Monday, April 25, 2011

Words of wisdom for Mac

Each morning, Mac and I carpool. Usually he drops me off at school. Each morning I get out of the car and bid him a good day.

And apparently I give him some sort of daily advice.

One day 2 weeks ago, I just said, "Bye. Have a good day. love you." And he says, "what, no advice?" He then proceeds to tell he that I always dispense some sort of advice to him each day. And sometimes I repeat myself.

I had no idea I did that each morning but apparently I do, and I've done this for years.

Repeated phrases that are popular are "be nice", "work hard", "learn something", "have fun", "be good", and occasionally, "be thankful it's Friday."

So now for the last couple weeks that I've been very aware of this, I've made sure I say something. Since he's a senior these are going to be the last days I can give him life altering advice before he walks through the hallowed halls of higher education. I mean, now there's pressure. I want to tell him things that he'll take with him into the world, to make him a better adult.

Lately, I've said things like:
  • "don't hit people."
  • "don't have unprotected sex. Always use condoms."
  • "sometimes in life we should drink milk and have cookies for no special reason"
  • "share."
  • "work hard and don't cheat"
  • "play nice"
  • "sing loudly and shake your booty"
  • "hold hands"
  • "show a little respect"
  • "nice shoes will make you feel better"
  • "don't call girls chicks or broads. Or dames"
This morning was a little different. After complaining vehemently that he was.... um, shall we say... unable to poo for a few days, he still went to school. And my parting advice this morning was, "eat more bran."

He flipped me the bird.

Ah yes, I'm teaching him well.

Mac's mom,


Mellodee said...

Perhaps there can be too much openness between kids and parents!! LOL!!

Cheryl said...

Hahaha! Too funny. And sweet, he might be thinking only a certain number of mornings left of mom's advice...

Maggie said...

Mellodee- I couldn't agree with you more!!!!

Cheryl- he might be! I wonder if i should text him every day when he's in college? haha!