Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mac's view on relationships

I really can't believe he said any of it...

Mac said, "Look, when I meet a girl I can stand, then she can be my girlfriend. That's how you pick someone. Find a person you can tolerate, stick with 'em and hope you can tolerate them for a long time. And since there isn't anyone in high school I can stand for longer than 10 seconds... well, hence why I'm single."

I stupidly asked if looks mattered and Mac then said, "If she's super hot but dumb, I'd learn to tolerate her. But since women in real life aren't super hot, it doesn't matter. Even if she's 'ugo' [teen speak for ugly] but tolerable, that's fine. Most girls, well most people are just stupid, therefore intolerable."


Curley said...

Sounds like something my oldest says. Hence the reason he has no girlfriend.

Maggie said...

I think these boys might be on to something.... or not because after all, they are just boys who'll grow up to be men and we know what that means! YIKES!