Saturday, April 30, 2011

The last song

Last night was Mac's last choir concert of his high school career. It's also supposed to be the most fun concert of the year because it's full of special acts featuring seniors, and the most talented kids in the choir, but mostly a focus on the seniors. In the past, these have been amazing and so much fun!

And I am sorry to say it was the worst concert I'd ever been to, in all the years I've been going to these; it was not good. I was soooo bummed, especially since it was Mac's last performance.

The music was good- at least the concept was. It was "through the years" and sort of an evolution of music from the '50s to now.

But it was obvious to the audience that the kids were just not into it. There were few special acts and most of those weren't very good. It was just a very lackluster performance on the kids part.

Usually the kids are smiling and laughing and you can just feel the air pop from their energy. There was none of that. Many of the kids weren't even smiling. There was no energy to the dancing. They seemed depressed. Kids were lagging behind on their dance moves.

It was just sad.

I asked Mac about it, being nice and doing the mom thing rather than ask "what the hell was wrong with all of you at the concert?" He said the kids were just burned out and the choir director tried to "cram" rather than start practicing months ago like usual, she tried to do it in a few weeks. There are about 170 kids in the choir and they did excerpts from about 100 songs. It was not something to cram.

Mac said that the kids were tired, didn't want to do it, and there had been lots of fighting and "drama". And rather than the director stopping it, she sort of fanned the drama flames, which is sad. Lots of the kids also said that since the director's children had graduated and were no longer in choir she didn't care about making a good spring concert. Whether that's true or not, it seemed to be the perception of many of the students in choir and as we know, perception is everything.

Mac and the director had much angst between them this year for various reasons, both faults of BOTH people, not all just Mac. And the director had several personal things happen that would strain her abilities, I'm sure but it was just sad that it seemed.... depressing rather than a show case for all the talent in that choir.

I did go ahead and buy a copy of the DVD and will be posting, via youtube, two clips of Mac's solos. I'll keep you updated when that goes up. (Even he didn't have his normal performance face on!)

As for "Mac High School Milestones" all we have left if graduation and the open house. Then we're off to college! Oh thank God!

Mac's mom,


Jimmie Earl said...

how sad for Mac. This could have been the highlight of his Senior year. I know there has been a riff between him and Mrs. D, and that's too bad, too. She had always been the glue that kind of held Mac together. No wonder the agnst.
Yes, maybe its a good thing graduation is just around the corner. Mac can put this unhappiness behind him and get on with his life. I only wish we could convince him that High School is only a small "blip" on life's screen, and that from graduation on, life does get better. He is a strong, kind young man and will get thru this last little bit with dignity and his usual sense of humor, I know. Give him a hug from Grandpa!

Curley said...

I'm sorry that the concert wasn't up to par. I'm sure that there will be more and better stuff once Mac's in college. You and I need to compare notes on Open House so that maybe we can be at each other's for them. Also have one other to go to so that may not be possible, but we'll do our best.