Friday, September 25, 2009

I think we need to learn Spanish before we try to speak it

Last night XRay girl and I decided to have a pitcher of margaritas at our fav Mexican restaurant.

By the end of the evening, XRay girl thought she could speak Spanish and ALL the waiters were laughing AT us. Though we had no idea what they were saying, we KNEW they were laughing at us.

But we didn't care since we were laughing at ourselves.

One minute we were actually talking and making sense and being quite serious and philosophical and then all of a sudden we both stopped and said, "We're drunk" and it was downhill from there. The giggling escalated into full blown laughter.

Neither of us took waiters home, which is a good thing because I think XRay girl's husband might have been pissed about that. And I don't think DaddyO would appreciate me bring home men to the attic... I just don't even want to go there.

Mr. XRay Girl came to get us and take us home, which is good because neither of us could drive a lick. Hell, we were giggling so hard that I'm sure people thought we couldn't even walk- but we could, really, I swear. I think.

We also learned that some of XRay Girl's ability to speak Spanish came from the tv show Cops, which means that her language skills were 1) not good 2) she knew dirty Spanish words and gang lingo but didn't know it, and 3) and our waiter thought it was hilarious that she could barely count to about 6 but knew LA Barrio gang words. Oh shit.

Our poor waiter. Our poor poor waiter.

If she and I ever go back, I know they'll flip a coin to see who gets stuck with us.

I would like to say we are good tippers. We had a sober moment there before we departed and I know we left a nice healthy tip. ($6 on a $20 tab isn't soooo bad, right? 30% is okay?)

Did I mention we giggled and laughed A LOT?

And "moo-la" is NOT Spanish for money?

And apparently there is an age cut off between calling us senoritas and senoras. And we're apparently senoras. Which for some reason really bothers me.

And now in the light of day, I really hope XRay Girl didn't holler at our server: "Yo Amegio, here's your moo-la, ese." Shit.

And this is where I'm bringing 9 people Saturday night for my birthday....XRay Girl included. Maybe I'll drink agua. Maybe they won't recognize me since I'll look a year older.

But damn we had a good time. And damn those margaritas were FINE! And we laughed so much my sides ache today. I really really needed that!

And I actually had planned to write a semi serious post today about something.... no clue.

I did learn a very important lesson: when Mr. XRay Girl comes to pick our drunk asses up, don't try and pet his pet bird because it bites.

Until next time,


Curley said...

OMG! And I'm going there with you on Saturday?

Maggie said...

Curley- bwahahahahahahahaha!