Friday, April 29, 2011

Random life crap outta my brain

The movie Fast Five came out. It has Dwayne Johnson AND Vin Diesel. This could help or hurt me. Doesn't make sense? Remember my confusion? If not, click here....

My friend Photographer has a very dear friend. Her very dear friend is beautiful and has money, an excellent job, and a PHd. She's sexy and silly and just what most men consider to be a "perfect catch." She met a guy who is as handsome, well moneyed, well connected, as she is. They met in Oct. '10, got engaged at Christmas and are getting married in May- as in next month. Everyone thinks it's wonderful and romantic. I think of doing that and people think it's crazy. Is it me, or is it connected to the rich and beautiful?

And, following the above thread, why can't I meet a guy who is rich and handsome and smart?

And also following that thought process, it could be when Photographer asked me how it was going with ITSam, my response was , "fine." Not in that snotty woman "fine" way, but her follow up questions led me to say "boring." Oh god. I called my boyfriend boring. Maybe I was just having a bad day? Because he's really nice and would do anything for me. And I'm at an age where I need to settle down and stop gallivanting all over the world on search of adventure. Right?

And speaking of Sam, the email server went crazy at work this week. All sorts of stuff was happening: people could send internally but not externally, people couldn't get their emails, some could see they had mail but couldn't read messages, some could receive but not send at all... just a variety of weird stuff. He's been working on it for days, and last night he didn't get home from work until 11pm. So while all this is going on, I had one person yell at ME over it. I don't think she'll ever get her email back again; Sam was pissed that someone would have the nerve to say anything to me, let alone yell at me about it. Also, I had a weird issue with mine. I could sent internally and externally. I could receive BUT I couldn't read my externally received emails. I could see them sitting in my in-box and who they were from but the content wasn't there. Furthermore, I could receive internal emails and some I could read and some I couldn't. He told me that since the entire campus was having issues, he didn't even want to hear from me. And he said my issue was the only one like it on campus. He called me his "little anomaly". Awwww, shucks. He's so sweet.

So, when Mac is an evil asshole, is that my fault since I did most of the raising of him?



Curley said...

Oh, Heavens that is funny. There are always times in a relationship that are boring. You can't always be on a "high" with someone. As for the woman at work that yelled at you? You should have stared her down, asked her if she felt better, then asked her if she was under the impression that you worked in the IT department, then gave her ITSam's phone #. As for Mac, NO! it's not your fault, nor his. It's because he is 18, a senior and going through all these changes.

Jimmie Earl said...

Rich and Famous? Those are everybody's dream maybe, but very few achieve or receive.
As for boring, I can remember during 38 years of marriage of thinking "boring." It just happens once in a while whether you plan it that way or not.
I agree with Curley about Mac. It's called "growing pains," which are more painful for Mom than Mac.
The person who yelled at you should have her internet shut off permanently. Go complain, cause if you sit back and let her yell over this, she'll continue to do it more and more. I can just about guess who that was!!!

Wiley said...

To quote Good Charlotte, "Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, they're always complaining..."

And is there ever an age at which we need to settle down and stop gallivanting? I think not! But then I may not be the best person to take advice from...

Lilith said...

I must be in the minority, because I don't think it's wonderful and romantic. I think it's rushed and crazy.

Maggie said...

Curley- I know that sometimes it's boring. I'm just not used to... boring. heehee! And as for the woman who yelled, she didn't speak to me all week. I think it got back to her that I was PISSED and thought it was wildly inappropriate. I think when Sam told her to never ask or speak to me about computer issues again, she got the hint. Mac is a turd.

JE- I'm not sure what you man by rich and famous- did I say famous? Confused... ANYWAY--- I'm sure I'll either get over boring or end up alone. Mac could go to camp for the summer if I could find somewhere to send him. Sleep AWAY camp, that lasts alllllllll summer LONG! And the internet chick wasn't JJ but the other departing Eng. teacher.

Wiley- you are my role model. You galavant. :)

Lilith- I don't think it's romantic either. It think it's just weird.

Jimmie Earl said...

Has Mac considered signing on as a camp councillor for the summer. Maybe in Michigan somewhere. LOL! Really, though, he ought to apply at Epworth! He'd be really good at it.

booknut said...

I don't think it's crazy! You're brother and I met in April, were engaged by June, and married in September. We've made it almost 8 years, so we must be doing something right! :)