Friday, September 4, 2009

Leavin' on a.... train

Well, after work today I'm off to the Windy City and to celebrate Farrago's birthday in style. We're gonna sing karaoke and maybe see a Sox game. The White verses the Red and both of us are Red fans so it should be interesting! And if the weather cooperates, he's taking me to walk on the beach (though he told me if it was cold he was staying in the car with the heater on. Chicken!). What a great guy!

And I'm takin' the train into the city this time, rather than drive. I can head to the train station, not even an hour away, and then go all the way to downtown Chicago, where Farrago- the ever so wonderful gentleman from IL, will pick me up at the train station! That way I don't have to walk, take a cab, take a bus, and the 'El then his car to get to him. And I can park my car for free at the train station. I might even have a few new pictures to post on my travel blog! Sounds like a wonderful plan all the way around, ya know?

With the holiday weekend, I just so did not want to fight the traffic, so I'm excited at the prospect of sitting quietly for 3 hours, reading and listening to my music and watching the world pass me by.

So, ya'll, I'll catch ya on the flip side of the holiday weekend with tales to tell!

Kisses to you all and have a Cosmo weekend!


Bragger said...

Have fun! Say hey to my nephew when you're in the Windy City ... you can't miss him, he's 6'9" or so. Ha ha ha ha! I would love a 3-hour train ride to read and crochet. But the 18-hour one I took with two middle school students is blog worthy..... Thank you for tonight's topic! :)

Maggie said...

I can't wait to hear about that one, Bragger! Did you take them voluntarily or were you forced into this? It has to be force- you're not that much of a masochist, are you?