Sunday, April 24, 2011

People Update

Mac- he's graduating in 33 days. He's looking for a summer job albeit not to hard. He's ready for college, he says. I'm ready for him to go, too.

Daddy-O: he's leaving for the Lone Star State in about 36 hours and will be gone a month. I'm excited FOR him but every time he goes for that long, I really miss him. I wish him Godspeed and good times!

ITSam- though we're having our little growing pains as a couple, for the most part, things are well. He's having some interesting changes with his job soon so it looks like a raise might be on the horizon. All good things there.

Princess- she's doing super well in school, excellent grades and wonderful extra-curricular. She's struggling in her house and doesn't always do her chores so she gets demerits for it. She often breaks stupid rules and has to take the consequences. She's making choices so it's all on her. I don't see much of her because she's not earning the right to leave her house right now so I say a quick hello in the hallway at school and off we go. Part of that, I think, is that she knows she going home soon and it's her way of dealing with loss.

XRay Girl- she's doing great and will be done with college in August. She'll have an AA degree to be a Surgical Tech. Yup, that has nothing to do with X-Rays. She changed programs mid stream but I figured it was easier than changing her nickname here. Because she's at the end of her program, she's doing her clinicals and working part time so while we don't have our girls' night outs each week, we still chat all the time.

Photographer- she and I already have 2 weddings books to shoot this summer, one of them is an Ethiopian wedding. That should be interesting, and fun!

Curly- she had a birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, lady!


Curley said...

Thanks sweetie, Love you. XOXO

Bragger said...

I knew I liked Curley for a reason.... We April girls are SPECIAL! I hope things improve for Princess.

Maggie said...

Curley- happy birthday!

Bragger- All April girls are grand!! (And April boys!). And I hope things get better for her, too. ):

Evil Pixie said...

An Ethiopian wedding?!?! How friggin' cool!! Totally jealous on this end.