Thursday, April 28, 2011

My "phone"

Since I've gotten my HTC Evo phone, I've been experimenting with it's features. I know there's a ton of stuff it can do that I haven't tapped but I'm learning... slowly!

One thing that I love is the GPS. First, I've named the GPS component Moneypenny. I use it every time I drive kids on transportation home. I used it when I took Daddy-O to the airport yesterday. Sometimes I just play with it around town to see what it will say. I love that I can turn in a different direction and she says, in a very rude voice, "Reconfiguring." Or my personal favorite is, "Make a legal U-turn." Or when she says, "Reconfiguring.... make a legal U-turn." The state I live in has no such thing as a "legal u-turn." I was irritated at Moneypenny the other day when I ran into road construction and rather than "reconfiguring" all she could say was "make a legal u-turn" which is very unhelpful when I was lost in part of my state I had never been to before! But I do adore my GPS.

I must also admit I love the calendar feature and the ability to play music like it's an iPod. I use Google. Yes, I actually Google stuff with my phone when I'm out and about and need information. I have my Goodreads account flagged on my phone and can look at my "books to read" list while in a bookstore. I use the calculator and the tip calculator. I am a nerd.

Then there are the games. I used to make fun of people who played games on their phones. I apologize. Because I am now a game junkie. Is there is a support group for us? I love Boggle. I'm addicted to Boggle. I play Boggle all the time and have managed to get about 6000 points in one shot, which is my highest score. I also like to play Classic Simon and Classic Tetris. Glow Hockey is super awesome, too. I also like the Marshmallow- Spaghetti game. Bubbletap is lots of fun. I'm also doing some mindless fun with Animal Alchemy or with Ninja Kaka Valentine. I have Pew pew, which is a shooting game but I don't know how to work it yet. I am proud to say that I don't play Angry Bird. I just can't get it together with birds and pig; for some reason that doesn't make any sense to me. Uh.

Some of my other favorite apps are magic marker where ITSam and I play our own twisted version of Pictionary. I love my flashlight app. I have an air horn app, a mood scanner app which tells me my mood incorrectly on a regular basis, a Whoopee cushion app which makes mischief in the mall, and the Magic 8 Ball app- someone has to tell my future so why not an app for that? And because I am a post-it junkie in the real world, I have a post-it app, of course.

There's tons of ring tone apps, of course and I have a few. I love my ring tones, special ones for special people. I have a couple apps for ringtones, but I think my fav ringtone app is the one of all Beatles tunes. That makes me happy.

Did I mention I also have a Kindle and Nook app? That's pretty cool. I haven't bought a book yet but I'm going to after I get new glasses- it's a small screen to try and read a whole book one, but it's not really a small screen for a phone. But I have played with some of the free books and these are pretty cool features. (And if I'm completely honest, I'll admit it makes me want a Nook or Kinle, one with the wireless anywhere features....Anyway!)

Oh yeah........... I can text and make phone calls, too.


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booknut said...

Too funny! While reading your blog I had to grab my phone (same one you have) and start looking up the games you mentioned. I have the Nook application on my phone, too, and you can make the text bigger on the screen. Of course I have to turn the page a lot more often than I do on my regular Nook. But it's handy if you're waiting somewhere.