Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random observations from my drive yesterday

I drove kids home yesterday for Spring Break (these would be Alcatraz students). I had to go to the southern part of my state. I can't believe what a difference it is in weather. It was so warm there and all their spring trees had started flowering. I don't just mean little buds and getting ready to bloom but in full bloom cycle. It time would've allowed I would've taken pictures. And let me tell you, it made me crave spring even more.

I was dropping off Princess on this run and she was a pistol. She could've starred in the movie Mean Girls. And she was in full tilt flirt mode because there were---- *gasp* boys on the bus! I was actually happy to get her off. I feel terrible about saying that but then I was relieved because I feel that way about Mac so I know I love them both.

I drove 700 miles yesterday.

Finally I want to admit I was a real idiot/ bitch last night. I was finally heading for home from my transport. I had about 2 hours to go so I stopped at a Starbucks. I ordered my favorite drink. Because I'm a gold club member I get a discount. Because I was driving for work, I had an "expense account" so I wasn't going to have to pay for the drink out of my own pocket. So, I had the guy at the counter still scan my card to get the discount but specifically said to not use the balance on my account. While he was doing this, I had been talking to another barista about my long day and what I had been doing and this guy was listening. He was new and he screwed up. He called a manager over to fix it but couldn't. He said he used the balance on my account and was sorry. I rolled my eyes at the guy and said, "Didn't I ask you to not do that?" And he said yeah and apologized. I said something like, "Well, that's par for the course of my day. My company won't reimburse that. Great. Thanks." I was.... snotty. As I get my drink and turn to leave the guy stops me and gives me a coupon for a free drink of my choice and says, "I"m sorry I used the 67 cents on your card. Here's a free drink for next time." Ummmmmmmm, 67 cents. 67 cents????? Oh shit, I was a bitch over 67 cents? I mumbled an apology and said thanks many times. I sat in the car and tried to figure the 67 cents when it dawned on me I used my card the day before when I was out with XRay Girl; I didn't have $5 on there at all. Ooops. I felt like an idiot.

Driving that long makes my right hip hurt.



Bragger said...

We've all done that, and you were tired. So don't beat yourself up!

Maggie said...

Okay I won't but I still feel bad/ stupid... :(