Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, my birthday is coming up...

And there's stuff I want; I may not get a damn thing (and that's okay!), but it's nice to be wishful! (And if you wanna see the list in its entirety, you can click on my profile, then click "wish list" at the tippy-top of the page, under my location, in case clicking right here doesn't work! And if you want to send me something, then by all means- go ahead! And if this list isn't enough, go here or here for more...!)

I just cannot believe I'm going to be 38 on Sept. 26th... Where has the time gone?

OMG- cute shoes! Red satin with black velvet- seeeeexy! Size 9 is still sexy, right?

Love this silver ring... and it would be nice to have this sentiment on hand at all times to keep me remembering it's true! (Yes, pun intended!) Size 5 ring- the only thing on me that's little are my fingers!

New Jeans

I totally WANT this cookbook- how in the world have I never owned it before?

And while I'm on a book kick, I would love Simon Henry's book The Little Black Dress

Have me a little drinky-poo in this adorable Princess shot glass!I would adore this necklace from Tiffany & Co, for the necklace itself AND the magical blue box, but of course no one I know could afford to be so extravagant.

Or this Tiffany & Co heart key, which of course comes in the Tiffany blue box!

And if I had a picture of Trooper, I'd put it right here!


Curley said...

Your birthday present arrived in my mail today and I'm sorry but it wasn't on your list here. Love ya.

Maggie said...

I don't care that it wasn't on the list- you know I ADORE surprises! And I can't believe I left off theater tickets, but then again I did compile list several weeks ago.