Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cookin' with new stuff!

We've been eagerly awaiting the new range that I wrote about here a few weeks ago. We've been cooking with everything under the sun: a George Foreman grill, a toaster over, a mini microwave, an electric grill, and electric skillet, a waffle maker and a sandwich machine thingy. I am SO happy for the new range and microwave to be here and it's so awesome- like a space age cooking experience. I realize we weren't pioneers cooking over an open flame but after not having stove burners, an oven or a decent microwave, it sure felt like I was living Little House on the Prairie!

Well, that's my 2 cents; I was going to write a more detailed post about this but Daddy-O did such a good job, I can just link it here!

YAY OVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bragger said...

Yay for the new oven! I was all ready to feel kind of jealous, when I remembered, "Oh yeah...I don't like to cook." But I do like new stuff!

Curley said...

Very Pretty