Monday, April 11, 2011

35. Perform a random act of kindness

You know what? I have no idea exactly what defines a random act of kindness. Oh, I know what all the words mean and I certainly understand the meaning behind it but I wasn't sure, once I actually wrote it down, how to record it. Because it I do something that i think is just a random act of kindness and then i go an record it, does that mean it wasn't REALLY random because my subconscious was driving me to do something so I would be able to cross if off my list? So therefore, is it no longer random?

Ah the philosophical ramblings...

So, I think this could be a random act of kindness. And, this one might appear several times between now and the day of the big 4-OH.

Curly made me a couple of adorable little hats. They're crocheted beanie caps with a flower on them. I love 'em and wear them around when not in schools (can't wear even decorative hats in school...).

Anyway, I was wearing one into Starbucks one day and the barista, Beth, really liked it. I went in another time and she was working and went on and on about how much she liked that one, too. She looked at them and the flower and wondered how hard it would be to make one.

So the next time I went to that Starbucks, I just brought one of mine along, one that Daddy-O made. I left it at the front counter. Beth wasn't working but the manager on duty said she would give it to her when she came in next. I didn't leave my name or a card or anything, just the hat.

The one I left for her looks very similar to this:

She has long, thick curly black hair and she's very bohemian- you can tell from the way she dresses and I've seen her about town so it's befitting of her, I think, from what I've seen her in before (yeah, I know- how bohemian can you be in a Starbucks uniform?). And I think with all her dark hair and olive complexion, the red would be stunning.

I hope she likes it!



Curley said...

I think a random act of kindness can be anything that you do that is nice for another person. Even just saying "have a nice day" to a person that you walk by on the street. Should I make some more hats so that you can give one to anyone else that like one. Oh, wait, how many did we end up making last winter?

Bragger said...

How sweet of you! I agree with Curley that a RAK can be anything you want it to be. I'm still working on mine.... I just haven't been in the mood to be kind yet. Maybe when school's out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Maggie said...

Curly- the last winter hat marathon started as a random act of kindness and turned into a good project for my kids.

And thank you!

Bragger- It's hard to be nice to kids and parents this time of year, isn't it?