Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More (and hopefully the last of the) ice cream tales

Number 1:

"Tom" comes in 3-4 times a week, usually with his wife to get a flavored soda. They are obviously regulars. They've always been super nice to me. They're the chatty type and we've gotten to know each other. Tom came in one day last week alone and stood and talked to me for about 15 minutes (it was actually slow at the point since it was thunder storming outside). he told me how great my hair looked and I said thanks. Then he asked me what I was doing that night and I said I was working. He said it was too bad because he wanted to take me to dinner at his favorite place on the lake. I think I said something about "wouldn't his wife mind?" and I 'haha-ed' and he said "she doesn't have to know. If you go with me, she won't be."

A married guy. Who's old enough to be my dad. EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!

Number 2:

Mother and her three screaming brats come in and order dinner and decide to eat in. The kids run all over the place and scream and yell. I fix their food and take it to the table. Kids continue to scream and yell and mother continues to do nothing. When the woman standing at the counter who was trying to order and I asked her to repeat herself for the third time and I still COULDN'T hear her, I decided I had enough. I marched over to the table and got down on the kids' eye level and said in a very loud and nice voice, "LOOK! You need to be quiet right now. I can't hear. You need to use your inside voice or your mommy will need to take you home. Got it?" The looked at me and nodded. I looked and mommy and she refused to make eye contact with me and never said a word. They left about 5 minutes later.

Number 3:

Our ice cream store is located between a liquor store and a local restaurant. We get some interesting people who walk, drive, bike, and skateboard passed the parlor.

Yesterday is was cool- the first really cool day we had, in the middle 50s, there was a HUGE wind blowing and it was raining- basically the cold, wet nightmare of a day. And a woman walks passed. She is an older lady, probably in her late 50s, early 60s. She had a cane and a limp. And she walked passed my store and about 15 minutes later she goes back the way she came, struggling along with her cane, her limp, in the rain, against the wind and carrying a bottle in a brown paper bag.

Number 4:

Every day, around the same time of day, a guy rides his bike passed. He looked like the version of Forest Gump who ran across the country a few times. He rides a bicycle and goes by with carry out food in a Styrofoam container in the basket of his bike. He wears leathers. There's so much about this that makes me smile: that a guy who looks like him rides a bicycle with a basket or the carry out or that he looks like "Running Forest Gump." Hey, I'm just observing.

Number 5:

The ice cream is owned by 2 sisters, their mom and their uncle. The uncle is sort of the "silent" partner in that he does all the finances for the company. And because he's such an early bird, he stops in the shop each morning and puts cash in the register. Since I've been opening, the Uncle comes in each day before I get there and leaves some money in the register and he also turns the alarm off, but keeps it locked. That way I don't need to have the alarm code.

So one day I open the doors, walk half way across the dining room and hear a beeping- the alarm! Shit, it wasn't turned off! I drop my stuff, dash across the room, back out the door, and I throw the lock hoping I can keep the alarm from beeping. Unfortunately, it doesn't. The blares; a cacophony of sirens that sounds like 17 police car sirens all at once.

I have no code so I need to call someone before I had the entire police department at my feet. I start to grab my phone and... I dropped my purse inside. I unlock the door, get my purse and then I get the cordless store phone because the "Very Well Known and Reputable Nationwide Alarm Company" will be calling. I stand outside and call one of the owners. She gives me the code, I shut it off and go inside. And start through the opening procedure. And guess what? The alarm company has never called. The police never called. I could've been robbed or killed or something and no one would've known. Yeah.

And to top it off, the Uncle forgot to leave me cash in the register. Feh.


Curley said...

"Tom" is a perv. Mother and kids should be banned from public places. And the alarm company should be changed. Aren't you glad you won't have to deal with that anymore?

Anonymous said...

Look...between the cane and the weather I think I managed very well thank you very much!

Older lady, late 50s????!!!



Beth Dunn said...

Ew creepy married man. Still so painful to hear that happens xoxo

Hecate said...

I will never understand why some parents think it's okay to let their kids run around like a bunch of wild maniacs. Yes, I'm sure it's a treat for them to go out and get dinner and ice cream, but what in the world happened to basic manners and respecting others.

I think some people think when they go out to eat that the employees are free baby-sitting and they don't have to do anything. INSANE!!!

Maggie said...

Curely- check, check, and check, And yes I am!

P- lol, OMG! Okay, I think what I was trying to say is that the person with the cane wasn't a teenager. I think I should've just went with "lady with cane in her 50s" and left out the word older... :)

Beth- it's so disgusting. I hate it when that happens.

Hecate- and people wonder why I don't like kids! Or parents!

Anonymous said...

You have nice form with your back stroke!!


Kelly G. said...

sigh....if I had been there to witness your confrontation with the kids, I would have hugged you.

Maggie said...

P- I'm doggie paddling as fast as I can! ;)

Kelly- I'm glad you said hugged and not slugged. People and their kids drive me up a wall. It makes me want to end my pacifist ways. (Did you ever notice the word pacifist has the word 'fist' in it?) ;)