Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spoke too soon- 4 mornings in a row!

Yesterday I lamented the whack-o mornings I've had and boy did I speak too soon. Today is messed up morning number 4.

I went to be early last night because I was exhausted, and frankly I'm fighting a cold. I sat in the rocking chair, all wrapped up in an afghan and reading and I feel asleep sitting up. I kept nodding off to the point my head hit the book in my hand. I re-read the same page about 9 times and still couldn't tell you what it said. I yawned a million times. I finally went to bed. And of course, as soon as I laid down, I was wide awake. I read and then fell asleep.

And I woke up at 1238am. Dunno why.

Woke up again at 2:11am. Dunno why.

Woke up again at 4:17am. Dunno why.

Got a phone call at 6:04am that we had a 1 hour fog delay. So I turned on my 1 hour delay alarm clock and then rolled over, thinking it would be nice to sleep for another hour since I was up so much in the night but then all I could focus on was my sore throat and runny nose. And that my neck and back hurt. And why was there a wad of blankets under me. And why was I only wearing one sock. And was it snowing or raining outside? And did I pack my lunch?

When my alarm went off an hour later I felt like I had run a marathon but laying in bed hurt all over too. Gee, I love getting a good cold. Normally, I love a delay but today it wasn't the greatest.

Maybe I should be waiting and not writing about these mornings until I have a good/ normal one. I certainly hope this doesn't become a new feature of this blog- Maggie's Messed Up Mornings. I said I was now sorta, kinda, nice in the mornings- I'd hate for the disposition to change...


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Curley said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Get better soon.