Saturday, August 22, 2009


That "word" describes my week" suck-tacular. This seems to be the week from hell.

Verizon Wireless made a mistake on my cell phone and double dipped a payment from my checking account. And while the error was all theirs, they're refusing to give me my 80 bucks back because it's so close to the day a payment is due. What they don't realize is that I used my checking account before I learned of the error and now have insufficient fund charges to the tune of $28 each and NO MONEY. I'm soooo pissed. I've been on the phone with them and my bank daily trying to fix it. They suck and I hate them. I hate them so much I'm waiting until I finally get this mess sorted out, then I'm canceling my service, reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and writing letters to every person at Verizon Wireless chastising them for their suck-tacular business practices. I swear if I HAD money I would take out full page ads in newspapers across the country, raking them over the coals. They SUCK.

I still have no regular full time job so I also have no insurance. And it's time for my annual physical. And the annual renewal of the birth control prescription. Which sucks.

I've also worked an ass load of hours with all my jobs and I'm tired. Bone tired. Dog tired. Which is making me a real bitch. Which sucks.

I'd like to see Trooper and see where this goes but because of his surgery, that's on hiatus. Furthermore, he's so nervous about dating because of how hard and bad he was burned in previous relationships, he's now thinking this maybe isn't a good idea because he doesn't want to ruin our friendship. He's also afraid of getting hurt again- and while I can say I won't hurt him because I've waited so long to make sure this was a right thing to do, it doesn't matter when he's scared. And do I dare tell him I've wanted him for a long time but thought he would reject me? Oh hell. And there's nothing I can do about it. Which all sucks.

Mac's sperm donor stupidmutherfuckingasshat of a father has not taken him out to drive a single time. Not once. That kid was beyond excited about getting his permit and could NOT wait to show that stupid fucker he calls a dad his permit and to show him his driving skills. SD merely said, "cool." And hasn't taken him out to practice a single minute. Which sucks.

Things will start looking up, I'm sure.

Living suck-tacularly,


Ty-Anna said...

sounds like one of those weeks you are GLad to get over with, reset and start fresh...

Verizon sucks for doing that to you and should understand and help you out since they know how things are for people right now. I guess they figure they have the payment now so it really doesn't matter how it inconveniences you. Boo...

Out here we have free clinics for annuals and renewal of Birth control something that should be offered there too, I think.

boo to dads who don't take the time to spend with their sons especially :-(

(((hugs))) sending stress releasing healing energies your way (((hugs)))

Maggie said...

TyAnna: I'm gonna hit Planned Parenthood I think. I heard they have a sliding scale as far as fees go.

And thanks for your positive words, taking time to comment, and to just be nice to me. I need it today.

Hecate said...

I'm going to assume you have told them that because of their double dipping you now have overdraft fees? If not, you need to tell them and then turn off automatic payments.

Even if you cancel your account you don't want them having access to it. If they want their money they can wait for a check!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Did you ask to speak with a supervisor at the customer service number? I would at least ask for the return check fees to be credited. If the supervisor doesn't help tell them you have no problem going higher. Stand your ground. Tell them their own policy states that the payment is due when stated on the bill, not before.
Remind them of their customer service committment:

'Verizon Wireless is committed to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. We offer quality products and services on the nation's most reliable and largest wireless voice and data network, and deliver industry-leading customer service – online, over the phone and in-person.'

It's amazing what battles can be won when you throw their own rules back to them.

If all else fails the number to Verizon Wireless Executive Relations Office is 800- 760-4658. If they blow you off ask for the number of Lowell McAdam who is the President and CEO. Did they take both payments out the same day?

Check out:

What if the wrong amount of money is taken from my account?

Problems with Direct Payment are rare and generally easy to correct. If you do encounter this problem, notify the company you paid. Your account is protected against unauthorized payments under Federal law.

I HATE being used and abused by people who think they have such power over you. I just went up the corporate ladder with a local grocery store chain. It worked.

And last.......remove the auto pay!


I'm sorry that Trooper feels that way. Remain his friend and see where it leads.

Glad that you're going to Planned Parenthood. Hope they can help.

Bitch all you want. Sometimes it helps a lot.

Hope your weekend has some happy hours...............p

Maggie said...

Hecate- I did tell them about the over draft fees and I have to get MY bank to fax them about it. Then a customer service rep. will fill out a form and send it to the infamous treasury dept. of VZW. At which point they can choose to pay the over drafts fees to me in a check or apply it to my account in a credit. Which doesn't help me live. And it will take them 7-10 business days if they decide to reimburse me. They are stupid fuckers and I hate them with a passion.

Patti- Oh. My. God. You fucking rock. I am so all over this. I can't thank you enough for all the information. thank you thank you thank you!

i asked for time off tomorrow from ice cream. I need to find my happy again.

And I have no idea what about Trooper. Maybe it was because he had a bad week too. Or a bad day. Or maybe it's how he really feels. Sucks, tho.

Love you patti- xoxo!