Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why him?

Whenever I hear Springsteen, I think of Trooper. I have no idea why, but just his music makes me think of Trooper and I have to smile. Maybe because the day I decided to tell him he curled my toes, I heard the song "Back in your Arms Again" by The Boss and now every time I hear Springsteen, I think of Trooper.

Trooper is so.... good. He's solid. He's so strong. He's brilliant- smart, the type of smart that leaves me awe struck. He's practical. He's fearless. He's sexy. He's humble, kind and generous. He's... earthy? No, that makes him sound all granola- tree hugger like and he's not. He just... masculine. He's sure of himself. He can build a house, fix a car, hunt animals, and chop wood with an axe. He's a MAN. And that. is. so. hot.

Here's my realization. Follow me if you will. I always thought I wanted someone in my life who wished on falling stars. While I don't believe it's going to make my wishes come true, I still do it. I like the whimsy behind that idea, and what if it did come true! Enchanted is the word, I think. So I always thought I wanted a guy who wished on stars because that might mean he's got that side of him that lets him wish on stars. Now, Trooper doesn't wish on stars. But what I do KNOW about him is this: he doesn't care that I wish on stars; actually, he thinks it's sweet, and he would never burst my bubble of that silly little wish- he understands. So I guess what I really wanted was not necessarily a man who wished on stars, but let me wish on them, with a smile on his face.

Staying with my star analogy I also know he can see stars in a crowded city. He can close his eyes or even gazing into the city cluttered sky, he can still see our Wild West sky anywhere he is. I do that, too. I drive out in the country here in Civilization and though I can't see nearly as many stars as I could in the Wild West, I can still see them. We are very much alike in many ways.

He makes me want to be a better woman,


Shan said...

I have a very successful matchmaking business (in my mind) and you guys are compatible on all five tiers of it. This is looking and sounding extremely delicious. :D

Maggie said...

Shan- what are the 5 tiers?

And I hope it's as delicious in real life as it is on 'paper'-- so far so good! Ah bliss!

Shan said...

Ok, there aren't really tiers but it sounds really good doesn't it? If I'm going to get serious about my fictional business, I'm really going to have to map out the tiers. ;)

Maggie said...

So there's a blog post for ya- if you were a matchmaker, here's what your dating web site would look like, type of thing!

I want tiers! :) Or is that tiaras?