Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Bash Recap

This is the best birthday I've had since I turned 30! (Other than birthday 33, which I don't remember so that one is excluded) It was a fun day!

Daddy-O, Curley and I spent the day in Northern Civilization shopping. We went to my favorite book stores and favorite mall. We hit Lane Bryant, Half Price Books, Kohls and Barnes and Noble. It was grand fun.

got me some super awesome clothes since I'm going back to subbing (yeah, I know I owe ya'll a post of why I quite the ice cream biz but it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds!). He also replaced the hat I lost when I was in Milan, Italy last March; remember how I kvetched for months after losing the hat? He found another one exactly like it- yahoo! Hey, it's a damn cute hat! Curley got me a beautiful ring and tickets to a local production of "Anything Goes" for me and a date- of course, I'm taking Curley! It was a great day. (I realized later I didn't even go to a Starbucks, though! I was shocked. Shocked, I tell you!)

I was also pleased with all the well wishers here on my blog- thanks all for taking time to send me special wishes; I appreciate it! I also got birthday email from Honey and Attila the Blond, and special birthday text messages from my buddies Trooper and Redneck Nerdboy. (I love technology and how it changes birthday greetings!) I got actual cards via the USPS from blogger girlfriend Bragger and Curley. I got a call from my friend "Ben Cartwright"- ya'll get a blog post about him tomorrow. But the surprise of the day came from blogger girlfriend Patti, who CALLED me!!!!!!!!! it made my day! She and I have never met in person but we've always personally emailed and she reads my blog AND we're on a blog together. One day when I got a new cell phone number and did a big ole' batch email with it, I included her. She always teased she would call when I least expected it and!!!!!!!! She called to wish me a happy birthday! Now, dang it all- how freaking cool is THAT!?! Made my day, I tell ya!

Dinner at the Mexican restaurant was yummy. Guard, Booknut, The Divine Ms K, DaddyO, Mac, Curley, Mr& Mrs XRay Girl and I were all in attendance and had a good time. We laughed and talked lots and made noise and giggled. The food was great and the waiters seemed to have forgiven our drunken escapade from a few nights ago.

After dinner, Booknut, XRayGirl and I went to a local bar for a few drinks and thought we'd listen to the DJ or might get lucky and find karaoke. I want to say the bar we went to in town was... different. Mullets were prominent as popular hair style. Old ladies dirty danced. Old men played air guitar. I drank a lot to try and wash it from my mind. No but really, we did have a good time and LAUGHED until we about cried. We fed the juke box and danced!

On a hilarious note, Booknut has stopped breast feeding since The Divine Ms K is one year old now and she drank for the first time in almost 2 years. That was HILARIOUS! I about damn near peed my pants listening to her and watching her.

We all had fun and it was a great day! I'm so blessed to have so many people make my day special and it meant lots! Thanks for making my day great, everyone!

(And I also want to say that in 2006, 2007, and 2008, when I lived in the Wild West it snowed on my birthday. I had never had snow on my birthday in my life until these three years. This year in the Wild West Town where I lived it was 85 degrees. Go figure! And, by the way, it didn't snow here in Civilization, either!)

Another year older but still smilin',
Maggie Mae


Beth Dunn said...

So glad you had a ball! You deserve it xoxo

Anonymous said...

Awwww, you make me blush! It was good talking to you. Glad you had a blast! Cool gifts too........p

Anna said...

I am so happy to read you had a wonderful birthday celebration :-) it's always perfect when surrounded by friends and loved ones :-)

Wiley said...

I'm glad you had such an awesome day - may there be many more to come, and not just restricted to birthdays.

Maggie said...

Beth- thanks!

Patti- it was completely to talk to you!

Anna & Wiley- thanks!