Sunday, September 6, 2009

Travel meme

1. What is your dream destination?
England or most of western Europe

2. Who is your favorite travel buddy?
Myself (well, I usually travel alone so that makes sense, but I have no problems in traveling with other people, I guess.)

3. Where is the last place on Earth you would want to visit?
The Middle East- to much unrest and too war torn and ravaged

4. How many countries have you visited?
Four- Canada, USA, Ireland, Italy

5. How many Continents have you visited?
2- North America and Europe

6. Favorite State in the US?
Massachusetts- since I adore Boston. But I haven't visited all the states yet so that could still change

7. How many states have you visited?

8. Beach, mountains, woods or city?

9. City or Country?
I like being in the country- and wouldn't mind living in the country again- as long as I'm near a city.

10. Do you like Vegas?
I've never been but would love to go sometime. Though not in the summer- hell, it's so hot there that even the mob left...

11. Favorite historical landmark?
Feline's Basement.... or the Statue of Liberty (I canNOT believe in the Wild West three years and never saw Mt. Rushmore; I was an idiot! ) And I've always wanted to see the Hollywood sign (among many other things!)

12. Have you ever been on a cruise?
nope but again, I would love to do it!

13. Plane, boat or car?
I don't mind driving but if I want to get somewhere quickly, I'll hop a plane, even though I hate to fly

14. Best vacation memory?
I have several. I loved taking Mac to Disney World and to Boston the first time. I also liked when I went to Memphis and toured Graceland- the tackiest but one of the most fun places on earth! I love the fancy hotels I stayed in when I was in Quebec, too. And I went with a pack of GFs to The Big Easy and that was a blast- I don't think we were sober the entire time!

15. Worst Vacation memory?
I went to Hawaii and got sick. I think I was sicker than I ever have been in my life. I had to go to a Doc in the Box while there and had a HIGH fever and ear ache. So I got back on a plane and flew back to Civilization, which was 2 plane changes and about 12 hours in the air. And the landings about killed my ears; I cried like a baby. The flight from Honolulu to LAX wasn't so bad though, because it wasn't full so I laid across three seats in the back and the flight attendants were so nice to me. LAX to Detroit was okay; i slept most of the way but when I got to Detroit my gate for my next flight home was moved three times. At the second move, some woman who was an angel stuck me in a wheel chair and bitched out any Northwest ("Northworst") employee who would listen about making a sick woman move so much and then she pushed me to the next gate. So I finally get off the third flight in the Northern Civilization and my "friend" who was supposed to pick me up never showed. There I sat with a fever of 104, sore throat and an ear ache, hurting like hell and via cell phone I learn she's on a date and couldn't convince her date to come and get me. So I called another friend who picked me up and I crashed for 2 days in her guest room; she and her husband swore I was delirous and in a coma off and on. And I was in Hawaii for about a grand total of 50 hours.


Anonymous said...

Cruise? I have never felt the need, but you never know.

Great blog name. That was really what I wanted to say.

Maggie said...

Aneliya- thanks for the comment, the visit and the compliment!