Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break so far

I've been a complete and utter bum since spring break started. Well, sorta. I did work a 15 hour day on Friday.

Saturday I slept late and hung out with XRay Girl for a little while. I ran some errands. i read a book. I made a card with Daddy-O. I just chilled.

Sunday XRay Girl and her hubby, and ITSam and I all went to see a movie (Source Code, which was pretty good) and then to Northern Civilization to hang out. We went to the bakery and used book store. The guys went to a hobby store. We had dinner and coffee. We just chilled out and had a good time and lots of laughs. Then we did ITSam's furniture and rent a movie we never finished because it got to be so late.

I was supposed to have a birthday lunch with my Sis-In-Law today but she's sick! (I hope you feel better soon!) I was supposed to have a day with Lilith tomorrow but she's going to visit with her mom who's battling cancer (so I completely understand that change of plans). I was invited to go shopping with Daddy-O and Curley today but since I didn't have any money I thought it was would be better to just stay home.

I slept in until noon and have just lazed around on the computer and made a pot of coffee. I'm going to read.

My big plan for the week ahead is to drive a return transport on Wednesday. I plan on reading and hanging out with ITSam in his newly furnished place. I want to watch movies and maybe scrapbook and maybe quilt. But my brain needs a rest so that comes first.

I love spring break.



Bragger said...

O.M.G., I'm trying not to be jealous. Our school district, in all its wisdom, decided to have Spring Break at the END of freakin' April. Well, it starts the weekend of the 15th, but it may as well be the end. I'll be incarcerated for killing someone LONG before it gets here.

Enjoy yours! You have earned the right to be lazy.

Maggie said...

Bragger- obviously idiots who are not on the front lines with students scheduled your break- middle of April? I feel for ya, hun! Hang int here- just 11 more days until you can be lazy!!!!