Saturday, April 16, 2011

Money Money Money

I found out that I made a mistake in who gets to claim Mac on taxes this year. Yes, I do realize that Mac's SD should not get to claim him ever, at all, BUT to change this, I would have to hire an attorney and go to court. This costs, up front, a retainer of $3000. If I had $3k I wouldn't need the tax return now, would I? So, my accountant called and said when she submitted my taxes, my return bounced back (my expression, not hers) because someone had already claimed Mac. I was pissed.

So I called the fucktard SD and he wasn't home. I was stranded at work so I just called the clerk's office at the courthouse and got someone I knew. I asked if she would PLEASE read through my divorce decree and see who gets to claim him in even years. Apparently, to make a long story short, when I moved to the Wild West if changed the years and when I moved back it changed the years.

The long and the short of it, 2010 was SD's year to claim Mac so it was my error. The accountant re-did my taxes and re-submitted them.

Did I mention that I thought I would be receiving my tax return THIS WEEK because I thought it was filed weeks ago? It was a "communication" error on why it didn't happen, so this was a shocker to know not only was I not getting my return this week, my taxes weren't even filed yet!


I find out I have to pay the balance on Mac's cap and gown by the end of the month or he won't have one to wear. He told me that today.

I have to pay the balance of his senior trip by the end of the month or he can't go and we loose the deposit. He told me that today.

Did I mention I have to pay for Mac's yearbook by Wednesday or he won't get one? He told me that today.

We also got the financial aid information from another college Mac was considering and they came in $5000 less than the other school. So that one's out! (Even with student loans!)


I went to the bank today and had no pay check deposited. None. I was supposed to be paid at 12:01am this morning since I have auto deposit. No cash. I went it and it had not been posted. I called the central office and there was an error with the school's bank and the money didn't get posted to the Federal Reserve in a timely manner so most of the banks won't have out money until tomorrow at the earliest, and Monday at the latest. And if we want money today, the central office would cut a partial check to us but take it out of our pay checks at the END of the month, rather than now.

I have bills coming out of my account tomorrow, auto-withdraws! Thankfully my little state tax return landed there today which will cover that stuff.

Oh, and my accountant called and told me my federal taxes were filed. Because I'm NOT claiming Mac this year, I'm getting back $3300 LESS than the original quote. So much for his college deposit, and paying off all my bills AND getting Mac his Orange MacBook Pro for a graduation gift.

Oh yes, his college deposit is due at the end of the month.

Good grief!