Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three cheers to great women

There are many women who have had a great influence in my life, all for different reasons. And as I was thinking of them, I realized that 4 of these women are all April birthdays! I have other female (and male for that matter) influences but it's April so it seems apropos.

My bestie Curley is one such women. She is so positive about everything. She has a great outlook and when I can't find my "silver lining" attitude, I know she will do that for me. She's also realistic, which I appreciate. She knows when I need to whine and cry and be pathetic, and she knows when I need a kick in the seat of my pants. Not to mention the fact that she's hilariously funny. And kind. And sweet. And giving. And talented! She makes me want to be a better person.

There's my blogger buddy Bragger. She makes the list because though I haven't met her in person YET she is still an influence and a person I consider a friend. Her writing is creative and funny and typo free (unlike mine!). I love her outlook on life. I appreciate her no nonsense attitude. I admire her accomplishments in life because the path she's traveled hasn't always been an easy one. I find a kinship with her through our career paths in education and our love of writing. I admire and respect her dedication to exercise. In short, I would love to be her when I grow up.

My Aunt P is also an amazing women. She's brilliant. She is so smart. I admire that she continues to challenge herself- she's learning Spanish and she's in her 60's. While most high school students I know can't master basic words and she can just chat away! She's a fabulous cook. I consider her to be brave. She takes care of others and has a great capacity for understanding and empathy. Every time I see her, I can talk with her and she's not judgmental. She skis and stays fit and trim. She's a wonderful role model. Though I don't see her often (enough!), I know she's there when I need her. She takes good care of my dad (and my uncle, too!).

Finally, is my mom. My mom died several years ago but she's still here. I miss her but I know she's made her mark on me with words and phrases I use. Or the way I cook (green beans, sour cream coffee cake, or breakfast casserole anyone?). Or with something I've taught Mac. I became closer to my mother when I was adult, and we became friends. My mom was patient; I hope this trait will rub off on me at some point. She loved to read; thank you for the love of books! It's the silly stuff that I remember. Though she would threaten to "beats knots" on our heads because of a messy room or leaving too much clutter, she never did, and it just became funny. She loved fireworks and I still think of her each time I see one. I think I get my ability to be "tickled" over small things from her. The things about my mom could go on and on so I'm going to just say my mom was a great lady.

So, kudos to ALL the wonderful people in my life, but especially to these admirable April ladies! Thank you for the influence you've had on my life!



Annesphamily said...

I knew your creative genius was just napping. This was a beautiful tribute post. Enjoy this wonderful day. Anne

Evil Pixie said...

What a great tribute to these gals. :)

Bragger said...

Awwwwww...... How sweet of you! I love that we can "meet" folks of like minds in the virtual world. Thanks for including me!

Curley said...

You are just too sweet. Thank you. I bless the days the you and I get to know each other. Yes, I said days because it takes more than one to really get to know someone. It takes a lifetime and that's how long you and I will be friends. XOXO

booknut said...

I'm glad you are close with so many great women. I get envious when I read about your wonderful friendships because it seems like I don't have anyone I'm close to besides your Bro and my aunt. Hope you treasure these friendships forever!

Maggie said...

Anne- thanks. A brief moment of illumination I think. But they are grand women so it's easy to write about them!

Ep- thanks!

Bragger- you are grand!

Curley- I love you, too!

booknut- it's so hard to have women friends when most of the folks you know have kids your age- you're all busy being awesome moms! My best women friends/ relationships are the ones that came later in life. Yours will come!