Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Sunday thoughts

I've been dreaming of buying new clothes. I even think I finally have achieved a professional look I want to carry on. So now, if I could get some money I'd go shopping. I love trousers and with heels, and blouses with cardigans and either necklaces or scarves.

Mac wants to see Arthur. I hated the first one and just do not like Russel Brand. Has anyone seen it and thinks it's worth taking him to see?

I discovered that if I open my blogger dashboard using Microsoft Explorer as my browser and I write and publish a blog post, there are no spaces where I hit the enter key to signify paragraphs. It makes the post one huge, giant paragraph. Another reason I hate Explorer.

I had a fight with ITSam yesterday- long story- and am considering ending this romance. XRayGIrl said if we were married would it be worth divorcing over and it just might. Anyway, when I get up this morning my computer and my wireless won't work. Is that a sign? I hate signs.

And then Mac came downstairs and before I could even open my mouth to ask him if he knew how to fix the computer, he held up one finger and said, "Mom, hold that thought. I'll fix it after I pee" and he did. Ha- to hell with signs!

I have a headache in the same spot, over and over again. I either have a tumor, lots of stress or need new glasses. The last time I had new glasses was in summer 2008. Might be about time to have the specs checked, eh?

Because we have summer school, I actually don't have the entire summer off like most people who work in education. I do, however, get three weeks to take at my choosing. If I am wise, I can use 13 of those days, the 4th of July holiday, and 8 hours of comp. time and be off from July 1- 24 which will feel pretty good to me. I'm saving 2 of those days to take Mac to college on Aug. 19-20.

I'm not sure I even want to get dressed and leave the house today. I have a good book and I need to do laundry. I want to make some cards with Daddy-O. I have food laid out for dinner. I'm thinking I might just be a worthless layabout for the day.

Speaking of card making, ever since I did the workshop at lunch with the kids at school, I've been making cards at home with Daddy-O. It's tons of fun. I really like it. There's even a card making workshop I want to go to in Northern Civilization. (SisIL you'll be hearing from me on this!)

And finally, please pray for me, send me good luck, go a dance, chant, rub Buddha, whatever you do because I applied for a job at the local prison. One of the Universities in my state has a program so inmates can earn college degrees. They actually staff an office at the prison and it has an opening. The administrative assistant there fills the role of secretary, registrar, financial aid liaison, and admissions reps. While you all know I LOVE working at the library, I need a full time job. With health benefits. I need MONEY. I'm hoping that with my brother's connection (he knows this guy because my Bro works at the prison and Bro told me about the job) and my ability to usually interview well., I'll be made an offer. Please please please.

That's it for the Sunday ramblings.


Lilith said...

I never saw the first Arthur, but I have seen the remake with Russel Brand, I liked it. And you know how picky I am when it comes to movies. LOL

As for signs, you know what I would say about that!

Curley said...

I will so keep the prayers going for the job. As for signs, don't believe in them. As for ITSam, won't even go there. I wouldn't call you a worthless layabout today with the list of things that you have to do, just because they all involve being at home while you do them.

Maggie said...

Lilith- thanks for the movie input! You're the second person who said "go" so I think I might have a movie date with mac tomorrow, if gas doesn't really go to $4.19 a gallon, that is!

And as for signs.... was it a sign that my computer stuff didn't work so it reinforced the relationship wasn't working? Or that I should call Sam to fix my computer and my relationship? Or that I don't need Sam since Mac fixed my computer? None of the above? See, I hate signs? :)

Curly- thanks on all fronts!

and I think I am going to at least shower. I forget how much I hate feel unshowered until I've been that way for a few hours- haha! I told Mac I might not shower and he, in teasing mode, went "ewwwwww, I wondered what that smell was. Take your smell butt upstairs away from me. Go play in a pool of your own filth!" At least I think he was teasing since he was laughing. Hmmmm, do I smell? ;)

Lilith said...

I would say the sign was showing you that while you thought you needed him, you really didn't! And that no matter what, Mac is there for you.

booknut said...

I'll go to a card-making workshop with you. Love to! Been wanting to go to something like that there (if I'm thinking of the right place) but I have no one to go with. :(

Amy said...

I love the first Arthur so I'll probably hate the second. Maybe then you'll like it?

I'm sending job prayers your way.