Friday, February 10, 2012

All the villiage idiots were gathered at Wal Mart last night

I should love Wally World because they give me blog fodder but my feelings still haven't changed. I still hate Wal-Mart. I just can't help it. Well, I guess I could help it if I didn't go there anymore but we have no place in my hometown to shop otherwise.

Tonight all the people at Wally World- the other shoppers- were gross. Don't these people bathe? They had soap in their carts so why did they all stink? They had body soap and laundry soap so why the BO smell? And these weren't all people in the same family, either, but different people all over the store. They just stank of nasty!

And why are people coming to Wal-Mart in the pajama pants? What the hell is that? I still don't understand that. Was there a convention of pajama pants wearer? Do these people not care? I hate life right now but I haven't given up all sense of fashion and basic decorum.

Tonight there was a ton of shoppers, too. And of course there were only about 3 of the 40 check out lanes open and the lines were all backed up into the clothes. And do you know what I saw? Three managers (CSMs????????) all standing and chatting about the impending snow storm. They weren't running registers or calling for more cashiers or providing any sort of customer service.

Finally, the other thing that pissed me off is the parking lot stalker. I did not have a good parking space. I was not anywhere near a door. As a matter of fact, I was 11 spaces from the front of the store and I was in that weird part in between the pharmacy doors and the outside section doors. I was basically where no one wants to be in the winter. So why in the hell was someone sharking me? I swear a woman in an SUV followed me all the way and then waited for me to pull out so she could have my crappy space. She even honked at me!! (And no I didn't know who she was!) It was cold and the wind was blowing and I wasn't near anything. It was just stupid.




Curley said...

Just be grateful that none of them are related to you.

Jimmie Earl said...

If you have ever seen the "people of Wal Mart" photos, then you know that all WalMarts must be the same. LOL! I agree with Curley, just be glad that you aren't related to any of those people. (Well, look carefully, cause there might be some relatives-in-law from your evil grandma's family out there in the bus load from Hee Haw!) They do crop up once in a while. (Or your ex's family! LOL!)