Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Writer's block sucks

I've been a blogging slacker these last few weeks. I've either not blogged until really late in the day or I've skipped days entirely. I don't like that. But I feel like my brain isn't producing topics, for some reason. I know that doesn't make lots of sense, but I just can't seem to formulate ideas worthy of blogging.

I swear Carrie Bradshaw is amazing for coming with a column all the time!

I'm not really bored of blogging; I still really enjoy it. It doesn't feel like a chore or something I MUST do rather than something I want to do.

It's not that I'm really busy. I could blog daily as far as my time goes. I do spend time with ITSam and friends and stuff like that but not to the extent where I don't have time to blog. Oh the occasional day has come up when I haven't had time because I leave early in the day and don't return until late in the evening. Those have been few and far between and typically I know it's going to happen in advance so I can plan a post.

Part of my problem could be I don't feel creative lately. I don't know why. It sure isn't that I'm stimulate intellectually by my job or anything. Maybe that's it? Since my brain is more stagnate I have less desire to write because I'm just becoming dumber? I used to be able to pull a post out of nothing and that just doesn't seem to happen.

Could it also be that I've become boring? I don't have funny dating stories to tell. Sam and I just hang around and don't do anything worth writing about. Nothing crazy or strange happens with I go out the girls. I don't spend much time drinking or in clubs. I don't have a lot of face time with the kids at school so I don't have lots of school stories. I think I've become boring, or less willing to torture my audience with the mundane.

It could also be that I feel like I do nothing but worry, bitch, piss, moan, and complain. I don't want to spill that into here any more than I already do, which is pretty damn often.

Maybe Sam and I should break up so I can blind date and have blog fodder.

Maybe I should move again so I have better blog fodder adventures.

Maybe I should get a new job with more money so I can afford to go do cool stuff for blog fodder.

I dunno...... maybe I've written all there is to write?



Wiley said...

I'm pretty sure you are not boring! And I think you're worrying too much; it's probably just a temporary lull. Not disastrous enough for you to break up, haha... although I do think someone who blind dates only for the entertainment factor would be a great read.

That said, I have completely run short of things to write about. I'm pretty sure it's because my brain has atrophied (like you said, creativity is related to having a challenging job/calling) through non-use, and the fact that I spend so much time at home alone not interacting with anyone to find blog fodder.

Bragger said...

I've been struggling with some of the same issues. I hesitate to write "this is what I did today," but sometimes that's all I've GOT!

Curley said...

I think you do pretty good. Me? I couldn't string 2 sentences together. Oh, wait, I just did. Smile, we all love you and would still read you even if you did write "this is what I did today." It will pass once the wheather gets better.

Annesphamily said...

You are not boring! Everyone gets into a rut occasionally. You will be fine. You just need a break! Enjoy the week! Anne