost in part of my state I had never been to before! But I do adore my GPS.

I must also admit I love the calendar feature and the ability to play music like it's an iPod. I use Google. Yes, I actually Google stuff with my phone when I'm out and about and need information. I have my Goodreads account flagged on my phone and can look at my "books to read" list while in a bookstore. I use the calculator and the tip calculator. I am a nerd.

Then there are the games. I used to make fun of people who played games on their phones. I apologize. Because I am now a game junkie. Is there is a support group for us? I love Boggle. I'm addicted to Boggle. I play Boggle all the time and have managed to get about 6000 points in one shot, which is my highest score. I also like to play Classic Simon and Classic Tetris. Glow Hockey is super awesome, too. I also like the Marshmallow- Spaghetti game. Bubbletap is lots of fun. I'm also doing some mindless fun with Animal Alchemy or with Ninja Kaka Valentine. I have Pew pew, which is a shooting game but I don't know how to work it yet. I am proud to say that I don't play Angry Bird. I just can't get it together with birds and pig; for some reason that doesn't make any sense to me. Uh.

Some of my other favorite apps are magic marker where ITSam and I play our own twisted version of Pictionary. I love my flashlight app. I have an air horn app, a mood scanner app which tells me my mood incorrectly on a regular basis, a Whoopee cushion app which makes mischief in the mall, and the Magic 8 Ball app- someone has to tell my future so why not an app for that? And because I am a post-it junkie in the real world, I have a post-it app, of course.

There's tons of ring tone apps, of course and I have a few. I love my ring tones, special ones for special people. I have a couple apps for ringtones, but I think my fav ringtone app is the one of all Beatles tunes. That makes me happy.

Did I mention I also have a Kindle and Nook app? That's pretty cool. I haven't bought a book yet but I'm going to after I get new glasses- it's a small screen to try and read a whole book one, but it's not really a small screen for a phone. But I have played with some of the free books and these are pretty cool features. (And if I'm completely honest, I'll admit it makes me want a Nook or Kinle, one with the wireless anywhere features....Anyway!)

Oh yeah........... I can text and make phone calls, too.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three cheers to great women

There are many women who have had a great influence in my life, all for different reasons. And as I was thinking of them, I realized that 4 of these women are all April birthdays! I have other female (and male for that matter) influences but it's April so it seems apropos.

My bestie Curley is one such women. She is so positive about everything. She has a great outlook and when I can't find my "silver lining" attitude, I know she will do that for me. She's also realistic, which I appreciate. She knows when I need to whine and cry and be pathetic, and she knows when I need a kick in the seat of my pants. Not to mention the fact that she's hilariously funny. And kind. And sweet. And giving. And talented! She makes me want to be a better person.

There's my blogger buddy Bragger. She makes the list because though I haven't met her in person YET she is still an influence and a person I consider a friend. Her writing is creative and funny and typo free (unlike mine!). I love her outlook on life. I appreciate her no nonsense attitude. I admire her accomplishments in life because the path she's traveled hasn't always been an easy one. I find a kinship with her through our career paths in education and our love of writing. I admire and respect her dedication to exercise. In short, I would love to be her when I grow up.

My Aunt P is also an amazing women. She's brilliant. She is so smart. I admire that she continues to challenge herself- she's learning Spanish and she's in her 60's. While most high school students I know can't master basic words and she can just chat away! She's a fabulous cook. I consider her to be brave. She takes care of others and has a great capacity for understanding and empathy. Every time I see her, I can talk with her and she's not judgmental. She skis and stays fit and trim. She's a wonderful role model. Though I don't see her often (enough!), I know she's there when I need her. She takes good care of my dad (and my uncle, too!).

Finally, is my mom. My mom died several years ago but she's still here. I miss her but I know she's made her mark on me with words and phrases I use. Or the way I cook (green beans, sour cream coffee cake, or breakfast casserole anyone?). Or with something I've taught Mac. I became closer to my mother when I was adult, and we became friends. My mom was patient; I hope this trait will rub off on me at some point. She loved to read; thank you for the love of books! It's the silly stuff that I remember. Though she would threaten to "beats knots" on our heads because of a messy room or leaving too much clutter, she never did, and it just became funny. She loved fireworks and I still think of her each time I see one. I think I get my ability to be "tickled" over small things from her. The things about my mom could go on and on so I'm going to just say my mom was a great lady.

So, kudos to ALL the wonderful people in my life, but especially to these admirable April ladies! Thank you for the influence you've had on my life!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Writer's block sucks

I've been a blogging slacker these last few weeks. I've either not blogged until really late in the day or I've skipped days entirely. I don't like that. But I feel like my brain isn't producing topics, for some reason. I know that doesn't make lots of sense, but I just can't seem to formulate ideas worthy of blogging.

I swear Carrie Bradshaw is amazing for coming with a column all the time!

I'm not really bored of blogging; I still really enjoy it. It doesn't feel like a chore or something I MUST do rather than something I want to do.

It's not that I'm really busy. I could blog daily as far as my time goes. I do spend time with ITSam and friends and stuff like that but not to the extent where I don't have time to blog. Oh the occasional day has come up when I haven't had time because I leave early in the day and don't return until late in the evening. Those have been few and far between and typically I know it's going to happen in advance so I can plan a post.

Part of my problem could be I don't feel creative lately. I don't know why. It sure isn't that I'm stimulate intellectually by my job or anything. Maybe that's it? Since my brain is more stagnate I have less desire to write because I'm just becoming dumber? I used to be able to pull a post out of nothing and that just doesn't seem to happen.

Could it also be that I've become boring? I don't have funny dating stories to tell. Sam and I just hang around and don't do anything worth writing about. Nothing crazy or strange happens with I go out the girls. I don't spend much time drinking or in clubs. I don't have a lot of face time with the kids at school so I don't have lots of school stories. I think I've become boring, or less willing to torture my audience with the mundane.

It could also be that I feel like I do nothing but worry, bitch, piss, moan, and complain. I don't want to spill that into here any more than I already do, which is pretty damn often.

Maybe Sam and I should break up so I can blind date and have blog fodder.

Maybe I should move again so I have better blog fodder adventures.

Maybe I should get a new job with more money so I can afford to go do cool stuff for blog fodder.

I dunno...... maybe I've written all there is to write?


Monday, April 25, 2011

Words of wisdom for Mac

Each morning, Mac and I carpool. Usually he drops me off at school. Each morning I get out of the car and bid him a good day.

And apparently I give him some sort of daily advice.

One day 2 weeks ago, I just said, "Bye. Have a good day. love you." And he says, "what, no advice?" He then proceeds to tell he that I always dispense some sort of advice to him each day. And sometimes I repeat myself.

I had no idea I did that each morning but apparently I do, and I've done this for years.

Repeated phrases that are popular are "be nice", "work hard", "learn something", "have fun", "be good", and occasionally, "be thankful it's Friday."

So now for the last couple weeks that I've been very aware of this, I've made sure I say something. Since he's a senior these are going to be the last days I can give him life altering advice before he walks through the hallowed halls of higher education. I mean, now there's pressure. I want to tell him things that he'll take with him into the world, to make him a better adult.

Lately, I've said things like:
  • "don't hit people."
  • "don't have unprotected sex. Always use condoms."
  • "sometimes in life we should drink milk and have cookies for no special reason"
  • "share."
  • "work hard and don't cheat"
  • "play nice"
  • "sing loudly and shake your booty"
  • "hold hands"
  • "show a little respect"
  • "nice shoes will make you feel better"
  • "don't call girls chicks or broads. Or dames"
This morning was a little different. After complaining vehemently that he was.... um, shall we say... unable to poo for a few days, he still went to school. And my parting advice this morning was, "eat more bran."

He flipped me the bird.

Ah yes, I'm teaching him well.

Mac's mom,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

People Update

Mac- he's graduating in 33 days. He's looking for a summer job albeit not to hard. He's ready for college, he says. I'm ready for him to go, too.

Daddy-O: he's leaving for the Lone Star State in about 36 hours and will be gone a month. I'm excited FOR him but every time he goes for that long, I really miss him. I wish him Godspeed and good times!

ITSam- though we're having our little growing pains as a couple, for the most part, things are well. He's having some interesting changes with his job soon so it looks like a raise might be on the horizon. All good things there.

Princess- she's doing super well in school, excellent grades and wonderful extra-curricular. She's struggling in her house and doesn't always do her chores so she gets demerits for it. She often breaks stupid rules and has to take the consequences. She's making choices so it's all on her. I don't see much of her because she's not earning the right to leave her house right now so I say a quick hello in the hallway at school and off we go. Part of that, I think, is that she knows she going home soon and it's her way of dealing with loss.

XRay Girl- she's doing great and will be done with college in August. She'll have an AA degree to be a Surgical Tech. Yup, that has nothing to do with X-Rays. She changed programs mid stream but I figured it was easier than changing her nickname here. Because she's at the end of her program, she's doing her clinicals and working part time so while we don't have our girls' night outs each week, we still chat all the time.

Photographer- she and I already have 2 weddings books to shoot this summer, one of them is an Ethiopian wedding. That should be interesting, and fun!

Curly- she had a birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, lady!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A version of "Who's On First"?

I found a stack of shelves in the library and decided to gain more space, I would add an extra shelf into each book case; there was enough space to do that and one thing a library usually needs about as badly as more money is more room.

So last week I had a student assigned to me for half days for a week since his work study/ job training boss was on vacation. This kid started shifting the books for me to make room for the extra shelf.

With the rhythm we had going, he would just pull an empty shelf from the book case next to him. When he finally go to the point where he had to use a shelf from the stack, I hear the dreaded words, "Miz O'Sullivan, we have a problem."

Oh crap. Words no one likes to hear.

Apparently, the shelves in storage don't fit. They're were 3 inches too wide. I am not kidding. The kid had moved books on 5 shelves, about 1000 or more books, and now we had a huge 3 foot gap with no shelves.

So......... I took books off a display bookcase and used those since they fit. Now the display bookcase has no shelves in it.

I then called our maintenance department and ordered 5 new shelves and filled out a work order. The secretary in that department said it would take 5-6 weeks to built. Around that time my principal came in the library and wanted to know where the shelves were. I said it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission and he laughed. I said I was taking care of it and he said no problem.

It all sounds like it was taken care of, right?

A few hours later my principal comes in and the conversation goes something like this:

him: I think it's time to ask for that forgiveness.
me: ok. But..... uh, how come?
him: you want to spend about $3000.
me: I do?
him: where are you going to put 5 shelves? why do you need 5 shelves?
me: [I gesture to the bookcase which happens to be next to a large empty wall] Over there.
him: well, why five?
me: because that's what's going to fill the space. Why would that cost so much?
him: because of all the matierlas and time involved.
me: I think if someone gave me wood and a saw, I could do that in a weekend.
him: well, I think it's unnecessary.
me: so, you want me to leave it empty?

Now the blank look comes on his face. I asked him, "okay, wait a minute. What are you talking about?" He really wasn't sure.

Apparently, to save you all from the rest of this debacle, the secretary in maintenance thought I wanted 5 BOOKCASES not just 5 shelves, the plain old planks. So she told that to Principal.

When he found out I just wanted 5 replacement shelves, he was fine with that. And glad I wasn't trying to spend $3k.

It's still going to take 5-6 weeks, though...

Gee, I'm glad we got that settled.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Disney meme

Which Disney film is your favorite?

Beauty and the Beast

Which Disney "Princess” Disney Film is your favorite?

If I understand the question, my favorite Princess Disney film would be Sleeping Beauty since Aurora is my favorite Princess

Which Disney film makes you cry the most?

Believe it or not, Up.

Which Disney film makes you the happiest?

Mary Poppins.

Which Disney film has the best music?


Which Disney film has the best love story?

There's something sweet, almost kind, about Beauty and the Beast

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Who is your favorite Disney Prince?

The Prince in Sleeping Beauty

Who is your favorite Disney animal sidekick?

Phil (voiced by Danny DeVito) in Hercules. He was the Satyr.

First Disney movie you saw?

Mary Poppins at the drive in with my parents

Were you frightened by any Disney Films?

Probably Bambi

Who is your favorite Disney main character animal?

Mickey of course!

Which Disney movie do you dislike?

Tarzan or Pocahontas

Who is your favorite villain?

Truly, Disney villains have always been my favorite so I can never decide between Malificent or Cruela de Ville

What is your favorite Disney song?
I love the music from so many so this is a tough one. I think "Ain't never had a friend like me" from Aladdin, performed by Robin Williams, has some of the most amazing lyrics in a Disney film ever!

Thanks Jimmie Earl for the meme!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A different sort of tradition

I went to a Seder last night. A friend of mine who's a Quaker, invited me to one at her church. A woman who's a member of her church is a Jew turned Christian and she hosted a Seder as a get to know other religious ceremonies and for more knowledge for Christians about what is now Passover.

In my quest to become Jewish, my friend asked me along because she thought I would think it would be interesting and it was.

We had a chance to sample the ceremonial foods served at a Seder and the presenter explained what they all meant. That was cool. I liked learning what it all means, the whys and whatnots behind it all.

The other thing that I thought was amazing and actually gave me goosebumps was the fact that last night was actually Passover. If we look at our calendars, it says it's today but the start of the Jewish Passover began at sundown last night, like most Jewish holidays. So last night, all over the world, in homes and at tables, all over the world, people were gathered together and shared the same story, the same foods, said the same prayers and sang the same songs. I had chills just thinking of that, of how powerful that is.

It was awe-inspiring to think that people of nations who believe the same thing went through the same ritual. It's not a simple, small thing, but it involves so many steps. I thought that was amazing and moving.

I'd love to have a chance to go to a Seder in someone's home and go through not only the ceremony but then stay for the family meals and celebration that comes after the ceremonial Seder traditions.

It was educational and fun, and powerful.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Trite but true

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consist." ~ whomever

I hate fighting with ITSam.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Sunday thoughts

I've been dreaming of buying new clothes. I even think I finally have achieved a professional look I want to carry on. So now, if I could get some money I'd go shopping. I love trousers and with heels, and blouses with cardigans and either necklaces or scarves.

Mac wants to see Arthur. I hated the first one and just do not like Russel Brand. Has anyone seen it and thinks it's worth taking him to see?

I discovered that if I open my blogger dashboard using Microsoft Explorer as my browser and I write and publish a blog post, there are no spaces where I hit the enter key to signify paragraphs. It makes the post one huge, giant paragraph. Another reason I hate Explorer.

I had a fight with ITSam yesterday- long story- and am considering ending this romance. XRayGIrl said if we were married would it be worth divorcing over and it just might. Anyway, when I get up this morning my computer and my wireless won't work. Is that a sign? I hate signs.

And then Mac came downstairs and before I could even open my mouth to ask him if he knew how to fix the computer, he held up one finger and said, "Mom, hold that thought. I'll fix it after I pee" and he did. Ha- to hell with signs!

I have a headache in the same spot, over and over again. I either have a tumor, lots of stress or need new glasses. The last time I had new glasses was in summer 2008. Might be about time to have the specs checked, eh?

Because we have summer school, I actually don't have the entire summer off like most people who work in education. I do, however, get three weeks to take at my choosing. If I am wise, I can use 13 of those days, the 4th of July holiday, and 8 hours of comp. time and be off from July 1- 24 which will feel pretty good to me. I'm saving 2 of those days to take Mac to college on Aug. 19-20.

I'm not sure I even want to get dressed and leave the house today. I have a good book and I need to do laundry. I want to make some cards with Daddy-O. I have food laid out for dinner. I'm thinking I might just be a worthless layabout for the day.

Speaking of card making, ever since I did the workshop at lunch with the kids at school, I've been making cards at home with Daddy-O. It's tons of fun. I really like it. There's even a card making workshop I want to go to in Northern Civilization. (SisIL you'll be hearing from me on this!)

And finally, please pray for me, send me good luck, go a dance, chant, rub Buddha, whatever you do because I applied for a job at the local prison. One of the Universities in my state has a program so inmates can earn college degrees. They actually staff an office at the prison and it has an opening. The administrative assistant there fills the role of secretary, registrar, financial aid liaison, and admissions reps. While you all know I LOVE working at the library, I need a full time job. With health benefits. I need MONEY. I'm hoping that with my brother's connection (he knows this guy because my Bro works at the prison and Bro told me about the job) and my ability to usually interview well., I'll be made an offer. Please please please.

That's it for the Sunday ramblings.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Money Money Money

I found out that I made a mistake in who gets to claim Mac on taxes this year. Yes, I do realize that Mac's SD should not get to claim him ever, at all, BUT to change this, I would have to hire an attorney and go to court. This costs, up front, a retainer of $3000. If I had $3k I wouldn't need the tax return now, would I? So, my accountant called and said when she submitted my taxes, my return bounced back (my expression, not hers) because someone had already claimed Mac. I was pissed.

So I called the fucktard SD and he wasn't home. I was stranded at work so I just called the clerk's office at the courthouse and got someone I knew. I asked if she would PLEASE read through my divorce decree and see who gets to claim him in even years. Apparently, to make a long story short, when I moved to the Wild West if changed the years and when I moved back it changed the years.

The long and the short of it, 2010 was SD's year to claim Mac so it was my error. The accountant re-did my taxes and re-submitted them.

Did I mention that I thought I would be receiving my tax return THIS WEEK because I thought it was filed weeks ago? It was a "communication" error on why it didn't happen, so this was a shocker to know not only was I not getting my return this week, my taxes weren't even filed yet!


I find out I have to pay the balance on Mac's cap and gown by the end of the month or he won't have one to wear. He told me that today.

I have to pay the balance of his senior trip by the end of the month or he can't go and we loose the deposit. He told me that today.

Did I mention I have to pay for Mac's yearbook by Wednesday or he won't get one? He told me that today.

We also got the financial aid information from another college Mac was considering and they came in $5000 less than the other school. So that one's out! (Even with student loans!)


I went to the bank today and had no pay check deposited. None. I was supposed to be paid at 12:01am this morning since I have auto deposit. No cash. I went it and it had not been posted. I called the central office and there was an error with the school's bank and the money didn't get posted to the Federal Reserve in a timely manner so most of the banks won't have out money until tomorrow at the earliest, and Monday at the latest. And if we want money today, the central office would cut a partial check to us but take it out of our pay checks at the END of the month, rather than now.

I have bills coming out of my account tomorrow, auto-withdraws! Thankfully my little state tax return landed there today which will cover that stuff.

Oh, and my accountant called and told me my federal taxes were filed. Because I'm NOT claiming Mac this year, I'm getting back $3300 LESS than the original quote. So much for his college deposit, and paying off all my bills AND getting Mac his Orange MacBook Pro for a graduation gift.

Oh yes, his college deposit is due at the end of the month.

Good grief!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Warrior Princess... she's like the wind

I've never attended a track meet in my life. I don't think I've ever even watched the track and field events on television when the Olympics is on. So, I had no idea what to expect when I attended a track meet yesterday to support Princess.

Princess, before coming to Alcatraz, was a cross country distance runner. Since being here, she played volleyball during cross country season to try something new. And this spring, she's running track. At the meet I went to, she ran the 1600m and the 800m. She also threw the discus.

There's lots happening at the meet, all at the same time. I decided rather than wondering around, I would just sit in the bleachers and watch everything I could see from there. Hence, I could see all the running events, the high jump, and the long jump.

I also want to say I didn't know what I a long jump or high jump was until today. The high jump is when the athlete jumps over a pole (think a much lower to the ground goal post) and lands on a giant inflatable pillow, on their backs. I asked the school secretary with whom I was sitting what event was " the kids jumping over the stick and landing on the giant pillow." after she stopped laughing, I was told it was the high jump.

Now the long jump is when the athletes run and then forward jump into a sand pit. I asked the same secretary what is was when the kids ran and jumped in the sandbox: hence, the long jump. I think it should be called the far jump since we're seeing how far the jumpers can... well, jump.


So Princess ran the 1600m, which is one mile (give or take) and is 4 laps around the track. She placed 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so proud of her and screamed and yelled and jumped around. She fell down and threw up. Guess we all celebrate in different ways.

Then she threw the discus. I didn't know where that event was taking place so I missed seeing her do it, so I have no idea how that went. I do know when she did it last time she was last. She could barely lift the discus, let alone throw it any distance. She nor I have any idea why she's even competing in this event other than I think they need a certain number of kids to do the field stuff. And she can't lift the shot put thingy with one hand (barely with two) so she's on discus. (and because of our limit funding and facility, the only field events our students do are shot put, discus, and long jump). And none of our kids do the javelin. Wonder why....!

Right at the end of the meet she ran the 800m, which is two laps around the track. (I know another reason I might not like track- there's a lot of math in this sport). She placed 3rd. She was tired and drained but she put on a burst at the end and did great. I was proud of her! And she didn't even throw up that time!

There are a few more track meets at local schools where she'll compete and of course I'll go and support her. It was fun to watch her. She has good form and she LIKES to run. She likes the 'good pain' and 'finding your stride' and the 'good burn'. It's probably why she weigh about 100 lbs. dripping wet, and stands at 5'8".

Go Princess!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mac and the lottery tickets

Okay, I know this is three days worth of birthday posts about Mac but I just can't help it.

Mac figured out he can buy lottery tickets, K-2, and a flare gun at the age of 18. Ummm, yeah. I know, I know, he's my son.

One thing I thought would be fun to do is to take him to buy a lottery ticket. I remember when I turned 18 I bought a single lottery ticket.; I won $52. It was a dollar scratch off and I won. I was too excited and thought it was amazing. So, I told Mac I had three bucks and I would buy him 3 scratch off tickets. I even went so far to go to our state lottery webpage to see what $1 tickets still had big pay outs because I really wanted him to win! Mac didn't think it was as a big deal as I did but since he's Mac he indulged me.

So, he and I left the house (just the 2 of us, the Two Musketeers) in search of a place to buy a ticket. We went to a Gas-n- Sip near our house. I gave Mac a dollar but he begged me to go in with him. So I did. He went to the counter. He got carded. He got his ticket (I let him pick out anything he wanted; I didn't care. He got a pink ticket in my honor!) and we went back to the car to scratch it off. I made him use a quarter rather than a penny; it seemed better luck that way. He scratch it off and... lost. He was bummed but laughed.

I told him I have 2 more bucks if he wanted to go back in for another one. He said he would but he wanted to go somewhere else because he didn't want to be "one of those people". (I think he means one of those people determined to play until they win regardless of how desperate they look.) So we drove six blocks to another Gas-n- Sip. He made me go in with him again. This time he wasn't carded; it was the power of his beard, he said. He brought another one of the same pink ticket. He gets to the car, scratched it off and... lost. Again. Now he's laughing. He couldn't believe he didn't even win a dollar back!

Again, I offered him my last single if he wanted to go back in for one more. Of course he wanted to try it again because now he was determined to win. But he couldn't go back in this Gas-n- Sip and be "one of those people" he so obviously was becoming. So we drove to a Marathon station across the street. This time he went in alone. Also, he wasn't carded; again, the power of the beard.

Back to the car he came with his ticket. He entered the car and picks some 'scratching music' on the radio. He gets the quarter again. He scratches each number, one at a time. Then the final two numbers. Then he makes me look. And he...lost. By this time we were hysterical laughter because he lost three times in a row. He couldn't believe it. I offered to count the change in the bottom of my purse and he was game until we started counting pennies. The absurdity of the situation hit us- counting pennies to buy a scratch off lottery ticket in hopes to win something, even just a mere $1. We couldn't stop giggling and laughing. We gave up and went home.

Because, after all, even though the lottery ticket purchasing wasn't a success, he still can get that flare gun.

Mac's mom,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I feel like I let him down

Whining alert!

Anyone who said "money can't buy happiness" was obviously really rich and had no idea what being poor actually felt like.

Yesterday was Mac's birthday, a milestone birthday- 18th, and we didn't do much, mostly because I just couldn't afford it. I was going to use my tax money to get him a good gift but my return didn't come in time.

And as far as gifts go, Mac would give just about anything for a MacBook-Pro; he really needs a new computer for college and this is what he wants- and is a good choice for his needs. He told everyone he wanted either money to put into an account to buy a MacBook-Pro or he would love it if someone would buy him one!! (If anyone would like to get him a MacBook-Pro it would be greatly appreciated) So the plan was to just give him cash to put toward the computer. (He wishes he had some rich relative that would give it to him for a birthday/ graduation combo gift! Note I said he "wishes"! Yeah, right!)

Then a few days before his birthday, I think he realized he wasn't going to have "fun" stuff right now. I mean, even if he was given money, it wouldn't be enough for a computer now. So he asked for a couple small gifts: a renewal subscription to X-Box live and a pair of Tom's shoes- and he still would take cash, too. And he wanted to stay home from school all day.

Soooooooo, ITSam gave him the subscription and a little cash. Daddy-O gave him cash. And I gave him cash and the shoes. Only I didn't give him the shoes because there's no where near here that sells them. We have to drive 2 hours to our capital to a fancy mall there to get the shoes. So from me he got a picture of the shoes and an iTunes card. (Yeah, I let him stay home, too.)

Really, it's not about the gifts. he's not a spoiled little brat about getting stuff. he's done really well at doing without. He also knows if he got a job he could get more and he's looking for a job now that his play is over. It's just that it's a big deal birthday...

Last year he had a party which flopped so this year, after being burned, he didn't want to do a friend party; he figured no one would show up again. I offered to take him to dinner at any of his favorite spots and he didn't want to; he was just depressed that, in his words, "his childhood is over." I said we could invite family over and he said no because it was too hard with everyone's work schedules and people being sick- he didn't want to inconvenience anyone or make anyone feel obligated.

I did make him his very favorite dinner- chicken parmigiana. Daddy-O and ITSam and I were there for dinner with him. I got him a cheesecake- his request instead of regular birthday cake. He loved that and was very appreciative. He loved what he did get, gift-wise. He also went and hung out with a few of "the guys" which he said was cool. And I took him to buy lottery tickets. (Funny story and a blog post all its own.)

Some of his friends called and texted him happy birthday. My wonderful bloggers sent well wishes. But that was it. No other relatives even called or sent a card--- like his father. I had to speak to his Sperm Donor a few days ago about a tax issue and he was making all sorts of financial excuses as to why he couldn't (ie: WOULDN'T, that selfish bastard) do anything for Mac's birthday. And then that asshat didn't even bother to call and wish him Happy Birthday. Who does that? WTF? I hate that man.

I feel like I need to do everything extra doubly awesome because SD is a pig. MAC does NOT make me feel like this at all. MAC is VERY appreciative of everything and does NOT make me feel bad. This is just me. And I feel like this time I failed.

Mac's Mom,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to my baby

Today is Mac's 18th birthday. I can't believe it. He can buy lottery tickets. He can vote. He can fight in a war. He's still my 'little man' even though he's about 5'11" and weighs about 260 pounds.

He can walk and run and talk and sing. He reads and memorizes laws and music and lyrics. He plays the sax and drives a car. He cooks and tells dirty jokes. He hugs his mom in public without embarrassment. He can make choices on his own and has a 3 am curfew on weekend. He can grow a beard and will belly laugh when he's tickled by something. He graduates next month, and he goes to college in August.

I don't know what to say other than he's a man. He's a blessing. Even though he might be making me nuts lately, I can't imagine life without him.

I'm so proud of him now. Seeing the world through his eyes has been amazing.

So happy birthday to my baby boy.

I can't wait to see what he'll do next.

Mac's mom,

Monday, April 11, 2011

35. Perform a random act of kindness

You know what? I have no idea exactly what defines a random act of kindness. Oh, I know what all the words mean and I certainly understand the meaning behind it but I wasn't sure, once I actually wrote it down, how to record it. Because it I do something that i think is just a random act of kindness and then i go an record it, does that mean it wasn't REALLY random because my subconscious was driving me to do something so I would be able to cross if off my list? So therefore, is it no longer random?

Ah the philosophical ramblings...

So, I think this could be a random act of kindness. And, this one might appear several times between now and the day of the big 4-OH.

Curly made me a couple of adorable little hats. They're crocheted beanie caps with a flower on them. I love 'em and wear them around when not in schools (can't wear even decorative hats in school...).

Anyway, I was wearing one into Starbucks one day and the barista, Beth, really liked it. I went in another time and she was working and went on and on about how much she liked that one, too. She looked at them and the flower and wondered how hard it would be to make one.

So the next time I went to that Starbucks, I just brought one of mine along, one that Daddy-O made. I left it at the front counter. Beth wasn't working but the manager on duty said she would give it to her when she came in next. I didn't leave my name or a card or anything, just the hat.

The one I left for her looks very similar to this:

She has long, thick curly black hair and she's very bohemian- you can tell from the way she dresses and I've seen her about town so it's befitting of her, I think, from what I've seen her in before (yeah, I know- how bohemian can you be in a Starbucks uniform?). And I think with all her dark hair and olive complexion, the red would be stunning.

I hope she likes it!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perfect ending to a nice holiday

I wish I had another week of vacation to recover from my vacation. I didn't do anything I wanted expect relax and run around. I want more time. Oh yes, me so stingy with it.

It's got to 86 degrees here and sunny today. It was incredible.

It was such a great day to end spring break that we grilled out. ITSam bought steaks and brats. I made roast garlic and rosemary roast potatoes and a huge salad. And, of course, iced sun tea and strawberry shortcake. Ah, yummy. The first grilled meal of the season. I plan on grilling 3-4 times a week from here on out. I think I might actually learn how to use the grill so I can do it anytime and not rely on anyone else to cook for me like that.

I remember once when I lived in Northern Civilization about 9-10 years ago. I had a nice grill that was charcoal. I thought I knew how to use that. I had people over and was going to grill. I thought, "how hard can it be, really?"

We were all standing outside in the driveway, drinking margaritas and beers. For whatever reason I wanted to speed things up so I squirted some lighter fluid on the coals and flicked the lid shut. Then opened it five minutes later and a huge flame ball burst straight up into the air.

Catching the garage of my rental condo on fire. Shit.

We grabbed a garden hose and sprayed down the garage and the grill and the yards, my car and each other. By the time it was all said and done with, we put the grill stuff away and ordered a bunch of pizzas. And drank more.

Then over the next few weeks my friends showed up to help me repair and repaint the garage since my landlord was in Iraq. I was really glad I was close friends with her, and with his fiancee who was watching over things. And who was also at the house the day of the "infamous Maggie learns to grill day."

Today was a much better grilling experience. I stayed in the house and made salad, the potatoes, the Italian bread, and the homemade shortcake. Daddy-O kept ITSam company and they manned the grill. We ate until we were stuffed. The cleaning up was easy.

And the nice walk after dinner in the breeze was just grand.

Spring has sprung for sure.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

It sounds so Nancy Drew: "The Mystery of the Refrigerator Art"

A few weeks ago I was fussing around on my blog and was going to write a post. I got interrupted so I wrote myself the words "refrigerator art" in the blog body and thought that would tip me off when I had time to go back and write the post. I saved it as a draft and went on my merry way. Now I have time. I'm back. And I have NO idea what I was going to write about at all.

Right now the words "refrigerator art" have no meaning to me whatsoever. I've read my blog posts a few days before and after the date I saved it to see if there was something that triggered that thought process. I hit a few of my fav blogs and re-read their posts around that same time. Nothing. I have no idea what my intent was. I can't even find anything about "art" or "refrigerators" to see if I was using some fun, little play on words.

I thought I could challenge myself and come up with something anyway, about refrigerators or art. Ummmmmmm, well..... okay. Let's just say I've kicked it around for a few days and if I was a student and this was my writing prompt I would be in big, frickin' trouble.

I even went to look at Daddy-O's refrigerator to see if there was something there. We have a collection of weird magnets advertising businesses or places people have gone on vacation and brought back a magnet, like a guitar stamped with Graceland. There's also a magnet of Marilyn Monroe. Apart from the magnet art, there's an assortment of take-out menus, Mac's school calendar for the rest of the school year, some expired coupons, a couple of note pads, and a bag that held veggies but is there as a reminder to me to get that same kind next time I go. There's a beer bottle opener, too. And there's a couple of photographs of family friends. Nothing that looks like art. No pictures drawn and hung up. No all A report cards. Just a bunch of junk that does NOT resemble art. Unless you would consider it modern art. I don't.

Because I'm anal retentive like that I looked at ITSam's fridge, hunting for inspiration and all that's there is a strip of pictures he and I had taken at a photo booth in the mall. Nothing else.

Wonder if Van Gogh or Picasso's moms put their artwork on the fridge?

I have three pictures that Princess made for me in her advanced art class and those are hanging up in my library, not on a fridge but on a file cabinet. She also has work on display in a local art show here in town. But I don't think either of these is the idea I had.

Anyway, so the mystery of "refrigerator art" remains. I still have no idea what I was going to write about, even after all the investigation.

Some mysteries are never solved.


Friday, April 8, 2011

All you with penises stick together

I'm not mad or angry and it's really just a big joke between us but I really want some opinions here! This is not something that has caused relationship stress, I swear!

I had two DVDs in my hand. I held up the first one- Grosse Pointe Blank, starring John Cusak and Minnie Driver. The conversation followed:

Me: Have you seen this?
ITSam: Oh yeah. I love that movie. It's a great movie.
Me: cool. Let's watch it tonight?
Sam: Okay, sounds great.

I hold up the second movie- Beautiful Girls starring Timothy Hutton and a bunch of other people (Natalie Portman, Rosie O'Donnell, Mira Sorvino, Matt Dillion, Lauren Holl, Uma Thurmon)- and I said:
Me: And this one?
Sam: Oh, I don't like that movie.
Me: Oh really? Why?
Sam: sits there and make icky faces
Me: Oh com'on it's not that bad. it's got a great cast. Do you not like it because of Rosie?
Sam: uh, no. I just don't like it.
Me: The story is good, funny, a guy bonding thing and Natalie Portman's in it; you like here!
Sam: squirms in his seat
Me: wait, have you even WATCHED this movie?
Sam: Well, no but it doesn't look good.
Me: you said you saw it!!
Sam: Technically, I said I didn't like it, not I haven't seen it.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Okay, yes that's what he said. Yes, that's what I said. But I contend that he lied and implied he saw the movie, sort of lying by omission. He says he didn't; he says he just didn't answer the question I asked and I assumed.

Yes, technically he didn't answer my question but he knew his answer would make me THINK he saw the movie. Stuff like that drives me batty, mostly because it's such a high school student conversation!

I asked two other males their opinions and they side with ITSam. Men...!


By the way, is the plural of penis "penises" or "peni"?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random ramblings of the addle- brained

This morning Mac and I went out for breakfast in an attempt of mother and son bonding. I discovered if we talked about nothing serious, made fun of the other diners, and we ate platters of homemade biscuits and gravy bigger than our heads we could have fun. The bonding continued to Wal-Mart where we looked at games and movies and played with toys. We bought shampoo and a Bruce Lee subtitled movie. It was a good day, so far. Yes, I said so far. I never look a gift horse in the mouth with a teenage song; things could go drastically wrong at any time. No, I'm not being a pessimist- I'm being a realist.

In other news, I'm doing laundry. I did grocery shop. I got fuel in the car. I worked yesterday, driving a transport, which was really an exercise in futility. I'm still having a good spring break in-spite of the housekeeping stuff but I can't believe it's over in 3.5 days. It seemed so short.

I think I need a nap. I forgot to turn my alarm off last night so it went off at 7:20am this morning and I couldn't fall back asleep. I'm still tired.

We got cool coupons in the mail today. Rent one movie or game and get one free of equal or lesser value and present the coupon and get all late fees wiped off. We have late fees because mac's ex-girlfriend kept his movies and then returned them late. So, today we got the fine cleared off for the price of a rental. Bonus! Mac wanted a game to play anyway, so it's totally a win- win situation.

And said game, when playing, has the character end a level in a bakery full of giant cakes and cookies. I like that game. I wish I was in a land of giant cookies and cakes.

Okay I sound like I'm on crack with the weird ramblings of this post.

Pardon the tired me...............................


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Wild West summer of long ago

Thinking about a Wild West summer...

I would feel like I was going to melt into summer warmth. Magically, the sun is shining and the snow dissolves, leaving brown hues in its wake. The wind turns warm and humid, and is sparse. I question whether I really feel a breeze or it's so hot, I imagine a cooling presence. The cold air that had so frozen my lungs just that previous winter not so long ago, becomes hot and sticky, leaving me parched. Sweat immediately forms on my brow and I look over the brown fields, feeling the heat of the sun on my shoulders and the heat radiating up from the cooked cracked earth. Summer was having an intensity matched by nothing other than the fires of Hell.

The plains are still rolling and the shades of brown are many. The fields are dirty dark brown, and as the hills raise and lower, the hues become darker and lighter. The round bales of hay dot the landscape, giving it a polka dotted look. And the pattern of bales at first appears random, but upon closer examination the rows of bales are symmetrical and aligned, making a quilt like pattern across the otherwise unadorned fields, in a covering of summer.

The humidity and summer sun has done its job and cooked the earth until it cracked, leaving gouges running through the hardened, dried mud. Tractors and long ago rains worked together to leave the huge ruts, like craters, making the terrain uneven and broken, almost scarred. Not even the brilliant blue sky, like a tall drink of water, can ease the hotness, the lines of heat reverberating from the ground. The scrub brushes wilt in the mid day sun and not a tumbleweed blows across my path. The sage brush is limp, tired from the beating it received from the summer's intensity. Land as far as the eye can see, miles of brown with golden dots of hay, lasting forever, until it joins hands with the blue sky at the horizon.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


First, funny thing about the apartment house that ITSam lives in- he lives in the same building I used to, about 15 years ago. He's in a different apartment than I was but he's in the same building. It's a big old house that was converted into a mortuary- it was a funeral home when I lived above it. (If you click here you can read about that experience!) Now it's a hair salon on the ground floor and apartments above it.

Yes, you read that right. I lived in an apartment that had a funeral home on the ground floor and my apartment was over it. And it was an actual, working funeral home then.

I spent last night at Sam's last night. He was long gone to work when I finally got out of bed. I took a shower and got dressed. I was blow drying my hair when I swore I saw a reflection of a man in the mirror behind me. I whipped around, brandishing my hairbrush and dryer. No one there. My heart was beating in my throat. I turned off the blower and called out Sam's name- no answer. Of course.

I walk through the apartment, opening doors and looking under furniture and in closets. No one there, of course. The front door was locked. The back door was locked. I went back to resume the hair blowing and in the mirror over my shoulder, I saw that Sam had a dress shirt hanging on the open door of his closet, on a hanger. I leaned around at different angles and realized all I probably saw was his shirt and when I flipped my hair it looked like a person move.

But I felt sort of silly.

However, I thought about when I lived there, in that building, 15 years ago. I would tell people I lived in a apartment over "Body & Sons" (not their real names!) funeral home and took private glee in their shock and horror and in some cases, revulsion. I was brave. I was sassy. I thought it was cool. Ha, I was never scared. I never really dwelt on it.

But today I had the complete creeps. What if some spirit was hanging around? I know that no one died there- they were long gone before arriving- but today the creeps settled in and freaked me out. I called Mac to pick me up asap and sat at the window with the doors open, just in case.

It's the second time I thought I saw a person in that same mirror in the same apartment.

I freaked myself out and I'm sure it's nothing but lighting and tricks and clothes on hangers on open closet doors and the like.

But today I was unsettled.

I've lost my nerve.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break so far

I've been a complete and utter bum since spring break started. Well, sorta. I did work a 15 hour day on Friday.

Saturday I slept late and hung out with XRay Girl for a little while. I ran some errands. i read a book. I made a card with Daddy-O. I just chilled.

Sunday XRay Girl and her hubby, and ITSam and I all went to see a movie (Source Code, which was pretty good) and then to Northern Civilization to hang out. We went to the bakery and used book store. The guys went to a hobby store. We had dinner and coffee. We just chilled out and had a good time and lots of laughs. Then we did ITSam's furniture and rent a movie we never finished because it got to be so late.

I was supposed to have a birthday lunch with my Sis-In-Law today but she's sick! (I hope you feel better soon!) I was supposed to have a day with Lilith tomorrow but she's going to visit with her mom who's battling cancer (so I completely understand that change of plans). I was invited to go shopping with Daddy-O and Curley today but since I didn't have any money I thought it was would be better to just stay home.

I slept in until noon and have just lazed around on the computer and made a pot of coffee. I'm going to read.

My big plan for the week ahead is to drive a return transport on Wednesday. I plan on reading and hanging out with ITSam in his newly furnished place. I want to watch movies and maybe scrapbook and maybe quilt. But my brain needs a rest so that comes first.

I love spring break.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Open your heart to me, baby you hold the lock and I have the key

So ITSam had very little furniture in his house and what he did have is really uncomfortable. Because of that I rarely liked to hang out there. We usually go somewhere or end up at my place, which is Daddy-O's house.

So I made an executive decision this week. I was going to get some of my furniture out of storage at my brother's place and stick it in ITSam's house. I weighed this carefully because we don't live together and we're not married; heck, we're technically not even engaged. I was worried that if I put my furniture in his apartment and we broke up I wouldn't get it back. I said that to him and he gave me a key to his place and signed an agreement similar to a pre-nup that I would get my stuff back.

Well, that took care of that.

My other fear was that he would eat on it. I hate it when furniture gets food and drink stains and since living with Daddy-O where we are NOT allowed to eat on the furniture, I've grown accustom to it. He said he wouldn't eat on it and wouldn't let his son either. Guess I just have to trust him on that.

So with the help of my brother and his access to a pick up truck, we moved some furniture last night. And holy cow, that an amazing change over!!!

There's no longer boxes as end tables and lawn furniture. The TV is no longer on the floor. There are other lamp options than the ceiling fixture. There's now a real love seat and a rocking chair recliner (thank you bro and SisIL for that bonus!!!). The TV is on a table. There are lamps on end tables. There's a lovely desk with a desk chair. The whole places looks awesome.

While Sam didn't have much in the way of "stuff" he's a clean freak so the place is always spotless and smells good, like cleaning products and there's always vacuum tracks. I never worried about things not being taken care of like that. So now with "real" furniture and his clean habits, the place is comfy. I think I'll be spending more time there.

After all, I have my own key.............


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random observations from my drive yesterday

I drove kids home yesterday for Spring Break (these would be Alcatraz students). I had to go to the southern part of my state. I can't believe what a difference it is in weather. It was so warm there and all their spring trees had started flowering. I don't just mean little buds and getting ready to bloom but in full bloom cycle. It time would've allowed I would've taken pictures. And let me tell you, it made me crave spring even more.

I was dropping off Princess on this run and she was a pistol. She could've starred in the movie Mean Girls. And she was in full tilt flirt mode because there were---- *gasp* boys on the bus! I was actually happy to get her off. I feel terrible about saying that but then I was relieved because I feel that way about Mac so I know I love them both.

I drove 700 miles yesterday.

Finally I want to admit I was a real idiot/ bitch last night. I was finally heading for home from my transport. I had about 2 hours to go so I stopped at a Starbucks. I ordered my favorite drink. Because I'm a gold club member I get a discount. Because I was driving for work, I had an "expense account" so I wasn't going to have to pay for the drink out of my own pocket. So, I had the guy at the counter still scan my card to get the discount but specifically said to not use the balance on my account. While he was doing this, I had been talking to another barista about my long day and what I had been doing and this guy was listening. He was new and he screwed up. He called a manager over to fix it but couldn't. He said he used the balance on my account and was sorry. I rolled my eyes at the guy and said, "Didn't I ask you to not do that?" And he said yeah and apologized. I said something like, "Well, that's par for the course of my day. My company won't reimburse that. Great. Thanks." I was.... snotty. As I get my drink and turn to leave the guy stops me and gives me a coupon for a free drink of my choice and says, "I"m sorry I used the 67 cents on your card. Here's a free drink for next time." Ummmmmmmm, 67 cents. 67 cents????? Oh shit, I was a bitch over 67 cents? I mumbled an apology and said thanks many times. I sat in the car and tried to figure the 67 cents when it dawned on me I used my card the day before when I was out with XRay Girl; I didn't have $5 on there at all. Ooops. I felt like an idiot.

Driving that long makes my right hip hurt.


Friday, April 1, 2011

25. Buy a CD by an artist I've never heard before and listen to the entire thing

The Fame by Lady Gaga

To be honest, y' all probably think I'm crazy but I didn't really ever know who Lady Gaga was until Princess introduced us. I think I heard of her in passing but I didn't know anything about her, and I would've been guessing that she was a singer (I was thinking actress at first but I wasn't sure). Then one day, I was in the car with Princess for 6 hours and she brought this CD along. Then she fell asleep and I was afraid to turn it off, that the sudden silence would wake her and the other 4 girls who were all also asleep. Trust me, you take 5 teens girls on a six hour road trip and they fall asleep, you don't want to do ANYTHING to disrupt their sleep.

So, I let this just play over and over again. It played through about 3 times total, and I was pretty impressed and pleased with this CD.

It is sure something I would never have picked up myself but after listening to it, I did go buy a copy a few weeks later and it still held appeal for me, so much so that I downloaded a song called "Boys Boys Boys" as my default ringtone, for fun, because it's a zippy little tune!

This album is certainly a dance club mix. It's highly synthesized-pop and electric-pop, with songs that have quirky little chorus, that hook in the listener. It's similar to lots of club music that came out of the 80s and heavily influenced by glam-rock. The album was released in 2008 (I really can't believe I never have heard of her or any of this music until a few months ago!!) to popular, positive reviews and critical acclaim. There have been four songs of the 12 on the album that have released as singles here in the US, which reached Top Ten spots on Billboard: "Just Dance", "Poker Face", "Love Game" and "Paparazzi." The album itself reached the top 10 (topping out at #4) and hit the #1 spot for Dance/ Electronic albums. It's also the number 1 best selling digital album of all times, and its gone platinum four times. (Thank you Billboard for this info!)

The overall theme for all the songs is fame. Lady Gaga is a lover of attention and is certainly a fame seeker so all these songs focus on that as the theme.

I think the four singles are awesome. They are sure great tunes to head bop and dance to. I can see why they are huge club songs. The content, along with fame, are also heavily focused on sex, drinking, and money (I'm not super thrilled about this since most of Gaga's fans are young girls!). "Love Game" is all about sex and money, and "Just Dance" is about being drunk at a party. "Poker Face" is all about sexual innuendo, and "Paparazzi" is about a stalker following her biggest fan.

Songs other than "the hits" that I really like are "Paper Gangsta", "Boys Boys Boys", and "Summerboy." These little ditties biggest appeal to me are the easy to sing along lyrics and the beat. Sometimes her lyrics are raging and powerful and other times they're drivel but overall, just about every song on this album is something to sing along to. That, my friends, is usually what is "make or break" about an album for me. The songs "Money Honey", "Beautiful Dirty Rich" and "Eh, Eh" are also good songs but not my favorites and I find myself passing through those when they pop up. "Boys Boys Boys" is my favorite song of all!

So like everyone else in the world, I've now heard of Lady Gaga and she's found a secure spot in my CD player rotation for awhile. I find I pop her on and dance around when no one is watching. I also can't wait until I can roll down the windows and crank up the radio and go so a summer drive, with lady Gaga blaring away! While the content may not be your cup of tea, she's addicting and her catchy riffs are worth listening to over and over again. Makes me wish I was young enough to go clubbing!