Sunday, April 3, 2011

Open your heart to me, baby you hold the lock and I have the key

So ITSam had very little furniture in his house and what he did have is really uncomfortable. Because of that I rarely liked to hang out there. We usually go somewhere or end up at my place, which is Daddy-O's house.

So I made an executive decision this week. I was going to get some of my furniture out of storage at my brother's place and stick it in ITSam's house. I weighed this carefully because we don't live together and we're not married; heck, we're technically not even engaged. I was worried that if I put my furniture in his apartment and we broke up I wouldn't get it back. I said that to him and he gave me a key to his place and signed an agreement similar to a pre-nup that I would get my stuff back.

Well, that took care of that.

My other fear was that he would eat on it. I hate it when furniture gets food and drink stains and since living with Daddy-O where we are NOT allowed to eat on the furniture, I've grown accustom to it. He said he wouldn't eat on it and wouldn't let his son either. Guess I just have to trust him on that.

So with the help of my brother and his access to a pick up truck, we moved some furniture last night. And holy cow, that an amazing change over!!!

There's no longer boxes as end tables and lawn furniture. The TV is no longer on the floor. There are other lamp options than the ceiling fixture. There's now a real love seat and a rocking chair recliner (thank you bro and SisIL for that bonus!!!). The TV is on a table. There are lamps on end tables. There's a lovely desk with a desk chair. The whole places looks awesome.

While Sam didn't have much in the way of "stuff" he's a clean freak so the place is always spotless and smells good, like cleaning products and there's always vacuum tracks. I never worried about things not being taken care of like that. So now with "real" furniture and his clean habits, the place is comfy. I think I'll be spending more time there.

After all, I have my own key.............



Bragger said...

That's just one teeny tiny little step away from wedding bells.....

I'm just sayin'.

Maggie said...

Bragger- ummmmmmmmm uh... okay.... I think.....

Shan said...

Stay tuned.......:)