Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perfect ending to a nice holiday

I wish I had another week of vacation to recover from my vacation. I didn't do anything I wanted expect relax and run around. I want more time. Oh yes, me so stingy with it.

It's got to 86 degrees here and sunny today. It was incredible.

It was such a great day to end spring break that we grilled out. ITSam bought steaks and brats. I made roast garlic and rosemary roast potatoes and a huge salad. And, of course, iced sun tea and strawberry shortcake. Ah, yummy. The first grilled meal of the season. I plan on grilling 3-4 times a week from here on out. I think I might actually learn how to use the grill so I can do it anytime and not rely on anyone else to cook for me like that.

I remember once when I lived in Northern Civilization about 9-10 years ago. I had a nice grill that was charcoal. I thought I knew how to use that. I had people over and was going to grill. I thought, "how hard can it be, really?"

We were all standing outside in the driveway, drinking margaritas and beers. For whatever reason I wanted to speed things up so I squirted some lighter fluid on the coals and flicked the lid shut. Then opened it five minutes later and a huge flame ball burst straight up into the air.

Catching the garage of my rental condo on fire. Shit.

We grabbed a garden hose and sprayed down the garage and the grill and the yards, my car and each other. By the time it was all said and done with, we put the grill stuff away and ordered a bunch of pizzas. And drank more.

Then over the next few weeks my friends showed up to help me repair and repaint the garage since my landlord was in Iraq. I was really glad I was close friends with her, and with his fiancee who was watching over things. And who was also at the house the day of the "infamous Maggie learns to grill day."

Today was a much better grilling experience. I stayed in the house and made salad, the potatoes, the Italian bread, and the homemade shortcake. Daddy-O kept ITSam company and they manned the grill. We ate until we were stuffed. The cleaning up was easy.

And the nice walk after dinner in the breeze was just grand.

Spring has sprung for sure.



Curley said...

WoW that sound real good. I want the recipe for the potatoes. YUM! I think we should fence in our field and raise some cows. The beef around here is awful and cost too much.

Bragger said...

I grill all year round. Hubby refuses to grill because it resembles cooking, and he claims real men don't cook. Butthead.