Friday, April 1, 2011

25. Buy a CD by an artist I've never heard before and listen to the entire thing

The Fame by Lady Gaga

To be honest, y' all probably think I'm crazy but I didn't really ever know who Lady Gaga was until Princess introduced us. I think I heard of her in passing but I didn't know anything about her, and I would've been guessing that she was a singer (I was thinking actress at first but I wasn't sure). Then one day, I was in the car with Princess for 6 hours and she brought this CD along. Then she fell asleep and I was afraid to turn it off, that the sudden silence would wake her and the other 4 girls who were all also asleep. Trust me, you take 5 teens girls on a six hour road trip and they fall asleep, you don't want to do ANYTHING to disrupt their sleep.

So, I let this just play over and over again. It played through about 3 times total, and I was pretty impressed and pleased with this CD.

It is sure something I would never have picked up myself but after listening to it, I did go buy a copy a few weeks later and it still held appeal for me, so much so that I downloaded a song called "Boys Boys Boys" as my default ringtone, for fun, because it's a zippy little tune!

This album is certainly a dance club mix. It's highly synthesized-pop and electric-pop, with songs that have quirky little chorus, that hook in the listener. It's similar to lots of club music that came out of the 80s and heavily influenced by glam-rock. The album was released in 2008 (I really can't believe I never have heard of her or any of this music until a few months ago!!) to popular, positive reviews and critical acclaim. There have been four songs of the 12 on the album that have released as singles here in the US, which reached Top Ten spots on Billboard: "Just Dance", "Poker Face", "Love Game" and "Paparazzi." The album itself reached the top 10 (topping out at #4) and hit the #1 spot for Dance/ Electronic albums. It's also the number 1 best selling digital album of all times, and its gone platinum four times. (Thank you Billboard for this info!)

The overall theme for all the songs is fame. Lady Gaga is a lover of attention and is certainly a fame seeker so all these songs focus on that as the theme.

I think the four singles are awesome. They are sure great tunes to head bop and dance to. I can see why they are huge club songs. The content, along with fame, are also heavily focused on sex, drinking, and money (I'm not super thrilled about this since most of Gaga's fans are young girls!). "Love Game" is all about sex and money, and "Just Dance" is about being drunk at a party. "Poker Face" is all about sexual innuendo, and "Paparazzi" is about a stalker following her biggest fan.

Songs other than "the hits" that I really like are "Paper Gangsta", "Boys Boys Boys", and "Summerboy." These little ditties biggest appeal to me are the easy to sing along lyrics and the beat. Sometimes her lyrics are raging and powerful and other times they're drivel but overall, just about every song on this album is something to sing along to. That, my friends, is usually what is "make or break" about an album for me. The songs "Money Honey", "Beautiful Dirty Rich" and "Eh, Eh" are also good songs but not my favorites and I find myself passing through those when they pop up. "Boys Boys Boys" is my favorite song of all!

So like everyone else in the world, I've now heard of Lady Gaga and she's found a secure spot in my CD player rotation for awhile. I find I pop her on and dance around when no one is watching. I also can't wait until I can roll down the windows and crank up the radio and go so a summer drive, with lady Gaga blaring away! While the content may not be your cup of tea, she's addicting and her catchy riffs are worth listening to over and over again. Makes me wish I was young enough to go clubbing!



Bragger said...

We did a line dance to "Poker Face," and I loved it. When we were on a cruise, it was playing when I walked through the casino, and I almost broke out in the dance right there. (Hubby would have thrown me overboard, I'm sure.)

Shan said...

She's really got the market on catchy dance tunes these days. I think she's very talented but can't fully approve either with her hyper-sexualized self to the young ladies. I love how old I just sounded there. haha