Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Park Ave. Princess Give-away

Fellow blogger Park Ave. Princess is giving away a coffee to go mug with a Starbucks card and some chocolates. The drawing is on September 26, which as we all know is my birthday!

I entered to win her giveaway since it seems like it's meant for me: drawing on my birthday, it involves Starbucks, it involves chocolate and the coffee mug comes in TIFFANY blue. hello- all the goddesses might be aligned for me to win!

Now the reason I'm tellin' ya'll this isn't because I'm so generous or I want you to rush over and enter yer ownselves. No, I'm simply tellin' ya'll this because I get extra points toward my entering of said contest if I link her giveaway right here. So here it is.

Fingers crossed,

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