Saturday, April 9, 2011

It sounds so Nancy Drew: "The Mystery of the Refrigerator Art"

A few weeks ago I was fussing around on my blog and was going to write a post. I got interrupted so I wrote myself the words "refrigerator art" in the blog body and thought that would tip me off when I had time to go back and write the post. I saved it as a draft and went on my merry way. Now I have time. I'm back. And I have NO idea what I was going to write about at all.

Right now the words "refrigerator art" have no meaning to me whatsoever. I've read my blog posts a few days before and after the date I saved it to see if there was something that triggered that thought process. I hit a few of my fav blogs and re-read their posts around that same time. Nothing. I have no idea what my intent was. I can't even find anything about "art" or "refrigerators" to see if I was using some fun, little play on words.

I thought I could challenge myself and come up with something anyway, about refrigerators or art. Ummmmmmm, well..... okay. Let's just say I've kicked it around for a few days and if I was a student and this was my writing prompt I would be in big, frickin' trouble.

I even went to look at Daddy-O's refrigerator to see if there was something there. We have a collection of weird magnets advertising businesses or places people have gone on vacation and brought back a magnet, like a guitar stamped with Graceland. There's also a magnet of Marilyn Monroe. Apart from the magnet art, there's an assortment of take-out menus, Mac's school calendar for the rest of the school year, some expired coupons, a couple of note pads, and a bag that held veggies but is there as a reminder to me to get that same kind next time I go. There's a beer bottle opener, too. And there's a couple of photographs of family friends. Nothing that looks like art. No pictures drawn and hung up. No all A report cards. Just a bunch of junk that does NOT resemble art. Unless you would consider it modern art. I don't.

Because I'm anal retentive like that I looked at ITSam's fridge, hunting for inspiration and all that's there is a strip of pictures he and I had taken at a photo booth in the mall. Nothing else.

Wonder if Van Gogh or Picasso's moms put their artwork on the fridge?

I have three pictures that Princess made for me in her advanced art class and those are hanging up in my library, not on a fridge but on a file cabinet. She also has work on display in a local art show here in town. But I don't think either of these is the idea I had.

Anyway, so the mystery of "refrigerator art" remains. I still have no idea what I was going to write about, even after all the investigation.

Some mysteries are never solved.



Curley said...

Sounds like a mystery all right. I think you should hire a private investigator to get to the bottom of this. Maybe it was going to be on all the weird things people put on their fridges.

Lisa said...

Every time I come here to visit I ask my self why I stayed away so long! I love to read your blog it makes me happy. I do the same thing. Oh I'll remember. I have a list of posts I made myself make before I started a blog. I had to convince myself I had something to talk about ;) I did ONE of those!! hehehe some are so vague I could not go back two years and remember now!
Hope you solve your mystery!
Hugs, Lisa

Maggie said...

I could hire Stephanie Plum to investigate- it's right up her ally!

Bragger said...

Perhaps this is a deep-seated wish to have another baby, so you can post a child's artwork on your refrigerator again.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Maggie said...

Lisa- I'm so glad you do visit and I''m glad I can make you laugh!

Bragger- If you were here I think i might have to give you a smack. Seriously. ;)

And I am now going to color a picture and hang it on my own fridge.