Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nookie Choices

How in the world do I choose what to get for my Nook? This is a fun yet plaguing question since I've been given this handy and fun little sucker.

Buying books is something that always plagues me, actually. If I can get a book I never read but want to, and I can't get it through my public library AND I DESPERATELY want to read it, I'll buy it used. It's a rare thing for me to buy a new book. Used Used used or library library library for me! And when I do buy new books it's usually because it's a book I read through the library and completely fell in love with it. The Nook challenges my buying habits.

One the plus side--- buying a new book via the Nook is about what I pay for lots of my used books I buy so cost-wise I'm breaking even. And I can have them instantly and don't have to wait months for a used copy to hit the shelves at Half Priced Books.

There are so many to choose from and I'm not sure what to get. it helped that I could go to B and N and read things on my wishlist for an hour each which gave me a good taste- did I like it well enough to buy it or not. I had a couple gift cards from Barnes and Noble and I finally broke down and bought a few: My Reading Life by Pat Conroy; Stash by David Klein, When Madeline was Young by Jane Hamilton and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. It was hard because I have about 250 books on my wishlist, and it's growing everyday.

I'm also still learning to use it and no, I'm too lazy to sit down and watch the tutorials on usage. I can't figure out how to get my wishlist that's on my devise to show up on my wishlist on my account when I use my laptop. I'm sure there's something not right I'm not clicking. But I can get to it via the Nook and that's what's most important!

I like reading with my Nook! I like reading for free in B and N. I like that I can carry it in one of my suitcase purses that i always carry and I have 8 books with me at once so I'm never stranded.

Sad that my only struggles are that I don't have enough money to buy all the books I want, the unlimited time to read them all, and that I can't seem to choose WHAT to buy!


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