Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why I quit ice cream

  • I can make the same money in 3 days of subbing as I can working a whole week of scooping ice cream
  • I'm gaining weight (not much, but enough)
  • I have arthritis in my right hand and it's so bad right now I can't open my fingers wide nor make a fist, because of the pain and swollen knuckles
  • My back hurts, my feet and ankles hurt, my right elbow always hurts and so does my right shoulder. this job gives me occasional cankles. I'm such a big baby!
  • I will probably not fall asleep as soon as I get home from work each night, at around 6:30pm so I'll feel like crafting, watching new tv and reading and hanging with Mac.
  • I miss teaching and subbing is better than nothing
  • I will be able to actually attend a spinning class as I've wanted to do all summer long, and if that doesn't kill me, I'll be able to attend a zumba class. Hey, I do these things for blog fodder and for no other reason, my prettys!
  • If I have a day where I don't get called, can go to my college Alma Mater town and see all the new adorable shops that have been opened, including a hands on artist studio! They also now have a grand coffee house, an organic bakery, 2 used books shops, a quilt shop, and a bunch of other little neat shops. I've been passed but haven't been able to go because they are always closed when I get off work and there's not time to go in the morning.
  • I live anywhere from 3 minutes to 30 minutes from 9 high schools and 9 junior high/ middle schools= total of 18 schools. And I signed up to sub as EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!
  • Subbing looks better on my professional resume than scoop girl
  • I hate standing on a hard concrete floor for 6.5-9 hours a day and since I'm the only one there, I have no breaks or relief. (Not that I ever did when the owner was there...)
  • I hate coming home hot, sweaty and sticky and ruining clothes because chocolate DOES stain
  • I miss wearing my dress up clothes
  • I can read lots more books in a month when subbing than I can when ice cream coning
  • My ice cream hours are going to be cut from 30 a week to 5 a week in January through March because, even though we're open all year around, that is "off season" for ice cream. And if I wait get on a sub list then, no one will call me because I'll be at the bottom of the 'seniority' pile.
  • Working at the ice cream parlor was leaving me zero flexibility to interview
  • There is going to be an English teacher going on maternity leave in January and she requested ME to finish her school year. I WANT to do this and the principal has casually mentioned it to me already so I need to be visible to him, and gain some sub points to be eligible.
So there ya go. That's all she wrote. My last day as a scoop girl is on Friday, Oct. 2.

Closing the ice creamy cone chapter,


Bragger said...

Teaching gets in your blood a lot more than ice cream. Good luck subbing -- it's a (mostly) thankless job, and I admire anyone who can do it!

'Course, if you could come sub at my school, you could read WHILE you sub. I'm just sayin'.....

Curley said...

I think we should celebrate. I know that I'm the one that told you about that job and I'm sorry. It was good for summer but once school started I knew it wouldn't be a good fit with subbing. Remember I'm off on Mon. and Fri. if you aren't working. We could sew.

Maggie said...

Bragger- unless I sub in PE, any sort of math, chemistry or a forgein language, I usually try to go above and beyond the sub lesson plans, if it at all possible so the kids don't feel like it's a blow off day. Most teachers, and I've been guilty of this too, just leave a movie so I get tons read. I know that one week I read 5 books in a 7 day time period because of all the reading I did while subbing.

right now my home state is looking to change legislation where I could actually take a test and then get to be a licensed teacher without having to go back to school. If it passes, this could all happen in January. If it doesn't happen, then i can go take those stupid classes i need to get a piece of paper that says I can teach, even though I've done it for 9 years. :(

and i think the commute from here to there might be a little long on sub pay... :)

Curley- don't you dare apologize!!! it was a good summer job. (and I think i actually heard about that one from daddyo!)

I'll let you know about Monday!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will listen to the mother to be! Hope it works out.


Hecate said...

You forgot one of the most important reasons!

Now that you are subbing you'll have more time to spend with me!! LOL I need me some Maggie to help balance out my hectic schedule!

Honey said...

Definitely a celebration is in order but without the ice cream! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Starbucks? Movie? I have no kiddos the weekend of Oct. 9-10. Any openings in your now free calendar?

Maggie said...

Patti- i hope they do to!

Hecate- that's right! the most important reason of all!

Honey- I might be free that Saturday- let me check and give you a call or an email!